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Write your own creation myth! The Big Myth Webmaster will read each entry, and will choose the best ones to post online. It can be written for any time period - think of the past, to present day, even an imaginary country. Of course, this is open to everyone of all ages, not just students. Your email address won't be published, but please include it so we can let you know that your myth has been uploaded.

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NAME: Emily Rubio
TITLE: In the Beginning

MYTH: A long time ago, before the world was created, there was a flower floating in darkness. One day, the flower bloomed and out popped Lunos the sun and Solia the moon. Lunos took Solia as his wife and the flower became the ground. The stem of the flower became rivers, the petals became animals, and the leaves became mountains and hills.

Lunos and Solia had four children, Autem the God of Autumn, Frigus the God of Winter, Una the Goddess of Spring, and Inga the Goddess of Summer. Lunos and Solia wept in joy and those tears became humans. They were called the Unto Anos, the first people.

Lunos and Solia felt pity for the Unto Anos and sent down their fifth son, Argretos, to teach them how to live. Argretos taught them how to farm plants, irrigation, tame animals, make huts, and how to hunt and defend themselves. In return, the story of their creators were passed down through the generations.
NAME: Ashwyn Groepies
TITLE: Myths Of The Golden Age - Cursed

MYTH: CHAPTER I Final Destination

Our tale begins On the night when the blade of Olympus had gone missing and felled into the wrong hands and the question that was asked many times over (who took the blade, who?), the very same blade that delivered the Olympian god's victory against the mighty titans, the titans defeat during the great war, they were banished by the king of the gods to the pits of tartarus, their final destination and resting place where they lived in torment for all eternaty as the gods rised in victory, the Olympians were in total shock to have heard about the blade's dissapearence but it didn't make any sense to them and who would dare challenge their strenght, they kept on wondering and wondering but still, they didn't have the slightest clue on who would commit such a sin against the gods and conspire against his own kind, a traitor, better yet, a thief fooling around with great power.

Dishonour was brought to the gods and Olympus crumbled ever since that night due to the absence of the blade caused by the betrayal of don't know yet who? and eversince that day, the sun departed from it's rightful place, the clouds of light vanished as the winds of darkness made it's turn in Mount Olympus reminding every Olympian on what yet still to come.

Hades the god of the underworld told Zeus that it's an unacceptable behaviour by this anonymous individual who takes what he doesn't really wield and what doesn't actually belong to him (The Blade Of Olympus), action had to be taken concerning that matter but where do they begin and that was the hard part.

Poseidon the god of the seas started to suspect his brother Hades by thinking that he had something to do with the dissapearence but on the other hand, Athena the goddess of wisdom and warfare turned her attention to Thanatos the god of death who had been acting very strange lately ever since the weapon had gone missing.

Zeus had two options that were suggested by Hades and Thanatos, both with different opinions, if the traitor is revealed, banish him to the depths of Hades or place him in eternal torture trapped in deaths domain for all eternaty but the king of the gods had difficulty making his decision and the next moment both gods had an argument over whom will get previllage to punish the sinner and all of a sudden a fight almost broke out between the two gods of Olympus but the sun god Helios got in the way to prevent them both from ripping each other's heads off, he had to calm them down and enlightened them that waging war against one another is not the solution to the problem but Zeus's main concern was the children of Olympus cause their lives were at stake with the blade gone and he doesn't yet know what the thief's intentions really are cause the king of the gods sensed that harm could ascend upon his children at anytime.

Poseidon feared the same as Zeus that very same moment and to them it felt like Mount Olympus had fallen piece by piece slowly and so the anonymous thief who remained witheld and finally succeeded in testing the power and getting the attention of the gods but still he had no idea what he had wrought upon Greece including himself.

The god of war suggested that he should be given the previllage to seek out this thief that placed Greece in ruins but Zeus told him straight up that he would be wasting his time apperently cause in his mind there was absolutely no way that Ares would succeed in pulling it off.

Persephone the goddess of the underworld and wife to Hades suggested that they act immediately now before it's too late cause the humanity of Greece already suffers and the children of Olympus prey to their gods every single minute in their minds to protect them from any harm no matter what.

A shadow, a ghost in the night slaying the innocent and roaming around with his prized posession, dishonoured the way of the gods and now the children of Olympus all live in fear and wonders everyday what could happen to them at any moment cause recently romours had been spreading around in the city lately that two soldiers were brutally slaughtered on that very same night of the blade's dissapearence with their heads hanging above the gates in the city-state well known as Sparta, Sparta the strange and frightening city-state wich lays in the south of the Peloponesse, the peninsula that forms the southern half of the Greek mainland, it is well known as a fierce and brutal society that was determined to keep it's neighbours in a constant state of fear as they were tought to never retreat or surrender, were tought that death in service to Sparta was the greatest glory any man could ever give to imbrase the might of the Spartan empire, their mind and imagination were occupied only with matters of war and domination, all men had to serve in the army and learning the art of battle was what they dedicated their whole lives to and Sparta was known as the city of war.

Many say that the Spartans claimed to be the descendants or the children of the legendary hero Heracles, also known to all by his latin name Hercules, from invading their own country and taking over Laconia to conquering Messenia wich made Sparta the most powerful city-states of it's time and of course those who were defeated at their hands was reduced to helots(slaves) and were forced to work the land for their Spartan overlords, farming their own land and being oblidged to hand over half of their products to their Spartan masters, as a mark of inferiority, the helots had no choice and were forced to wear animal skins and caps made of dog skin and every year they received a ritual beating and with death awaithing if they dare try to run away.

Zeus wondered why would the anonomys involve Sparta into the mess he created, it didn't make sense to the chief of the gods and the blade had already been stained by the blood of the two innocent and brave Spartans, their souls wonders around now in the depths of Hades, an unforgivable act of deceit, a man bringing dishonour upon himself and his fellow greeks and disgracing the gods in his own need for ultimate power, it did not bode well on Olympus, the king of the gods knows already that is the trail that he must follow to see exactly where it will lead him in his investigation to discover the real truth's behind it and of course his brother Poseidon assissted him along the way and helping to seek out the one who betrayed his own and put an end to all the madness that had been wrought.

The trail leaded to the cliffs of Laconia, the fertile land around Sparta but then the chief wondered why he would set foot in the fertile land and it sounded like he was leaving trails behind for them to follow and so they did, nothing stopped them along the way cause nothing or nobody could, more and more dead bodies in their path as they investigate but from out of nowhere, the two gods hears the voice of Lord Hades the god of the underworld, warning them that they'll find only spilled blood of the innocents every step they take and every turn they make. They realised too late that they were being toyed with the entire time ever since they arrived in Sparta but Zeus disbelieved that theory and continue to focus on the task that is at hand and Hades stopped convincing the king of the gods and let him walk into that reality of realising that both him and Poseidon are being played the whole time.

Meanwhile, deep within the domain of death, Thanatos the god of death finally claimed his prize well known as the blade of Olympus in the palm of his hands, he was the traitor right under the noses of the Olympian gods that took the weapon of Zeus, he was the one that stained his own hands with Spartan blood, the man who dishonoured his own fellow god brothers and sisters and of course the one that tricked Zeus and Poseidon but no one is aware that he's behind all of it so he just continued toying with and wacthing them make fools of themselves in thinking that their on the right path but appearently the weren't thanks to his brilliant idea of scheming.

The madness continued, Olympus still lives in a constant state of concern and fear and it has been chaos ever since the blade was taken from it's rightful place. Total madness and chaos all because of Thanatos's foolish and disgraceful act upon his own fellow Olympians. a mistake that cannot be undone.

Athena had the strangest feeling while on Mount Olympus and as for the god of war, he still suspected Hades, but the goddess's attention turned mostly to Atlantis the city of Poseidon, something she never felt before but she wondered how Atlantis fits in all of this and then it got to her again but this time she sensed that the god of death has something to do with all the mess, she wasn't actuslly really sure if he's the one responsible so she had to think it through and make sure first before jumping to any concluetions so she told Ares to keep an wacthful eye on Olympus while she heads off to Atlantis to discover what's really going on, she headed for the kingdom of Thanatos the god of death, a place where no man, mortal or god including goddess would dare set foot "Deaths Domain" she entered the domain and made her way up to the throne room of Thanatos to confront him on the feeling she had back on Olympus and when she got there, she realized that it wasn't necesarry to do so cause she now finally found out the real thruth and with her own two eyes she saw the blade of Olympus in the hands of Thanatos and realised that she right where she believed she was wrong, the god of death never expected Athena in his presence but didn't care really, now only she knows that it was him all along.

The goddess called him a traitor,for dishonouring their ways, it disgusted Athena to see who really made the decision to conspire against the gods, Thanatos of all gods to commit such a sin against his own kind, she was very dissapointed in him as he was supposed to be setting a much better example for a god of Olympus and the goddess couldn't stand the site of him any longer and it hit her mind immediately that she had to enlighten the rest of the Olympians about Thanatos's betrayal and deceit before it was too late but the god of death wouldn't let himself be exposed like that by a goddess and the only way she left deaths domain was in bad shape after Thanatos deciced to drove the blade of Olympus into her heart but she was still on her feet and managed to escape his wrath and he already knows that she won't live for long in her condition cause her time was slipping but still she managed to make it back to Olympus and reach her brother Ares.

She told him everything on how the god of death desecrated the land of Greece and the name of Atlantis and Olympus when he betrayed them all and aspecially the real truth that was called "stealing the blade of Olympus".

The god of war could not believe what he had heard coming from his own sister, Thanatos the god of death responsible for everything that has happened, right under his nose the entire time, that was the last words she said to Ares and she died after that shortly, Zeus couldn't sense the presence of his daughter anymore and decided to stop the investigation in Sparta and head back home, the children of Olympus cried their hearts out when they heard of Athena's death, even the king of the gods had tears running down his face for the loss of his own flesh and blood as well as Hades and Poseidon, the end for the goddess of wisdom and warfare but Ares had a hard time wondering why Thanatos would betray them.

Helios walked up to Ares and told him that he should stop wondering all the time and face the fact that the god of death had made his choice. and that they have to do what's right in the name of Olympus by looking at Thanatos the god of death as their brother no more, but as their enemy.

The life of a goddess ended within the blink of an eye and Thanatos with no regrets what's so ever, the murderer of a goddess actually enjoyed what he did to Athena.

Her death left Athens vulnaurble to the god of death but he had no intentions of taking over Athena's kingdom but still the city is left without a patron so lord Zeus named his son the god of war Ares the new patron god of Athens and the god of death didn't like the sound of that part or that decision made by the king of the gods.

The god of war never expected to rule Athena's kingdom one day but it appears that day finally came when his father named him it's new patron and Ares truly considered it an honour coming from Zeus but he took it, not because he had to, it was because he chose to, the responsibilities of Athens was placed on his shoulders as he must set an example and not disgraced the name of Olympus the way Thanatos did when he spilled his hands with Spartan blood including the blood of Athena including the part where he retreated with the blade of Olympus.

The gods rejected him for what he had done and the fact was when they look at the god of death, the only image they saw was Athena covered in her own blood, Thanatos never considered the consiquences of his actions cause conspiring against the mighty Zeus means conspiring against all gods as well and Thanatos knows it better then anybody else.

The world still in darkness, the blade still absent from it's rightful place, a traitorus god that holds a weapon of ultimate power in the palm of his right hand with nothing to lose, the children of Olympus still living in fear, the god of war with a responsebility and reputation to live up to, Zeus with the mind of taking back the blade of Olympus from Thanatos but most importantly he desires to avenge his daughter's death by slaying the god of death and making him suffer for the crimes he commited.

Thanatos really enjoyed what he was witnessing from his throne room in deaths domain with the blade in his possession as he sat in his chair feeling like he's unstoppable, he knows the gods will not rest until he suffers but there was no fear, worries or concern in the eyes of the death god as he pretty much enjoyed seeing Olympus lying in ruins before his very eyes in this time as he wanted to make humanity recognize him as the one who made Greece fall but apparently he was mistaken cause the king of the gods including Hades and Poseidon was in his way and he knows it's not easy getting rid of the three most powerfull of all the Olympian gods so he wouidn't dare try to challenge one of them for that matter but still he had them right where he wanted them( in pain and suffering) but to Zeus, the god of death didn't know the meaning of the words (pain and suffering) and still nobody has a clue why he's doing what he's doing but it didn't matter to the king of the gods as Thanatos is already aware of the consiquences that lies within the choices he makes but the god of death still didn't care, a man that was erected before the gods of Olympus but still, it didn't give him the right to spill his hands with Athena's blood and the blood of brave Spartans, violating the rules of the gods was the worst sin the god of death committed, no shame but only a cold hearted and cruel mind for a man who calls himself a god, darkness is what he brought upon his own kind, darkness that has no end and on top of it, he pushed the mighty Zeus to the brincks of madness,

Consumed with vengeance in his heart, the king of the gods already knows that he had to do what's right in the name of Olympus and that was to take down the god of the death with his own two bare hands so he made his way to the domain of death(the kingdom of Thanatos) to end this once and for all but he wasn't alone, Hades and Poseidon joined him as well in case he walks into an ambush.

Thanatos wasn't actually that suprised to see them but he was curious to find out how they were able to enter his kingdom and then Poseidon showed him the key to entering (deaths domain), the skull of Keres but he wondered how the god of the seas got hold it and then poseidon told him that he got it from Athena before she died. Thanatos wasn't aware that day that she took the skull but it didn't matter to him anymore cause he still holds what Zeus seeks to take back from him(the blade of Olympus).

A Confrontation broke out between the god of death and the chief of the gods and it turned out that Thanatos was accompanied by non other than Stheno, Euryale and Medusa all well known as the gorgon sisters, he enlightened Zeus that it wasn't him that killed the Spartans that day at the gates, it was all the gorgon's doing but he admits that it was he who arranged for it to happen the way it did but he already knows that it's too late to confest now cause what's done is done and can't be undone and the gods just couldn't ignore what he had wrought upon Greece cause the evidence was there, his judgement day awaits him but he made sure that day doesn't arrive anytime soon cause he fleed out of deaths domain by using the gorgon sisters to cover his escape wich made Zeus recognised him as nothing more than a coward that was afraid to face his fears, fleeing was his way of a fight, instead he had the gorgon sisters do his dirty bidding for him and the king of the gods called him a disgrace for walking amongs the gods when he knew that he had done wrong.

The gorgons had their hands full with Poseidon and Hades, as for Zeus and Thanatos, it was the fight of the centuries, much worse than the great war with the mighty titans, two powerful gods clashing in the city of Atlantis for survival, the atlantian watched the inevetable with their very eyes and the rest of the Olympian gods witnessed the impossible from the gods chamber, two gods, one left standing and of course the ultimate price, the blade of Olympus, one walks away with it, the death of Thanaots was all that mattered to the gods of Olympus cause only his death will set humanity free from fear and darkness, a fight to the end, as for the gorgons, they met their end at the hands of Poseidon and Hades, for their punishment, they joined the mighty titans in the pits of Tartarus, their final destination and resting place, living in torment for all eternaty.

Meanwhile, in Atlantis, the fight was still on between Zeus and Thanatos, an unforgetable event in the land of Greece and it was all because of Thanatos's betrayal, Hades and Poseidon sensed that it was still on, so they left deaths domain to witness the final shodown, Zeus vs Thanatos.

When they got there, Thanatos turned his attention to them both, he tought that there was going to be some interference by the god of the seas and the god of the underworld, than again he was mistaken, but his biggest mistake was turning his attention away from Zeus and that allowed the king of the gods to retrieve the blade from his hands and drive it into his heart, the same way he did to the goddess Athena and that was the end for the god of death, Hades took his soul as he promised he would, Thanatos became a fallen god at the hands of Zeus and now a prisoner in the underworld, trapped for eternaty in the depths of Hades, the skies turned blue once again and the clouds of darkness vanished without a trace, the blade was wield by Zeus once again and Olympus was freed from fear and darkness.

The gods are aware of what's yet to come but they promised each other to always put their differences, becoming one and fight for what's right, no waging war against one another, stand together and do everything in their power to ensure that Olympus prevails no matter what and as for Thanatos, his energy signal dissapeared and at last, his days of bringing corruption upon humanity was finally over, Greece was saved at last.

After everything went back to normal on Mount Olympus, the gods celebrated their victory and it reminded them that there's nothing more important than being heroes and standing up against evil and fighting for what you believe in, what happened on Olympus was unforgivable and will never be forgotten. Thanatos paid dearly for his crimes and now (deaths domain) doesn't have a ruler but the gods considers to seek out who's worthy of the title and power called, the god of death, a task that won't be that easy for Zeus to accomplish but his brothers agreed with him that there is someone out there, worthy of the title to be a god, everything falled into place ecxept for deaths domain that has no patron, Athens has Ares the god of war already but in due time said Zeus they will find someone that can live up to such responsebilities as a god, setting a good example and not failing and dishonouring the gods in the way Thanatos the fallen god of death did.

Hades just made a change all of a sudden when he decided to banish the fallen god from the depths to the pits of tartarus where he joined the gorgons and his rivals the mighty stitans, a nice treat from the god of the underworld.

Cronos wasn't surprised to see the christmas package that Hades delivered in the titans tomb, actually non of the titans was surprised to see an Olympian god in tartarus cause it reminded them of the day when Zeus betrayed them all, Thanatos was unwelcomed in their presence but he cared less wheter they liked it or not even though he was tied in chains just as the titans were.

Gaia just laughed when she saw Thanatos now the fallen god of death and she said "well look who's here, the traitor of Olympus, the fallen god and now your throne has nobody, you should worry Thanatos cause the chief of the gods plans to seek new air to your throne room wich means that a new god of death will be born making you not only the fallen, but the forgotten god of death) and he translated "oh im sorry Gaia have you forgotten that it was we the gods of Olympus that defeated you and the rest of your titans in the great war and we gods are actually the reason your in here" and Cronos interveened " silence you fool, your in our domain now so you can kiss your precious "deaths domain" goodbye you fallen god cause you no longer weal it" Thanatos just smiled and Cronos wondered what was there to smile about when your in hell and the fallen god responded back to the leader of all titans "you're the fools here cause i still have allies out there and you think this is the end Cronos, no this is only the beginning of things far more worse then me out there that awaits the gods and everything they stand for, Zeus thinks this is the end, well it's only the beginning of the end" so they can enjoy their peace and harmony for now but sooner or later, darkness will need a challange against the light and breathing natures of life and air wich was "The Gods Of Olympus" said Thanatos and there it was, rotting for all eternaty, tartarus, the fallen god of death's final destination or in other words, his last stop destination, hell.
NAME: Jake
TITLE: The Wife Napped

MYTH: Have you ever wondered what Athena does when she gets mad we’ll listen in and you will find out, one day there was a man named Christopher he lived with his wife and his 2 kids. His wife’s name is Jessica and his sons names are Zlatan and Brett.they lived of the island of melanthios the population of the island would be about 500 people. Christopher was the king of melanthios and his wife was the queen. On the island of melanthios it is always sunny not ever many clouds or rain.

Suddenly one day when Christopher and Jessica and their 2 sons are eating dinner a huge rain storm comes in and then Athena appears and steals Jessica and takes her away. After the storm leaves and everyone stands up again Christopher screams “this is all my fault I’m the one who upset the god Athena.”

“Why have you done this” screamed Zlatan “our mother is now gone.”

“It is okay Zlatan I will go to Mount Olympus tomorrow morning to go see where your mother is,” said Christopher “now go get the maid I will tell her the bad new and she will be watching you when I am searching for your mother."

“What did you do” asked the maid

“I’m sorry I have stolen from my good friend Garrett, Athena was protecting him from hades” said Christopher “I think Athena thinks was trying to help hades so she punished me by taking my wife Jessica. You will be staying with Zlatan and Brett when I am gone.”

The next morning Christopher set for sail to Mount Olympus. His ship had 50 men on it. As they are travelling to Mount Olympus Athena shows up and say that Christopher only has thirty six hours to save him wife from the island of the sirens. As Athena leaves Christopher screams “ let hurry up we only have 36 hours we have to get to Mount Olympus to ask Zeus where the island of the sirens is. As Christopher gets to Mount Olympus Christopher goes into zeus's room and pauses for a second and notices the he only has twenty four hours left the he asked Zeus how to get to the island of the sirens.

“You will have to travel past the whirlpool monster which will take you ten hours to get there” proclaimed zeus “and then you will have to sail for twelve hours straight and you will make it to the island of the sirens.” “That means we will only have two hour to find Jessica” said Christopher “ we have to leave now. Thank you for helping me Zeus.”

As Christopher gets to whirlpool monster after ten hours of sailing he doesn’t notice that it is right in front of him and at the last second one of the men o the ship scream to turn the boat. They just barely make it out alive, the whirlpool monster was mad that he didn’t pull the ship in so he started chasing him. After three hours of the whirlpool monster chasing the boat the whirlpool monster just gave up.

Finally they get to the island of the sirens with two hours to spare.

“Let’s start looking for her but just remember leave the bees wax in your ears or you will fall in love with the sirens forever.” After an hour of looking around the island everyone meets up again.

Once everyone gets back to their boat Christopher asks “has anyone found anything about Jessica?” No says all of the other men. “Then let’s keep looking for her so everyone put some more ears wax in.” Christopher starts running around looking for jessica.

He goes and looks in this cave and a minotaur jumps out at him Christopher starts running the complete other way. Once he gets back to the ship no one else is there so he hides from the Minotaur and waits until everyone gets back. After 20 minutes the Minotaur gives up looking for Christopher. When he comes out of the bush he was hiding in he finds his ship crew. Christopher starts thinking of other ways to find her and he takes one more look in that cave and there she is. “I am so happy to see you” says Christopher As everyone goes to leave Athena says “good job you have have complete you first of many mission. Your next mission will start now.”
NAME: Amani
TITLE: The Beginning of HUMANS

MYTH: One day the earth was dark and this god that was up in the sky was a god named Gaea, gaea was the most beautiful goddess you could ever see in the place called heavania (heaven) ,She said “why not make this beautiful like me?” so with a flick of her wrist she made the world filled with color she called a color orange and another red and blue and green and violet, etc. She made the sun and the stars with the moon. She made herself cry which was the water. Every time she breathed out was the oxygen / air. Her earrings that are shaped like flowers are the flowers.her green part of her dress was the ground and her wings were the seasons and the animals.

Gea thought she was lonely so she sewed people to make them look human like and placed them on the ground and brought them to life. The people multiplied and made the world more interesting. The people created technology, math, science, other subjects, Buildings, schools, etc. Gaea thought everyone should not live in the same place so what she did was she separated the 2 places into 9 parts and everyone lived in different places. Everyone was hungry so gear took her hair that was left in her hair and made them into different types of foods. Everyone had a feast in the name of Gaea because they have been created. In 3 days time a guy named john called some of the animals pets because they were friendly to everyone but some of them were just plain vicious monsters. The people felt a bad spirit and just as they did the spirit became visible to them, the spirit was named dark heathen . Dark heathen lived in the underworld and said whoever he saw that was dead and that was a bad person should go to him and be their slave. Geae said she would. With that she said whoever was good WILL go to me.

NAME: Zidane
TITLE: Came to be

MYTH: This is a myth on the God called Drake and and how all came to be .One day Drake was alone floating in space so decided to create a palace for himself in the skies , when he was all done he still wasn't satisfied so he created the angels to serve him and obey all of his order ,so when he created the angels they did exactly as he said. One day one of his angels questioned him “why is it that you are above of all and we only obey you”, So the God Drake was very angry with this question and was wondering why he disobeyed him and was afraid one day he will over take his empire and rule. So he went searching for a planet and found dry deserted planet, he thought that was a perfect place for a prison. So the God put him on the planet. After a while he begged and begged for forgiveness. That's when the first prayer happened. The God was pleased that he was able to pray to him and ask for forgiveness.The all mighty God decided not to remove him from the planet but to add people to accompany him.

When that was done the God put them into the planted to create, spread, and socialize but the God realized Man couldn't do that without light so that's when he created the sun, he created the sun to come out from the east and set at west. Still there was something missing that's when he thought of a liquid to be drink able and to use good for it but the God didnt know how to create this liquid so he created Aquatis to create his vision. Aquatis was able to bring a positive result but Aquatis wanted something in exchange he wanted to rule the ocean. Drake accepted and put Aquatis on earth to rule the ocean and he also created the moon for aquatis to control the tides . Later on he declared the name of the planet earth. He also realised his people were starving so he created a creature and named them animals. Everybody was happy on the planet called earth, people found seeds to grow into plants and trees but this God knew that someone will come and disobey him, one day he created six other planets from the hottest to the coldest as a prison world , so whoever disobeyed him again will stay in that prison world for eternity. The God was able to answer any prayer the humans and the angels give him. This God has been watching since the beginning of time watching empires fall and rise and still waiting for the one who will disobey him.

NAME: Adhiraaj
TITLE: Independence

MYTH: A long time ago, there was nothing but darkness. A powerful god named Eues created the foundation of Earth. He then created other gods, like Riviera, the god of colors, or Ajax, the god of the sun and moon. Eues made a castle in a planet where everyone lived called El Timaeus. Eues was a very influential and powerful god, and no one dared to object him. Suddenly, from the ground, trees and plants started to grow. Rivers started to flow. Then, Eues started to create other people. He scattered the people around the world. After that, he spawned animals in the planet so that the humans could eat and survive. After that, Eues and Riviera started to color the world. They made the leaves green, soil brown, water blue, etc. That is how the world came to be.

However, Eues hated the Pekkas as they wanted to rule the world. They were rebels, and they were against the gods. The Pekkas had troubled many people and the gods got furious and frustrated. The gods prepared their children in a likely situation of war. That was a very smart move from the gods. Soon, the Pekka army tried to invade El Timaeus. The gods and their children decided to fight back. The gods and their children battled the Pekka’s. The battle lasted for over 6 months when Luke, the son of Mapuche, the God of creation destroyed the “Apol”, which was a orb that energised the Pekka’s. However, the gods had planned to send the Pekka’s to Gucci, which was where evil monsters and people were sent. Mapuche repaired the orb and the Pekka’s were thrown in Gucci. Eues executed Luke for his sins, even though the other gods had suggested not to. Mapuche was very sad, and he created a cave and hid there. Eues was very mad and was going crazy, so he send his 2 powerful children, Gecko and Samsun to hunt him and to kill him. The humans started to riot and protest, so Eues went in his grand balcony, and summoned a strike of lightning! However, it backfired and the lightning hit his palace and it collapsed. El Timaeus was in shock and was on verge of getting destroyed. It was very chaotic, and there was too much of emotions. Suddenly, everything exploded. It was like a volcano, then everything became dark. Centuries later, a few gods created a new planet and called it Earth. That is the planet we are living in.

NAME: Haya
TITLE: The Beginning Of Life

MYTH: One day from the warmths of darkness the God of heat was created the God of heat invented the sun by creating a fireball and launching it into the sky. The rivers were made by the God of cold, who was formed by the God of heat, he felt lonely and alone and wanted a friend so he created the God of cold. The God of cold started work straight away she froze the empty river and the sun melted it into clean, clear water. The God of cold and the God of heat mated and created the God of nature who then used his hair to make the leaves and grass and his bones to make the bark and branches, that started other plants to start growing, but as the God of nature presumed, the light wasn't enough. The God of heat wanted the earth to look beautiful so then he continued launching fireballs into the sky thinking that it would make the earth more brighter but, he was launching these fireballs to rapidly so they started colliding into each other then breaking apart, to make what we now call planets. Since then the only source of life were these plants and trees, The God of heat and the God of cold joined and created another God that is still cherished to this day: The God Of Life he started life on earth. He noticed that the earth was very empty so he flew around the globe and placed a human every spare place he found, they looked like us except without any source of technology, nothing to help them live a better life.

The God of life went around the globe 7 times then to realise that these people were starving he needed something to save his humans so he created human looking creatures that his people would have to hunt for, he called them animals. He thought that if he put a limited amount of cows on earth whoever found them would share but that's not what happened a couple hours after he placed them down he heard screaming so he looked down and found his humans fighting, he didn't like seeing that sight so with honor of going around the globe 7 times he showered down 7 huge cows.
NAME: Sofia
TITLE: “Darkness” the god.

MYTH: Before anything was on earth there was a god named ‘Darkness’ He was the dark. He could not see anything because everything was black. One day he wondered what it would be like if his surroundings were bright. So Darkness created a Sun, he called her “Sunny.” Darkness and sunny, fell in love. They talked about creating elements. Before talking about plants or grass, they talked about humans, 'My love, wouldn't it be nice if I would create humans, because maybe they would be fun when we watch them from the sky playing, and fooling around”. No they would not be any fun! Darkness said, Ok if you say so. At first didn’t create any humans because Jsu didn’t like the idea. She thought believe they would be fun and able to move like Darkness said they would be, she thought grass,trees, and other things would be more fun.

So they created other elements. first one was Skylight, she was the sky. Then there was Moonie he was the moon, then Starna, Starna was only one star.One day Starna got bored and scared all alone in the dark so she asked her father to duplicate her infinity times, so she would never be alone. All the elements were part of Skylight. They took turns guarding over the earth where all their smaller elements lived. One day Jsu told Darkness, “When I watch over my children I get bored because they don’t move, I think you were right, please make the h-human you once talked about!” Darkness did as she asked and created a girl named Ember, and a boy named Noah. They both created all the humans. While their parents were watching over them and still are, they were all playing and fooling around like Darkness said they would. All the humans got informations and guidance from Sun, Darkness and the other elements to learn all the things they need to survive. They learned how to cook, sew or build shelters. After they learned everything to survive, they were ready. so they did not get anymore signs to survive because they knew most of the things, well most of that to teach their youngsters.
NAME: Abena
TITLE: The Ash-an-ti God.

MYTH: Once long ago there was darkness in the world. Then came a fruit from the sky, a man named “Ash-an-ti” emerged from it, when he stood up, he saw the world around him was dark. He lay down in darkness, cried and slept. His tears became the salty seas, the rivers and the lakes. He woke up the second day and saw the water bodies around him, then for the first time, he smiled, when he smiled, all the water bodies turned blue, also his smile made the trees and the fruits and he touched them, his touch made the fruits red and green and made all their colours. But he was still lonely, so with nothing to do, he went back to sleep. When he was sleeping, his breath transformed to the first humans. He awoke from his slumber and saw the humans, he named them Ba-ko-fo, which meant first beings.

Then the day passed he went back to bed and his happiness became the earth, the heaven, the otherworld, the sun moon and stars. But there wasn’t death so the humans felt lazy and Ash-an-ti didn’t like that, so Ash-an-ti spat out two spirits, he named them Oku-fo, which meant killing people. The Oku-fo were meant to take human lives who didn’t listen to Ash-an-ti, which they did for sometime. But the Oku-fo turned against Ash-an-ti and killed the people for disobeying themselves(Oku-fo). The Ash-an-ti found out what the Oku-fo spirits were doing and He went up to their home and said, “Oku-fo, please stop torturing the humans”, then the Oku-fo said “We shan’t stop it, we want all the power for ourselves, so unless you give us your power over the people we won’t stop torturing them”, Ash-an-ti was shocked by what they said. The Oku-fo noticed the expression Ash-an-ti made on his face after they had stopped speaking, and challenged Ash-an-ti to a duel(war), Ash-an-ti accepted the challenge. Unfortunately the duel(war) between the Ash-an-ti and the Oku-fo is still going on, and the Oku-fo still live up till today, and they take the lives of people who misbehave, and also they persuade people to steal and to do bad stuff.
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