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I think it'll make a great addition to yours, if you wanted to add it? I love to help and the resources at the bottom are fantastic and we learned so much.he page hits a great number of topics in mythology, Plus who doesn't love great suggestions? Thank you again for all the help! It's greatly appreciated!
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An Atlanta-based foundation to reunite people, primarily through art and immersion, to the accumulated wisdom of humankind that lives in stories and mythology: a friend of the Big Myth.
Living Myths
This site explores myths – symbolic stories which have evolved orally, and which have guided and inspired humanity for thousands of years. We retell and comment on Celtic, Greek, Native American and Chinese mythology, showing that myths are still alive with the power of the collective unconscious.
Mayan Culture & History
Meaning of Maya: Astronomers, mathematicians, agronomists, philosophers, artists, architects, sculptors and warriors – the Maya of old were a rich, complex society that continue to fascinate.
6 Reasons Why the Mayans Were an Awesome Civilization
the Mayans were an impressive, sophisticated and awesome civilization: a bit of background information for kids.

The Aztec Civilization: What was it like?
You've probably heard of the Aztec civilization, but if you're like most people, there's a good chance you don't know a lot about it.

The Awesome Aztecs
Information about the Aztec Empire for Kids.
The Aztecs
All about the Aztecs for kids produced by Dorling Kindersley.
The Maori Source
Interesting facts about the Maori. Who the Maori are, where they live, how they got to New Zealand, and when they arrived there.
Maori - Religion and Expressive Culture
Countries and their cultures: Oceania Maori
Australia: The Land Where Time Began
A biography of the Australian continent.
Dreamtime Meaning
The Dreamtime is the Aboriginal understanding of the world, of it's creation, and it's great stories.
Ancient Greek Myths, Stories and Legends
Some of the most popular myths, legends and stories of ancient Greece.
Greek Mythology for Kids
The magical world of the ancient Greek gods was a world full of bickering and fights and wars and compromise and fear and fun and punishment and love.
Greek Myths Source
Discover the most famous ancient Greek myths You will find below 29 Greek myths: Odysseus, Jason and the Argaunauts, Theseus, the Amazons, Persphone and many more myths.
Ancient Greek Myths and Legends
The BBC audio tales: Listen to Ancient Greek myths and legends for KS2. This collection of stories includes some of the best-known tales from Ancient Greek mythology - among them you'll find Persephone, King Midas, the Minotaur, Medusa and Orpheus and Eurydice.
Greek Mythology
The ancient Greek spiritual beliefs, religion, and oral tradition are all reflected and formulated through rich myths and legends that besides entertainment provided an articulation of the moral fiber of the Greek culture as it evolved through at least two thousand years.
Norse Mythology for Smart People
Norse Mythology for Smart People provides reliable, well-documented information on the enthralling mythology and religion of the Norse and other Germanic peoples.
THE CREATION - Norse Mythology
The creation within Norse mythology of the Gods, Giants and Midgård is very fascinating. This is the first episode in a new series about Norse Mythology.
What is Norse Mythology?
Norse mythology is an incredibly rich and deep lore, full of many great stories and poems of the Nordic culture, from Scandinavia and the Germanic countries. Norse mythology which is also known as Germanic mythology is a not just a myth, it is a religion and it was practiced by the Vikings who lived in the Scandinavian countries in the Viking age, but it was also practiced by the Germanic people.
Norse Mythology
Peeling back the layers of history in order to form a properly detailed and accurate picture of the myths, beliefs, and customs as they actually were in the Viking Age is no mean feat, especially for an overwhelmingly oral society, as Scandinavia mostly was at the time. As such, we only have the "tips of the narrative icebergs" (Schjødt, 219) when it comes to the Norse gods.
Yoruba Creation Myth
Myths from the Yoruba tribe in Africa.
Goddesses Of Yoruba Mythology
The Yoruba people are based in Nigeria, Benin and Togo. Their religion dates back to the Stone Age, but was influenced by the spread of agriculture from the Middle East around 600 BCE.
Gods & Stories from African Mythology
In this lesson, you will become familiar with some of the more popular figures in the pantheon of Yoruba mythology. This lesson will also cover the lasting influence these figures have today in the African Diaspora religion of Santeria.
Dogon Creation Mythology & Origin of Mankind
The Dogon tribe occupies a region in Mali (south of the Sahara Desert), currently having an estimated 100,000 members and are believed to be of Egyptian descent (a debated speculation). After living in the Libyan region for a time, they settled in Mali, West Africa, bringing with them astronomy legends dating from before 3200 BC.
Sacred Sites of the Dogon, Mali
The precise origins of the Dogon, like those of many other ancient cultures, are lost in the mists of time. The early histories are informed by oral traditions (that differ according to the Dogon clan being consulted) and archaeological excavation (much more of which needs to be conducted).
The Nummo
The Dogon religion focuses on immortality because the key spiritual figures in the mythology, known as Nummo, were immortal.
Navajo Legends
The Navajo were given the name Ni’hookaa Diyan Diné by their creators. It means "Holy Earth People". Navajos today simply call themselves "Diné", meaning "The People". The Tewa Indians were the first to call them Navahu, which means "the large area of cultivated land".
Navajo Legends
Navajo legends are one of the most fascinating among Native American folklore. Navajo stories and myths are surrounded by highly mystical creatures like the skinwalkers and coyotes.
Native American Legends & Culture
Twin Rocks Trading Post is located beneath the Navajo Twins geologic formation in the historic pioneer town of Bluff, Utah. Native sons, Barry and Steve Simpson, share their passion for cultural tradition and artistic innovation with local artists and visiting collectors alike.
Native American Creation Stories
The American Yawp Reader
Native American Mythology
The terms legend and folktale are sometimes used interchangeably with myth. Technically, however, these are not the same. How should we distinguish them? Donna Rosenberg, in her book Folklore, Myth, and Legends: A World Perspective, offers some useful guidelines.
Inuit Myths and Legend
Inuit mythology is a repository of Inuit culture, passed down by elders through generations to enrich and enlighten.
The top 12 deities from Inuit mythology
The Inuit were often at war with various Native American tribes and, as a testament to the fighting ability of the ancient Inuits they drove the Vikings themselves out of part of Greenland. The Inuit deities are as fascinating as the figures in any other pantheon.
Top 10 Astonishing Ancient Chinese Mythology
China is a mosaic of diverge philosophies and traditions. And we must consider this reality about China while we try to talk about Ancient Chinese Mythology.
Chinese mythology: How the Heaven and the Earth were created
Travelling in China, a travel guide book may provide you all the information you need about Chinese culture, beliefs, history and myths. But fully understanding its inhabitants needs going further on the culture. Getting to know some Chinese mythology is just an important part.
Shimane, the Home of Japanese Mythology
Similar themes can be found throughout mythology and religion the world over. Many themes in Japanese mythology share striking similarities with other world mythology.
Japanese Mythology
The artelino archive offers a database of more than 50,000 sold Japanese prints with detailed descriptions, large images and results. artelino clients with an active purchase history and authorized consignors of artelino have full access to our archive.
Indonesian Mythology Stories – Secret and Unrevealed Types
Indonesia also has some popular Mythology that even exist in almost every Provinces. The myths are various, it could be a habits, a spirits, or something else that sometimes even urge to do some rituals.
Myths and legends in Bali
Balinese myths and legends are retold to each new generation so that their lessons and morals are constantly passed on. They are most commonly passed down by parents or grandparents to children through the oral retelling of stories.
Hawaiian Myths and Legends
The ancient Hawaiians, like most indigenous cultures, felt a deep connection with nature and explained the natural phenomenon around them with Hawaiian myths and legends that live on today.
Crash Course World Mythology Preview
Crash Course Mythology with Mike Rugnetta is here, and we have the preview video to prove it. We'll be uploading Friday afternoons to fulfill all your hunger for foundational cultural stories and whatnot.
World Mythology
Brought to you by the National Earth Science Teachers Association
Latest Articles on World Myth
A collection of world myths and articles discussing the study of mythology.
The 10 Most Badass Goddesses Of World Mythology
Polytheism might’ve had a bad rap in the Bible, but it’s given rise to some of humanity’s most fascinating and enduring narratives. Some ancient pantheons, like the Greek and Norse gods, have traditionally been more prominent in the Western imagination; in recent years, these narratives have been incorporated into popular stories like the Thor comic books and the Percy Jackson saga.
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