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The Big Myth: Announcing the new animated learning app for iPad and Android tablets
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The Big Myth is up for a Medea Award (Brussels). Watch the interview with the creator of the Big Myth, Fiona Passantino:
The Big Myth is an ancient (1999!) experimental learning module designed for use in European primary school classrooms. It is a sociology textbook for the comparative study of world creation mythology. The myths are told using animation and are accompanied by an overview of the culture, the pantheon of the gods and a series of exercises based on that culture.

The Big Myth combines the internet and Flash animation as a presentational medium with a highly progressive group learning method known as complex instruction. Teachers are advised to start in the teacher's section for more complete instructions.

For more information about The Big Myth, contact Fiona Passantino

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"The Big Myth" Distant Train 2015 - 2020

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