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Write your own creation myth! The Big Myth Webmaster will read each entry, and will choose the best ones to post online. It can be written for any time period - think of the past, to present day, even an imaginary country. Of course, this is open to everyone of all ages, not just students. Your email address won't be published, but please include it so we can let you know that your myth has been uploaded.

Have fun!

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NAME: Louie.M
TITLE: St Paul

MYTH: St. Paul, which legend has it landed in Malta in the year 60A.D. It says that St. Paul and the other members of the crew of the ship were warming themselves by the fire built for them by the Maltese natives, a viper grabbed onto and bit of Paul’s hand.

The Maltese natives immediately marked Paul as an evil man, who albeit being just saved from the perils of the sea, had to meet his end with a viper’s bite. However, Paul just shook off the (usually) deadly viper and threw it into the flames, carrying on with no apparent injury. The natives, having seen this, were awe-struck, and proclaimed that Paul was a holy man.

Legend states that from that day on, all the snakes found in Malta became non-poisonous – something which is true to this day, as no venomous snakes or reptiles are found on the island. And apparently they were placed in Maltese women’s tongues! The Grotto Myth states that the stone, cavernous walls of this grotto had miraculous healing properties, and that no matter how much of it was taken and removed by the devotees visiting the grotto as a memento, it remained unchanged, as if nothing was altered.
NAME: Eliza

Once upon a time there was tree being watched over by a god named eert, eert watched over this tree for his whole life.

One day he was bored so took a stick out of his hair and created a being it wasnt any being though. It was a free spirit, one that could spread it’s wings and fly. His first try was terrible because it was only made of sticks and it was ugly. The next version had these silk wisy skin made of something expensive and silky. This being was much better, he taught the bird how to follow it’s master and alway build houses on his head where he could be protected by it.

After many days of watching the being fly from land to land he decided to make something that could walk and talk to him and keep him company, for his new human he took sticks, leafs and bark and blew life into these being once again but this time he gave these people everything he knew. Eert gave them everything they needed air, land, sun, moon and intelligence. He made about a billion of these strange creature and set them loose.

After a while they began to disrespect him and this made him angry they where beginning to make homes on his forgotten land. One of his humans chopped down his sacred tree which filled him with great sadness and began to get hotter and hotter with anger. Even though the bird was still on his side they where getting scarce because of the greedy humans eating them. About a trillion years later he blew up with all the anger that was held inside, everything he loved and created died with him.
NAME: Henry N

In the beginning there was nothing except nine ginormous eggs. Inside the eggs were dragons. They all hatched at the same time, and that is when the universe began.

The fragments of the eggs exploded everywhere and became the stars, and the nine dragons became the planets we know today. One of the dragons became the sun, and he was the ruler of the universe.

One day, he decided he wanted to create life, but there was nowhere to pu it. So, Mars volunteered to have it on his back. He was perfect for life, with lots of water and good soil. The first life Sun created was a creature like a human, but not quite. The were more primitive and violent, and fought all the time. They did so much killing that they covered the dragon in blood, and ruined his body. Mars got very mad and killed them all. Then the earth dragon said she would like to have life live on her, but they had to be nice and respect her. Sun, who had learned from his mistakes, first created small life, like bugs and plants, and worked his way up to us, humans. He told the humans that he would give them sunlight every day, and Earth would give them water and food, but only if they respected the earth.

The humans knew what happened to Mars, so they promised to never fight each other, and be respectful to their dragon. In turn, the nine dragon gods would give them all they needed for life.
NAME: Max C.

In the beginning, there was nothing except for a white dot.

That white dot started to grow and grow until it finally formed into a goddess named Mona.

Mona needed somewhere to live to she created the sky.

She knew that she needed a purpose in life so she created beings to look up to her. She sculpted them with legs so they could walk and mouths so they could talk.

However, they couldn’t stop talking. They said good things about each other but they also said bad things. Mona did not like this so she threw them high into the sky and turned them into the spirits of all bad things like violence and hatred.

The next beings she created had legs so they could walk but no mouths. But they died after one month because they were not able to eat food.These beings fell downwards and created land.

The final creatures she attempted to make were shorter. They had mouths, but they could not talk. They just made sounds. They had tails and snouts. She created them to worship her. She named these beings wolves. And each night after she made them, they looked up at her and howled.

Each howl created things. The first wolf’s howl created a partner for the moon named solis.

However whenever the sun was awake, the moon was asleep, and whenever the moon was awake, the sun was asleep.

The second howl created all of the ponds lakes oceans and seas.

The third howl made rises and dents in the earth that became valleys and mountains.

The next howls created trees with fruit for the wolves to eat.

Mona was happy with the earth that she had created and decided she would try to make humans again.

Their names were Kit and Kat. After she created them, she told them to never say anything bad about each other. They should be grateful for her and the wolves for creating them and making a place for them to live. The humans agreed.

Mona was very tired after this because she had been working all day but she wanted more humans. So, she told Kit and Kat that they must repopulate the earth and tell their kids to never say anything bad about anyone or anything.

Kit and Kat followed these directions because of how much they respected Mona. And hundreds of years later, the world was full of millions of people.

However, food was becoming harder to find because the wolves couldn't keep up with all of the hungry people. So Mona placed seeds in the fruit so when ever they were planted, a new plant was born.

The wolves continued to howl up at Mona every night adding things to earth and the people worshiped them and Mona every day listening to the howls.
NAME: Lucy Grant
AGE: 7th grade

MYTH: In the beginning, there was nothing but darkness and a flame. Slowly over time, that flame began to take over the darkness and light followed soon after. From that flame, a woman named Agnimitra was born. Agnimitra sat in the fire for what seemed like centuries before she decided to leave the sacred flame.

As the women stood, the darkness was forced high above. That darkness soon became known as the sky or night. She became lonely and decided to make a creature to keep her company. Agnimitra sliced open her hand and let the blood drip into the fire. The fire was hot making the blood boil into thin air. From the crimson stain rose a creature with wings spanning Agnimitra’s hands and horns sharp enough to penetrate. He was the color of blood and had a long tail with a prong at the end. She decided to name her first creation Lucifer.

Agnimitra was so delighted she decided to create another. The second man she created was stark white and also had wings, but no horns or a tail. She named her second creation Gabriel. Lucifer became violent towards Gabriel and attacked him. He missed and sliced one of Agnimitra’s arms open.

Agnimitra was so furious she cut her arm off and buried Lucifer below it. She stepped on the arm and blood oozed out. The arm became a solid on which her other creatures could roam on. Her blood became the red seas and the light from Gabriel sprouted foliage onto the arm. She called the place Earth and set off creating animals and plants to live with her creations. She told Gabriel his light was needed high above and sent him off to the heavens. She told her creations to never go underground for that is where Lucifer the devil lurked.

To this day Lucifer is still trapped beneath the Earth and Gabriel looks over Agnimitra’s creations.
NAME: Hudson H.
TITLE: The First Myth

Long ago, there was a vast primordial void. Eventually, the emptiness created an egg. After eons, the egg started to crack. For millennia the only sound in the universe was the cracking of the egg.

Then one day the egg finally shattered. Out came water, water and more water, and eventually, there was only one thing left in the egg shell. In the shell, there was a water lily floating in the vast ocean. The lily grew and grew and grew, until a bud appeared. As the bud unfolded, a being grew out of the bud. The being was an alligator, god of water and anything that lives in it. As the god looked around his new world, he started to realize that there needed to be more life in this vast ocean. He started to practice making life with his mind.

The first batch of creatures were monsters that would plague the world. There were beings that were half-gator, half-man, giant otters that could overturn the biggest boats, and giants made of stone. As Gator god made more creatures, he realized that there must be balance, so he made a giant turtle. He told the turtle to dive down to the depths and bring up clay. The turtle went down and down and down until she reached the bottom. As the turtle was diving, Gator thought the turtle had drowned. Then as he wept, the turtle returned with the clay. She had covered herself with it and had made land. Gator made the turtle into a goddess to look after the land and made an eagle a god to tend the sky.

Together, these three gods make up the world we know.
NAME: Maida S.

TITLE: Earth’s Beginnings

MYTH: In the beginning, there was darkness. Miles and miles and miles of empty, open fields of darkness. From this darkness there was born a being called Ombra. Ombra lived many years in the dark, never moving. But one day he got bored.

“Too much time I have been alone, too many years of only this darkness for life,” he said.

And so he brought his hands in front of him and created the first thing that came to his mind. Ombra knew what he had created, but he could not see it, for at first, there was a bright, glaring light. When the light cleared, there in front of him was a beautiful, glowing girl.

“You shall be called Luce, for you are light.”

And so the two became the first man and woman. For a while Ombra and Luce lived in the darkness, with Luce for a light, for her skin still glowed. Ombra would tell Luce stories that he made up, and she would listen with wide eyes.

Eventually Luce would fall asleep, leaving Ombra to his thoughts, for he never did sleep, no matter how many thoughts of sleep he had. So he would think up new stories to tell Luce when she would awake next. But perfect peace and harmony never lasts forever, and it is so even with immortal beings such as Ombra and Luce. The beginning of this new kind of darkness, not yet bad nor good, started when Ombra finally felt bored again. He did not want to tell any more stories, did not want to stay awake and be alone.

And so one morning instead of telling Luce a new story, he took her hand and floated a little farther away in the blackness.

“Come,” he said to her. “For it is here that you and I will create something new.”

Luce shook her head and protested:

“I like what we have!”

But Ombra shook his head and protested against her will.

“I am bored! While you go to sleep and have nice dreams, I stay awake and think of new stories, and then when you wake, I have to tell you the stories! I want someplace where we can have something other than stories and your dreams and my endless thoughts.”

Luce bowed her head in submission and did not say anything else.

“We shall create something suitable for life,” Ombra declared. And so they held out their hands and thought hard and put all of their feelings into their work. When they were done, they had created a land that stretched very far in one direction and very far into the other direction. When they were finished, Luce thought that there was not an end.

“This is suitable,” Ombra said to Luce nodding. Then he paused. “But we need more.”

Luce suppressed a sigh and followed Ombra towards one of the corners of the great plain. “Here should be mountains,” Ombra told her, and so together they made the earth rise up and go above their heads. Ombra nodded.

“This is suitable,” he said. And Luce smiled at him. But then he paused.

“But we need more.” Luce suppressed another sigh and followed him to another corner of the great plain.

“Here should be good soil for planting things like I told you about in the stories,” Ombra said to Luce.

And so together they both dug deep into the earth and made new soil, soil fit to farm.

“This is suitable.” Luce did not smile, for she knew what came next: “But we need more.”

So Luce followed Ombra off again to yet another corner of the plain.

“It seems that this will never end!” she thought to herself when they got there.

“Here should be treasures that someone will have to try to find. We will make it like a game,” Ombra said to Luce. Then the two beings spread out over the area, and scattered gold and silver and quartz and other things throughout it.

“This is suitable,” Ombra declared when they were done. Luce smiled, and thought to herself: “He has run out of plain to do things with.” But she was wrong.

“This way,” Ombra said, this time without pausing. And Luce had no choice but to follow. When they reached the fourth corner of the plain, Luce was surprised.

This time, though, Ombra did not know what he wanted right away, and again Luce thought that they were done. But Ombra tapped his chin, deep in thought, all the same.

“Here...shall be...a…”

And he did not finish his sentence. Instead, he gave Luce a secret smile and went on his own way. Luce was too mystified to follow, for Ombra had been in s bad mood all day. Luce watched as Ombra took up mud and clay from the ground and started to mold something with it. Ombra said to Luce then:

“Close your eyes.”

And she did. When Ombra told her to open them again, there in front of her was the first house, big and comfortable, with many rooms. Luce stared at it long and hard, trying to figure out what it was. Ombra was looking at her nervously.

“ you like it?” he asked her. “I call it a casa.”

Luce considered.

“Well it definitely looks comfortable. What is inside?”

So Ombra told Luce all about it and what it would become, and Luce entered the casa immediately. She explored all of the rooms, Ombra trailing after her and tidying up.

“Here shall be where we start the earth,” Ombra said to Luce that night before she went to sleep.

“The earth?” Luce asked.

“That’s what I decided to call this place,” Ombra said sheepishly, looking at the ground. Luce sighed.

NAME: Maya
TITLE: Sin of Life

MYTH: There seemed to be nothing but darkness. In the beginning, there was no world, no stars, no moon and no sun. There was only emptiness for a long time, until someone appeared. Her name was Earth-mother. She had been wandering in search of another being like her. Not long after came Father, wandering because of the same reason. They met each other and spoke.

“Are we alone in this emptiness?” asked Earth-mother.

“I believe so,” Father replied.

“Let’s make something new.” And so, Father commanded light to appear, and it did exactly that. The darkness turned into blinding white that never dimmed. Earth-mother nearly went blind because of this. “Not that much light! What did you do?” she cried. Frantically, Father condensed the light into millions of small orbs and scattered them across the darkness. There was still too much light around, so he crushed it up into a fine powder and sprinkled and smeared it across the dark. These are how the stars were created.

Earth-mother began to work on something much different than the light that Father was working with.

“What are you doing?” Father inquired.

“I am making a ball from the mud I’ve created,” Earth-mother answered in a quiet tone. “The ball will be much bigger when I’m done with it. Big enough for us to live on.”

“I see,” Father said as he began to help her.

Soon enough, the ball had grown to a massive size. There was more than enough land to live on. “Let’s add something,” Earth-mother said as she created a blue liquid and spread it across the land. “This water will eventually provide us with amazing things, but we shall wait for now.”

Earth-mother and Father built a small hut from the mud. They created mountains and ridges and peninsulas all across the land. They shaped it into what it is today.

During this time, they had three children. The first was named Amei, he was the god of plague, famine, and evil intentions. The second child was named Koraka, and she was the goddess of growth, life, and tranquility. While Koraka had a human body down to her hips, the rest of her body was like a cougar’s. The third child was named Mana. He was the god of courage and strength. These three children were tasked to finish the world that Earth-mother and Father started. Earth-mother and Father left the world they created, but promised to watch over them.

So Father became the sun and Earth-mother became the moon.

The three deities on the world started out as kind and experimental. Koraka cut some of her hair and placed it in dirt. In an instant, grass seemed to grow rapidly in all directions, soon covering the world. Amei took some of his skin and planted it in the grass. There grew an elm tree, the first tree to exist on this world. Mana created metals such as gold and copper with his bone and nails. Eventually, many more plants were created to fill up empty space like oak trees and maple trees for the forests in the world. Various evergreen trees were strung around the taiga, and plenty of smaller plants such as Juniper shrubs, yew shrubs were grown.

The three deities looked over their work, still feeling unsatisfied. Koraka crafted odd shapes from the mud and began to bring life into them by crying onto them. Amei mocked the creation.

“What is that? It looks tiny and ridiculous!” Koraka scoffed,

“I don’t really know. I think I’ll call it… muskrat.” That is how the first animal, muskrat, was created.

Afterwards, many more animals were created. Deer, fox, eagle, squirrel, duck, bear, opossum, and beaver were notable companions to muskrat. The final addition to the world was man. The first men and women were from gold, which Koraka found and carved herself. She made two men and two women and gave them life. She sent them on their way to explore the world after giving them one warning.

“Do what you want in this world we created, but be warned. Do not abuse or mistreat the other life in the world. Act against my words, and you shall receive a great punishment.” The people heeded the warning, and did not abuse the life around them for a long time.

The world was peaceful, just as Earth-mother and Father would have wanted it. However, generations passed and something began to change. The animals started to disappear rapidly. The trees began to fall down. The soil was being ruined with pointless trash.

The deities were furious. They linked it back to the people and began to plot a punishment.

“We should flood the world! Let’s watch the people struggle!” Mana suggested.

Koraka argued, “No, no! We should drain all the water instead,” Amei interrupted with a sly look on his face. He was not as powerful as his sister, but he was quite witty. He had the best ideas out of the three of them. “I’ll create a plague to ravage their population. Men can not die, but they can suffer. They’ll know it’s our wrath.” There were no objections to the idea, and soon every man and woman was suffering from illness. They begged to be rid of the agony. They apologized for going against the warning countless times, but they could not do anything in the end. Koraka was more merciful than her siblings and agreed to make a way to get rid of the illness.

“It will be called death. You may leave this world forever, and so the sickness will leave with you. However, everyone who is killed from this plague shall not go to live in the heavens with us. Your soul will be destroyed and your descendants will never know immortality again.” The people agreed, and one woman was buried with ashes from a fire.

One week later, the rotted body was dug up, and so death was released across the world. The plague eventually passed, but the world now had to deal with hunger. They now used the animals around them only when they needed to. This is the way things have been for all of time. The humans worship the creators to this day in fear of another horrible curse. Mana controls all extreme weather you see today, such as thunderstorms and cyclones. Amei has become a more mischievous god and works to inconvenience people’s lives. Koraka is fairly uninvolved in life today, spending time with Earth-mother and Father. She is still just as powerful, however and should not be underestimated. The humans are free to live as they please, but the gods always keep a watchful eye. The End
NAME: Cash
TITLE: Creation of the Night Sky God Ylruk

MYTH: In the beginning, there was nothing but big black land. There was nothing, no animals, no humans, no trees, not even any air, there was just emptiness.

One day, the God Ylruk was born. He saw the world as it was and was very disappointed with what it looked like. So, he created some trees and rocks to make the scenery look better. He wanted to create a human because it felt like the world needed something living in it, but he didn’t have a substance for its skin. So he mixed some things that he had already created, like sand and water and leaves and dirt, until he got mud. He then used one of the pine trees he made as the base for the body and he put the smooth mud as his skin.

He then brought the human to life, but the human died almost instantly after being created. He thought it was just that human, so he created another one. That one died as well. He then remembered there was no air in the world yet, so he created oxygen by breathing into the space.

Once he filled the space with his breath, he tried creating the human again. It worked! The human was born. With the man born, God Ylruk knew he had to create a woman. So he did, and they were perfect.

God Ylruk looked back at what he had made and noticed it was still dark out, very dark. But the problem was that God Ylruk didn’t have enough power yet to make the entire land full of light. So he had to gain his power by creating a light source and then taking in its power. But another problem occurred, he didn’t know what to mix to create light. So he sent the man and the woman to create fire.

“How will we make fire?” asked man.

“I’ve been seeing the rocks lately and they look pretty sturdy. Maybe we can hit those together to make fire,” said woman. So they hit the rocks together until BAM there was fire!

They showed God Ylruk and he rewarded them with names. The man's name was Timothy and the woman's name was Klarissa. The woman was glad to finally have a name and really liked it, but the man was ungrateful for his name. He thought that all the hard work they had done just for a lousy name was an unfair deal. So god punished him and man could not give birth to any living things.

Now, with the power that God Ylruk had, he made one half of the daylight outside and the other half of the day the way it already was. It was greatly balanced the way it was and if anyone was outside, they could see where they were going. After god had made humans, they of course had their children, but it felt like the children needed something to take care of. So god created the African wild dog. He created dog almost the same way he created man. He made sure that the wood was much smaller, and instead of using mud, he would use a soft sand to make the dogs skin unlike any other. The children and the first humans were really excited that they got this new creature.

“What can it do?” asked the little ones.

“Well, it can protect you from danger. It will cheer you up when you are down, but it will take a lot of responsibility to take care of it.”

The children were okay with handling the responsibility. The dog would be able to run all around the forest and climb the mountains. But Ylruk had noticed that the dog was a vicious, wild dog. He bit one of the little ones, so God Ylruk domesticated the dog. Now the little ones were safe from the dog and God Ylruk felt like he had done something to help his world.

But he felt like he needed to create other animals to go with the forest he created. So he created bear, elk, reindeer, sheep, and chicken. He also created all sorts of fish and insects. Now, whenever the humans were low on food, they could hunt these animals for their meat. God Ylruk was now pleased with the land he had created, so he went up into the heavens to rest.

Sometime later… The humans loved their new place. They reproduced into millions of people all around the land known as Earth. But one day, there was a war. One group of humans called the Leaf Tribe wanted the other group, the Pyro Tribe’s crops because in their area they did not have a lot of fruits and vegetables. But the Pyro Tribe would not lend any of their crops to them because they needed to feed their own group. So the Leaf Tribe created weapons to attack the Pyro Tribe and get all of the crops they needed to survive the winter. They struck the Pyro Tribe without any warning. There was death everywhere. Ylruk saw what was happening and cursed the Leaf Tribe who had murdered the others.

After they were cursed, the food that they had just stolen all went bad. It was spoiled and nasty and was inedible. This made the Leaf Tribe very upset that they just killed an entire group of people for nothing. So with no food, they could not live through the winter. The Leaf Tribe slowly died off starving…

Now the world was at peace again, everything was great. Jobs started appearing. Some of the groups found copper, which meant that the world was able to receive currency.

God Ylruk was pleased and paid the new world a visit. Everyone was surprised to see him, as they believed he did not exist. But they were all wrong. Ylruk loved the new world and was thrilled on how much the humans had discovered. He finally knew the world was complete. He then went to work on the other worlds, but didn’t feel like he needed another world full of humans, so he made these simple, not full of people or plants, just plain.

When he was finished, he didn’t return to Earth or any of the other planets. He went back to where he lived, and would occasionally look over Earth and see how things were being handled by the humans. If things were bad, he would punish the humans, if things were good, God Ylruk would go back to his temporary slumber. Fin
NAME: Clara
The Girl and the Storm

MYTH: Billions of years ago, spirits roamed the eternal empty universe. Their loneliness overtook their minds and drained their hearts. So they decided to use the energy around them and within themselves to create what they thought life would look like. Light arose from the darkness and a woman appeared. She was beautiful, with dark skin and long white hair. She radiated light and strength. “Where am I? Who are you? W-who… am I?” The spirits were startled. They had never heard a sound before. They had never intended for her to be able to make such ridiculous noises and yet, she could. She defied everything they had ever known and for the first time, they felt something other than loneliness. They felt curiosity.

They tried their hardest to answer, to make a sound such as she. They tried to speak to her and finally they felt and heard a sound rising from their throats. All they could muster was the word, “Rin.”

“Rin…” she repeated. “Rin. Is that me?” She looked around her surroundings, only finding emptiness. “It’s so lonely here... How long have you been stuck like this?” she asked. The spirits did not know. They had no sense of what time was, for they found it unimportant, but once again that strange feeling of curiosity overtook them. How long had they been like this? With their loneliness now escaping from their souls, they felt something new. Something deep and joyous and consequential. They felt love. Love for this strange being who had brought them such joy and curiosity. Love for Rin.

Time passed and Rin grew to love the spirits just as they did her, but the longer she was trapped in the dark and the lonely abyss, the more corrupted her soul became. She could not walk or run, she could only drift along the darkness for there was no land. She could not laugh or smile or feel joy or pain. There was nothing except for her and the spirits who could not speak or live. “What am I doing here?” she asked herself, “What’s the point of all this?”

She had never asked to be created. What was her purpose? To satisfy the needs of spirits who don’t live or breathe or speak? She was disgusted with herself for feeling such things. But the more time wore on, the lonelier she became, the more desperate she was for something to happen, the more selfish she had been. Then, an idea popped into her mind, a naive, selfish idea. If the spirits could create life from the energy around them, then perhaps she could as well! Her eyes lit up, she felt a tight pressure in her chest. Her heart began beating so hard and fast she could feel it in her veins. She felt excitement and such an intense and passionate excitement for something new that she could not think about the possible consequences. She could only think about being able to feel the ground beneath her feet, the sight of something new, being able to speak and laugh and smile with someone other than herself.

She thought as hard as she could, furrowed her brows so much it may have left a crease, concentrated so hard her head began to hurt, until finally a flicker of light emerged. Rin had not made much, only a small sphere of solid rock, but at last it was something new. She made more and more and more rocks, as big as she could make them. She put all her loneliness and excitement and despair into it until it was more than she could ever begin to need. When she finished, her eyes welled up with tears of joy. Finally, she was no longer alone! She went to the spirits, hoping for them to admire and be prideful of her actions, but all she found was disappointment and anger.

The spirits yelled out trying to speak or scold or punish her, but once more, all that came from them were sad wails and screams. Rin was shocked. She had no clue why what she did was so wrong. “Please, what did I do?!” she cried out, but all she heard was more wails and screams. But then she realized, she was never alone. She neglected what she had. She neglected the spirits, her only friends. Selfishness and darkness had taken over her soul.

She rushed back to the land she had made and tried to make it go away, but she could not. Energy could not be created or destroyed, it could only be manipulated. She saw the spirits begin to drift away from her. “WAIT! I-I’m sorry! Just- JUST DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE!” she yelled. She went after them, but was to late. They were already gone.

Water began to fall from all around her, and gray clouds formed around her figure. The water around her was her tears, the clouds were her despair and the lightning was her anger. “I'm not a girl,” she began. “I'm a storm with skin!”

The storm gathered around the land she had created. Her tears formed the waters that engulfed the rock. The lightning struck down like a spear and pulled land up to create the mountains. The storm went on for weeks, her despair never once easing, and her corrupted soul creating a land called Kiron.

At last, the storm withered away. She had cried all the tears she could cry. She looked at this land called Kiron and regret welled up in her heart. She looked around herself, but instead of finding the dark empty abyss she knew so well, she saw a giant ball of light rising up in the sky. The spirits had left and turned into the sun. They had found peace.

She rested on Kiron, knowing that the spirits were happy. Just as the spirits, she had found peace. Corruption left her soul and her body melded into the land. Her body was reincarnated as everything that lives on this planet. Her skin turned into the maples, the oaks, the dogwood and all the other trees that tower above and reach the skies. Her soul turned into the Monotropa uniflora, the ghost flower and all the flowers that rise up and bloom, only to wither away and die. Her heart turned into the moon to rule the night, just as the sun rules the day and her body turned into the humans and animals of the world. The black bears, the mule deer and the homo sapiens are all of Rin’s reincarnations.

It was beautiful, with the deep blue waters merging with the mountains that touched the clouds. Trees and flowers of all colors and sizes rising up from the ground and the people and animals who rule the land Kiron. Rin is the light, the joy and the despair of this world. The storm she created still lingers and as it rains her despair is felt, but this despair waters the plants and quenches the thirst of animals and humans. Rin, the bringer of life is our creator.
distant train
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