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Write your own creation myth! The Big Myth Webmaster will read each entry, and will choose the best ones to post online. It can be written for any time period - think of the past, to present day, even an imaginary country. Of course, this is open to everyone of all ages, not just students. Your email address won't be published, but please include it so we can let you know that your myth has been uploaded.

Have fun!

Send your stories to The Creators:

NAME: Jessica Rogers
TITLE: My Big Myth: How the World was Made!

MYTH: Once upon a time there was a gardener whose name was David. David grew many different fruits and vegetables. He sold them to earn money to buy the world’s biggest pumpkin seed, he wanted this seed as bad as he would like to enter the pumpkin competition.

Unfortunately, his neighbours were very competitive and wanted to win also. There was only one problem with him winning the competition was the pumpkin seeds were running out of stock soon.

(A few days later)

The day came he had enough money to buy the world’s biggest pumpkin seed and grabbed his phone to buy the seed. With two clicks it was on its way to his house, suddenly there was a knock on the door! Who was that?

David slowly opened the door to find Sandra and Rob, his neighbours, staring at him. They didn’t look very pleased to see David that day.

“Whatever is the matter?" Said David. They didn’t’t speak a word to him, they barged past him looking for the rare seed. David shouted “What are you doing, ruining my house like that I will call the police!”

(They ruined everything tearing up his newspapers and smashing all his valuables, his living room was the worst his sofa was upside down and windows smashed!)

“That’it I’m calling the police! “Said David angrily!

(10 minutes later)(There was loud bangs on the door)

David ran to the door and opened and the police barged in with no hesitation arresting the trespassers. David was so confused to why they would do such a hatred thing to him?

“You bought the last seed we would have won if it wasn’t’t for you! “David was remembering from that day he had bought the last seed but he deserved to win and they deserved to go to jail!"

“They will pay for the damage of your house sir, please can you come to the station and give us the story!”(David went to the station and gave the story and walked back home)

The next day …

Competition Day, the seed came and he was ready to grow the pumpkin it was so cool it grew in 20 seconds! He planted it in his garden and waited, Wow it was massive but it wasn’t’t a pumpkin!

David was very puzzled as it was green and blue and was the biggest thing he ever saw in his life! What was this miraculous thing? It caved over his city, bringing dark shadows all around.

(1 year later)David was so intrigued to find out what this was and eventually he did! This enormous round ball was called the Earth!
NAME: Connor C.
the alien creation

MYTH: One day, at the start of time, an alien spaceship crashed on a meteorite, sending it into others. The heat and pressure blasted with molten rock it grew mountains and plants; then it cooled. An atmosphere grew, forming clouds which rained, to make the seas. After the bacteria in the seas evolved into single celluar organisms, then to multicell organisms, until fish were formed. The evolution of the cells made they way to live on land then came more evolution and finally, humans were made!!!

NAME: Olivia L.
AKILIANO: The Beginning

MYTH: In the beginning there was nothing, an endless black void. All the particles and matter in the void just floated. This was the reality for roughly 25,000 years until a particle collided with another one and so on and so forth. Roughly 18,000 years later a rough shaped, human-like creature was formed, being the only living creature so far, the new creation named itself Akiliano. Akiliano had no gender, race, etc. and was not like any 21st century human. Akiliano had a head with eyes, a nose, ears, and a mouth, but Akiliano had no legs or arms because they were unnecessary because Akiliano’s body was made for void travel. Akiliano didn’t need air and while it could speak it didn’t need to, Akiliano was bored so it wandered the void looking for a companion to express itself to but it could not find anyone, so it figured it would make someone itself. So Akiliano took a but if itself and formed what would be called a woman she would be the first woman, Akiliano wanted her to be perfect so that is how she was; perfect. Akiliano named her Amdis and Akiliano was pleased with her so her took her and wrapped in a cocoon so she could grow and Akiliano waited, and waited until she lived. Akiliano had gotten smaller creating amdis but Akiliano was happy anyways.

When Amdis was “born” she couldn’t breathe and Akiliano panicked and wrapped its body around her and his body became the earth. When Amdis awoke everything was formed around her, trees, animals, light and dark, and she was scared because even though she had only been alive a little while she had always had Akiliano to protect her and now she was alone. Akiliano was not dead but its spirit lived above in a paradise that it would call home and where it could watch its creation thrive, but when Akiliano looked down at Amdis she did not seem happy and that upset Akiliano so it made her a new companion which would be the first man. His name was jalis and he fell in love with Amdis but Amdis did not fall in love with Jalis, she missed Akiliano and wanted nothing to do with anyone else. Akliano tried again and again but Amdis stood her ground and refused to love anyone else.

Akiliano wanted her to live on earth, but Akiliano also wanted her to be happy so Akiliano killed her which broke its heart but her spirit was sent to paradise and Akiliano and amdis were reunited. After a while everything was peaceful, humanity was thriving and Akiliano and Amdis were happy but AMDIS WANTED CHILDREN SO THEY HAD CHILDREN; TWIN GIRLS NAMED MARIEN AND mERLA, MARIEN WOULD BE THE SUN AND MERLA THE MOON. aKILIANO AND aMDIS HAD ANOTHER CHILD, THIS TIME A BOY HIS NAME WAS Syed, he never fit in with his other family members because he wanted nothing to do with his parents’ paradise or his sisters’ jobs  and he was fascinated what would happen if his parents’ creations stopped living, so he declared that he would leave paradise and roam the world finding his own paradise,. that broke his parents’ hearts and they wanted him to be happy and live his life the way he wanted so they gave him a cave deep in the center of the earth which most now know as hell. Syed was pleased and before he left he asked his parents if he could take human life, they said yes but they wanted to make sure there were guidelines for death.

They were:

1. If a human is deathly ill you may take them after their sayings of goodbye

2. You make take a soul when a person becomes old and can no longer carry out their duties

3. If a person wants to die you must be reluctant and if they so choose to die you may take their soul

Those were the rules that Syed promised to uphold and he also promised that no one would suffer in his paradise, his parents watched him leave, and they were sad but now everything in the world was in order, the sun would rise and fall and so would the moon, humanity was thriving, Syed was pleased with his new life, and Akiliano and Amdis still live their peaceful lives in paradise.

NAME: Adeline 
Two Goddesses Creation Story

MYTH: In the beginning, there was an endless void. In this void lived two goddesses.

One was of darkness, who took the name of the void. The other of light, who took the name Eve, out of the future that was to come. Void tired of living in the nothingness with Eve, and decided to create something in order to fill the darkness. She created a dark, massive orb made up of dark, lifeless water.

Eve thought the water seemed unpleasant, and created many beautiful fish to live in it. Void was angry with eve for interfering with her creations, and, starting from the core of the water, created dry, cold ground. She did this without any regards for the fish, which resulted in many of them being killed.

Eve was unfazed, and saw potential in the earth. She pulled out one strand of her long, shining hair and cut it into pieces. She then sprinkled the pieces across the ground, creating the grasses, trees, flowers, and other plant life. Void was now furious, and created tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters in order to destroy Eve’s creations. Eve quickly shielded her creations from the vicious weather by creating sunshine and peaceful showers upon the earth.

Now, Eve decided to create animals to roam the earth and skies. She began with small, beautifully patterned and colored songbirds, to bless the trees and skies. Out for revenge, Void created large and forceful prey birds, who snatched the birds straight out of the skies as they flew. Even was discouraged, but went on, and created peaceful plant eaters such as deer and rabbits. Void then created stealthy predators such as wolves to eat of the flesh of the animals Eve had made. Finally, the two agreed to work together in their creation, and created humans to build upon the planet and make creations instead of them. Eve created their birth, their strength, their intelligence, and their kindness and empathy. Void created their deaths, their illness, and their vanity, anger, and sadness. They each sent one of their eyes out, Eve’s the sun and Void’s the moon, in order to keep watch over the planet as they set out to fill the rest of the void with more creations. And that is how the Earth came to be.
NAME: Alyssa S. 
The Big Fish Five Theory

MYTH: In the beginning there was an endless sea. Somewhere far off existed a sky, but it contained only darkness. While the sky would eventually become essential, it is, at this point in time, unimportant, so we set our focus back upon the aforementioned sea. Within it lied no earth or air, only two fish. One could easily pay attention not to the sacred creatures, but those who do will find that they were like no other fish to pass through existence. By appearance they appear to be those of koi, but larger. Much, much larger. They were so massive, that their eyes were the size of the sun that had yet to step into existence. Although there were no days, weeks, months, years, or any time at all, one can assume that the swim beholding just the two fish lasted billions of years. Koi-Oi and Nishikigoi, the two astronomical fish, continued to go on like this until one fateful moment, in which the universe was changed forever.

As the two fish prepared to pass each other by, a sudden urge to high-five his buddio crept into Koi-Oi’s head, as he was proud of Nishikigoi’s swimming abilities. As they swam nearer and nearer to each other, Koi-Oi’s desires to high-five his friend only increased. These feelings were unknowingly shared, as Nishikigoi also thought a high-five would be quite nice. As they continued to creep nearer to each other, Koi-Oi knew he could not wait any longer or he would miss out on this opportunity. He shouted over to his buddy,

“You are such a good swimmer! I’m proud of you, man! High-five!” The fishes’ fins met for a fleeting moment in the first high-five. This event completely changed the course of history. The collision caused mucus coating Nishikigoi and Koi-Oi’s fins to fly off in all directions. Every planet, star, comet, animal, human, and individual particle came to be because of this cosmic high-five.   

Koi-Oi and Nishikigoi had now completed their duty and were able to assume a state of rest. They peacefully faded away into another universe, but not without leaving their mark on this one. Pisces, although believed to be a sign of many other things, is left in remembrance and to  honor Koi-OI and Nishikigoi.

Now that you have learned this story, you may look into a starry night and see not only stars, but the place where our sacred fish once resided.

NAME: James P.
TITLE: The Gathering by

Once there was nothing but two types of matter, Dark Matter and Light Matter. Dark matter was made of all the evil in the the the Galaxy and Light Matter was made of all the Good in the world. One day a blob of dark matter started to wiggle and rumble. Four light years later the blob of dark matter wiggled so much the first god was born, THE GOD OF DARK MATTER, NON-BARYONIC Because of this the GOD OF TIME GOTTFRIED was born. This was new Non-Baryonic so of course like anybody would, he rammed into Gottfried. The two god flied back because right then and there the first star was made.

300 light years later Gottfried wanted revenge on Non-Baryonic so he wanted to get the help of other gods which were generated over the years. So Gottfried made a paradise like place and named it Pastoral.

After 2 trillion light years later Gottfried successfully attracted Five gods, Genero The god of genders, Stella The Goddess of Stars, Aerosol the god of Clouds, Batong the god of Elements and Clade the God Of Animals. After they got to know each other they all fused. After that other gods saw this and wanted to fuse too.

So after 300 years later  Gottfried had all of the Light Matter gods and all the gods fused together and created the ultimate god, MUSIK THE GOD OF FUSION. Now that all the gods had all fused with Gottfried… It was time to fight Non-Baryonic… But it took Musik 700 trillion light years to get to him.

But once Musik got to Non-Baryonic the two had the biggest fight ever. Every time Non-Baryonic punched Gottfried face it made a new day, Non-Baryonic punched Gottfried’s face seven times. And every time Non-Baryonic bit Clade’s arm a new animal was made! And every time Non-Baryonic kicked Batong’s arm it made a new element! And every time Non-Baryonic Hit any part of Musik that was the part of the according god it made a new whatever.

Finally, Non-Baryonic rammed into musik one last time using all of Non-Baryonic power and… that is what made the universe and why there are no more gods.

NAME: Aidyn T
TITLE: Axis & Premula, the creation of the Rose

MYTH: Axis was born into the Spartan army and only ever thought of himself as a strong, disciplined, loyal warrior, just like his Spartans brothers. He had almost superhuman strength, agility, and stamina though; and that made his generals, commanders, and allies afraid of him. He surpassed everyone in combat and fought in the bloodiest of battles, returning from them with only a few cuts. Axis had short, brown hair and Hazel eyes when he first started going into battles. As soon as you saw him, you could tell he was mischievous at times and loved to have fun. But with every village he helped pillage, and every battle won, he grew colder. His hair grew longer, and his eyes grew darker. He started to look more and more menacing, and angry at the world. His emotions grew more distant. Soon, all he knew was his rage and his want to survive every fight.

One day as Axis and his allies were taking over a town, he saw a woman. She was standing on the side of the street watching her people being killed, and she seemed to be stuck in shock. All of a sudden, it was like a switch was flipped. Axis felt the need to protect her. This new feeling of his hit him full force and it stunned him for a second. He had never felt this before, because the people he was closest to had never needed to be protected, they were ready to die for Sparta. “I can’t let her die” he thought to himself, and before he knew it, he had sprinted over towards her and tackled his Spartan allie who was about to stab her. His allie pushed him off, quickly got up, and yelled “traitor!” as he charged. Axis, who was still getting up, couldn’t dodge out of the way. Next thing he knew, a spear had gone through his gut. He had felt the pain, but strangely, he didn’t feel himself dying. Well, at least what he thought it would feel like. Instead, he felt fine. He still had all of his strength. Now he could feel his rage take over. He reached down, broke the spear, and pulled himself off. He watched as his former allies face contorted into horror, and Axis bared his teeth. He lunged at the Spartan, grabbed him, and slammed him into the ground, proceeding to brutally beat his head into a nearby rock. He then stood up, turned around, and stared at the woman. He had completely forgotten at this point that he had been stabbed, until she stared at the spot with wide eyes. He looked down and realized...the wound had fully healed. He didn’t have time to think about how though, they had to go. Axis quickly grabbed the woman and helped her onto a nearby horse, then climbed on and they were off. Where they were going, Axis had no clue. He just knew they had to go far away.

The day had started like any other, with Premula being the first one up. She was part of a den of well known thieves, called the Jackals. She moved into the morning sunlight coming through the window and stretched. She knew that today was the perfect day for stealing and not getting caught, there was a huge carnival going on which meant she could get 3 things easier than usual: free money, free food, and fun. She loved the feeling of being chased, and getting away by climbing. She loved feeling of being better at something than the rich people and guards, even though they thought of her as scum. She put her bag on her belt, slipped her small dagger into the sheath in her boot, and went into the street.

Premula weaved her way between the tightly packed people, taking coin pouches here and there, and finally made her way to the market where a part of the carnival was going on. It was always nice to see all the people dancing, playing music, and having fun, but she couldn’t stop and stare. She was hungry and saw an apple stand nearby. She walked over and put only 3 apples in her bag before someone yelled “Hey, put those apples back!” and she had to run. With her small stature, it was easy to move through the crowd and then climb onto a building. The guards weren’t that lucky though, and were constantly having to stop. As Premula looked over the edge at the guards and grinned, she could see them seething with hatred as they walked away. Premula knew that her friends had to all be waking up by now, so she started walking to the den, happily eating her apple. She was walking down the street near the end of town when she heard a huge rumbling noise. It was so loud that she thought only elephants could make the noise. As she looked around, she saw that she was very wrong. She saw hundreds, if not thousands, of soldiers jogging towards her town. She stared in amazement with the other townspeople at the soldiers as they got closer. Their amazement soon turned into terror, as the soldiers began killing everyone.

Premula was stuck standing at the side of the road, frozen with shock. After a bit of standing there, a soldier came up to Premula and raised his spear. “He’s about to stab me, I need to move!” she thought to herself. She couldn’t though. It was like someone had nailed her to that spot. All of a sudden, the soldier in front of her was tackled by...another soldier? She watched as soldier 1 pushed the other one off him, yelled something, then charged. Her head was so fuzzy, she couldn’t make out any noises. They were all just really loud and molded together. She saw soldier 2 get stabbed in the gut, but he did even look close to dying. Instead, he looked angry. He snapped the spear, got off it, then grabbed the first soldier and slammed him into the ground. Premula finally got the ability to move and looked away as she picked the sound of something cracking, out of the ball of noise she was hearing. She looked back at the remaining soldier after he was done, and saw him turn around. She forced herself to look at the spot where his wound was, and was stunned to see that it was gone. The soldier briefly looked at it too, then quickly grabbed Premula and helped her onto a nearby horse, climbed on himself, and there they went. Premula didn’t try to stop him, because she saw what this beast could do. So off they rode, a terrified Premula and a soldier that seemed to know what he was doing.

As they neared the mountains, Axis relaxed a bit. He knew that no one would look for them here, and he soon found a cave to rest in. Axis finally spoke as he got off the horse and started to lead the way into the cave. “We should be safe here, are you okay?” After getting off the horse and a second of catching her breath, Premula found her voice. “Um..yeah, I’m fine. Who are you? Why did you save me? Where ARE we?” “I...I do not know why I saved you. I just felt the need and acted on it. We are on Mount Ossa, and my Name is Axis. What’s your name?” “My name is Premula. Although I do appreciate you saving me, you “acting on your needs” must get you in a lot of trouble in the army, yes?” “Actually, no. This is the first time I’ve ever done it. I’m a-well, was, a Spartan soldier. We are taught throughout our training to never give into needs or wants. We are taught to stay loyal to Sparta, and fight until we die.” Now, Premula had heard of the Spartan army before. They were a very feared army everywhere, yet barely anyone ever talked about them in her town. “Right here is good, we are out of view from anyone going by the cave.” Axis said, interrupting Premulas thoughts. “I saw goats and other animals close to us when we were on our way here, I will go hunt.” Premula let him go, even though she knew she still had apples. Axis had taken 3 trips back and forth and was gone for only an hour before he came back with a pile of sticks, 3 goat corpses, and some fruits. After he skinned the goats, Premula took the skin and sewn them into blankets. Axis and Premula had things going good, and were falling in love with each other, as the weeks went on. After those weeks, everything went bad.

One day as Axis was sharpening his sword and Premula was cleaning her dagger, they heard a huge boom from right outside the cave. “AXIS, MY SON. COME OUT SO I CAN SEE YOU!” Axis immediately jumped up and started walking towards the entrance, angry that someone scared him, found his hiding place, claimed to be the father he never knew, but most of all: Angry that now, someone could hurt him and Premula. As he got to the entrance, he saw a man with a flaming spear, and flaming skull for a head. Axis immediately recognized the man as the god of war, Ares. “What do you want with me, Ares? Why did you call me son?” Ares smiled and then spoke. “I want you to come with me and be in your rightful place. Also, I called you son because I’m your father. If you don’t believe me, just look at your fighting abilities. Also, don’t forget about that stab wound that healed itself.” “No. I’m not coming with you, Ares. I’m staying here.” At hearing this, Ares frowned. “Fine, have it your way. I was gonna be nice, but I guess if you won’t come with me, I’ll just kill the person you love.” And he threw his spear at Premula, who had followed Axis out of the cave and now was standing next to him.

Axis moved at speeds he didn’t know he could, and grabbed the spear out of the air inches from Premula, spun around, and threw it back at Ares. The handle was so hot, that even after a couple seconds of holding it, Axis had burns on his hand. He didn't care though, as his rage took control. This god had just tried to kill Premula, and he wasn’t going to let that happen without a fight. The spear hit Ares in the chest and he laughed as pulled it out. “Try again.” Axis charged him with his sword, and managed to cut off Ares’s hand. It instantly grew back. Ares then moved at unimaginable speeds, and stabbed Axis in the chest. Axis could feel his insides burning up as he looked over to Premula, who then jumped onto Ares and stabbed him in the neck with her dagger. Ares unstuck his spear from Axis and let his body fall to the ground. Then he grabbed Premula by her arm and stabbed her too. Her body hit the ground as Ares threw Premulas knife to the ground next to her. “Weaklings.” he said to the bodies, and then left.
Aphrodite, the goddess of love, saw everything from her spot on Mount Olympus. She saw how much Axis and Premula loved each other, and how they died trying to save each other. She decided to make a flower in their memory, and so after only their bones were left, the first two of the new type of flowers grew from the center of Axis and Premulas piles of bones. After they bloomed, Aphrodite went down to the humans and told them of Axis and Premulas story and that they would find their bones with a new type of flower called the Rose. After days of looking, the villagers that she told found the bones. They then had a funeral for Axis and Premula, and put the Roses on the bones before burying them.

NAME: Christopher Foraste
TITLE: Vangu's Sacrifice

MYTH: In the beginning, there was a glimmering light. Emerging from it came the shapeless Vagnu, neither male nor female, neither black nor white, and neither human or animal. Pieces of Vagnu dropped off every day. Soon, part of him dropped off and formed what we call earth. After that, tinier chunks started falling off, forming mountains. Then he dried it. But he wasn’t done yet. Then more fell off of him, but he didn’t get a chance to dry it into solid ground because he split into the deities Egelbreth and Opleion. So became the waters.

Egelbreth created all sorts of creatures, beautiful and fascinating in their own ways. However, Opleion implanted discrimination into their minds. The creatures began to war among themselves, until Egelbreth had had enough. She wiped all of the creatures from the face of the Earth, because they destroyed Vangu in order to destroy each other. Egelbreth tried again. She created a fairer race than all of the others before them, humans. Opleion again tried his evil tricks, implanting evil into the hearts of humans. However, Egelbreth was prepared. First, she locked up Opleion in Hasar Yun, The pits of the earth. Then she wiped evil to varying extents among everyone. That is why when souls die, they are judged. The souls showing more of Egelbreth’s purity gets to join her in the cosmos, while the ones showing Opleion’s corruption share his punishment of being locked up in Hasar Yun, to remind Opleion of what he had done to the human race.
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