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NAME: Ashwin
TITLE: Way Of The Ancients - My Golden Age (Chapter 1-2: 1 BC: The History)      

MYTH: It all began with "Lord Thanatos" the god of death when he sinned against his brothers by entering the gods chamber without the king of the god's consent for that matter and deliberately stealing the blade of Olympus without considering the consequences due to an act of his betrayal, it left Mount Olympus on the bricks of madness, Zeus was devastated when he entered the chamber and discovered that the blade was gone and he could not believe that it really happened.

Zeus held a meeting with all the Olympian gods concerning that matter and Thanatos just act like he knew nothing at all and enjoyed what he had wrought upon Greece. The truth remains unsolved as the god of death kept quiet by not spilling out anything.

Hades finds it strange on why someone would just steal the weapon that ended the great war between the gods and the titans, something that made no sense at all.

Poseidon approached Ares and asked him why Athena looked so worried and the war god responded that both of them is suspecting the god of death.

Poseidon had no idea what was going in at all, he became suspicious as well cause he wondered why Thanatos would commit such a sin, something was not adding up, the first night, the blade disappears, the next day, an Olympian god acts very strange after receiving the news, Ares and Athena refusing to step down on their words and Zeus still having a hard time discovering who the real traitor behind it all is, unaware that the traitor is Thanatos "right under his nose".

The god of death laughed and embraced on what he accomplished, the laughter of succeeding in his scheming plan and getting the attention of Zeus, enjoying the suffering he had wrought. He wasn't aware of Ares and Athena's suspicions upon him but that would not have worried or bothered him at all. As the master-minder god sat on his throne in deaths domain, he said to himself "everything has gone well according to my plans" with a smile on his face and his ally the Egyptian god "Set" the god of war, desserts and storms was very impressed that Thanatos managed to pull off such a stunt and he was to find a brother in the god of death, Thanatos felt the same feeling and decided to cooperate with the god of war, desserts and storms and their main objective was "Mount Olympus" and Zeus would let that happen but Thanatos and Set had a different strategy planned out but that didn't mean "heading for Olympus directly, they first headed for the ancient city-state of Sparta, their first destination and target, a visit meaning "The Purge Of Blood" was laid out at the gates of Sparta when the gate guards were brutally slaughtered at the hands of Thanatos when he used the blade of Olympus to kill them, Set stood one side and watched how the god of death, his ally stained his hands with the blood of the innocence and he liked the way how Thanatos handled it, two clean kills but the trail of blood was left as one the guards came to check on those guarding the gate and when he saw the slaughtered bodies laying in their own blood of death, the alarm was raised and the king of Sparta "Archidamos III" did not know what was going on or why Sparta was being targeted, the king prayed to the gods for no more innocent souls to end up in the depths of Hades or the underworld.

Zeus could hear the Spartan's pleading but when he had his vision, he could not make out who the traitors were when Archidamos III prayed cause those responsible for the destruction were both dressed in black including their faces and Zeus couldn't be sure who they were but he discovered when he had his vision of what the unrecognised was holding in his hand, it was the weapon that was stolen on Olympus in the chamber of the gods, the weapon he was searching and seeking for, "The Blade Of Olympus".

Meanwhile, back in deaths domain, Set and Thanatos celebrated for leaving their mark of destruction on the grounds of Sparta, sent to the gods of Olympus as a message meaning "the pain and suffering is only the beginning of what's still headed their way. Their plans were in motion so far, but meanwhile, on the other hand, Athena and Ares already knows that it's Thanatos and his unknown ally who was responsible for the deaths of the gate guards in Sparta.

Archidamos III had a hard time figuring out why death came to Sparta, so he had only one alternative left and that was consulting with the Oracle for answers to why his noble men were consumed by death and who's behind it.

The oracle had had foretold the king that the path ahead won't be easy to overcome for the answers he seeks awaits him in the ancient city of Atlantis, the state of Poseidon the god of the seas but the he wondered why would the Atlantians pick a fight with the spartans snd once again the oracle has spoken that there should no march or declaration of waging war with the Atlantians and Archidamos III states to the oracle that he has not issued such orders yet and so the king returned back to his throne room and unexpectedly out of nowhere, the king of the gods(Zeus) appears in Sparta before Archidamos III, it was a surprise for the king to see a god of Olympus in his city steps, he was on a mission and he enlightened the spartan that Athena and Ares were already suspecting a traitor of a god to be involved in all of this mess but he didn't believe them at first, meanwhile, on Olympus, Ares could not help but wonder where Athena has gone off to cause she just took off without saying anything, on the other hand in Atlantis, deep within deaths domain, Thanatos and Set had begun to discuss their second plan of attack upon Greece but they didn't notice at first that someone had overheard every word of what their plans are until Set sensed someone's presence within the god of death's tomb and he managed to caught the intruder, it was the goddess Athena and Thanatos wasn't expecting such an surprise at all, the goddess knows that she was right the entire including the god of war and the god of death knows what's gonna happend if he let Athena walk free and so he had no choice but to kill Athena, she wanted to get away and inform her father of Thanatos's betrayal and deceit upon Greece and the anguish he had wrought up Mount Olympus and the god of death had to eliminate those who gets in the way of his accomplishments and Set helped him when he used the blade of Olympus and drove it into the heart of Athena to weaken her, staining his hands once again but with the blood of a goddess and leaving her to die but Set had a better idea of getting Zeus's attention even more and that was to dump her body on her own city steps "Athens" , Thanatos like the idea and went along with it.

Back in Sparta, as Zeus consults with Archidamos III, he could feel the energy and presence of Athena fading away slowly and the spartan could feel that something terrible has happend so he asked Zeus "what was wrong my lord" and he said "Athena, she's dying" and the king was like "what" so Zeus called forth all his godly brothers to meet up with him in Athens.

They met up as ordered by Zeus and they saw how one of their own laid in her own blood of death but they weren't aware that she was still alive but for a short time only so Zeus went closer to his daughter, getting down on his knees and he could see that she was still breathing and she said "father i'm sorry, please forgive me and he reacted "oh no my child it is you to whom i ask for forgiveness for doubting you and your brother" and the goddess was glad that her father admits that he should've listened to her at first and finally she revealed to her father who the traitor was, right under his nose,"the god of death "Thanatos" with the 'Blade Of Olympus" in his possession and Zeus did not take it well, an angry beast raged within the king of the gods when he found out that one of his brothers deceived him and he found it strange when he discovered that he was accompanied by non other then "Set" the god of war, desserts and storms from Egypt but why "Set" of all people, he truly didn't understand.

Zeus paid Osiris a visit and informed him of his brother's disloyalty towards the gods of Egypt and he could not believe what his own flesh and blood had done and was shocked to have heard about the death of Athena and that "Set' was involved in it and there for he had a meeting with his godly brothers and sisters with Zeus along side, everyone offered their condolences and sympathy to the king of the gods for his loss and they made it perfectly clear to Osiris that they no longer consider "Set" their brother and that he should not show his face in Egypt ever again, that's how the other gods felt about "Set" cause to them, a traitor is unwelcome in their myths and is not tolerated at all and that's why rejected him completely, he was no longer part of the Egyptians as he chose to side with Thanatos the traitor of Greece and the gods of Egypt was left with no other alternative and was unable to forget the terrible deed he had wrought including when he disgraced Egypt by assisting the god of death in taking an innocent life, it was unacceptable to the gods and Osiris had no more blood brother love left within him, instead he considered "Set" nothing more than an wanted enemy and that's what awaits him if he dares to try and show his face in Egypt ever again.

The gods of Olympus awaits him as well, especially the lord of the dead "Hades" to take his soul to hell and burn it including all the sins it holds. Zeus made a promise that him and his brothers will be ready and prepared for whatever "Set" will try to throw at them in the future ahead.
NAME: Nyesha Brunner
TITLE: The Creation of Earth from my original book, The Chaos Line, book 1, of the Haidense Tales (The Dreamaker’s Planet)  

MYTH: Everyone now had a dream because of The Dreamaker, but their planets were as hollow as they were beautiful. Dreamaker had a dream of its own, but required privacy to fulfill it. It approached Chaos and petitioned him,

“I can create a planet that truly embodies what it means to be Chaos that all who gaze upon it will be both inspired and infuriated. I simply require privacy for 300 million years.”

Chaos thought of Dreamaker’s request. He took it aside and blocked its view from all. Dreamaker thanked him and disappeared behind him.

It began with Chaos' bones. Pulling each one from the carcass then grinding it down. Each bone created a different color when ground from damage sustained during the big bang.

Joint fluids were then added in to the bone dust creating a puddy like substance. The flexibility of the substance ensured Dreamaker precious time to mold an empty center without collapse. He held the mass and whispered,

“You will the most resilient thing on my planet and you will challenge all life to follow. You will do the unthinkable and will give peace and comfort then take it away in swift destruction. You will move on your own accord making great mountains and deep trenches. I ask you to understand that you will never be as important to life as you really are. No living thing will think twice about your purpose. You are the soul of my planet. The first created. You will silently shape the entire planets future, when you move all life will move too.”

Dreamaker called the planet Earth and it listened and understood. It let go of its created limitations and allowed it’s self to dream. It began to move.

Next Dreamaker snuck past Chaos and the other beings. It came to Chaos' perfect sun and descended upon its surface. The sun truly was perfect. It was one solid heart. Steadily beating and releasing life giving warmth and light. Dreamaker shed the first tears at what the sun truly meant and how precious it was. It bent down and dug up a small piece of the heart. Quickly scurrying back to its project.

Placing the heart in the hollow center of his creation the dream maker whispered to the new core, “You will be the heat that keeps Earth warm and alive through death. The liquid fire that will keep all life and its evolutions in balance. You will be the mind and heart of Earth having the ability to give life second chances. I ask you to understand without your love, there will be no balance. Life will fear you but Earth will not survive sustaining all life that evolves. You will ensure balance is kept for it to go on.”

The heart listened and understood. It let go of its created limitations and allowed itself to dream. It changed and evolved into an ever moving and rotating ball of magma. Spreading throughout the crust, reaching upwards like hands grasping at the vastness. Earth felt its warmth and became one with it.

Dreamaker took out two bowls. One filled with Chaos' tears of joy which it had gathered them while Chaos slept for the only time. It whispered to the tears,

“You will be the first empathetic thing on Earth and will begin its evolution. You came out of Chaos current body as he wept with joy over his children. You will embody this joy for life begins in you as it did an Original. You will have the power to give and take life. I ask you to understand that without you life will not begin and ask you to have empathy for it.” The bowl of tears listened and understood. It let go of its created limitations and allowed itself to dream. As Dreamaker poured it over Earth it changed and evolved. First trying to stretch through the Earth like the core had done, but the more it tried the more it’s salt that made it so precious was taken away. It withdrew and cradled the earth. Lifting pieces above it to completely surround it. It was deemed ocean. Earth felt its cradle and became one with it.

The second bowl was what little fluid there was that surround Chaos' previous brain. Dreamaker spent years searching for it; since the day he first dreamed of earth, putting off creating it till found. It knelt, cradling the bowl to its chest and whispered soft and gentle to it,

“You will be the first thought and you will instill thought and questioning into life. You will be a reminder to every life that they are connected to one another. I ask you to understand without you this will be just another planet with primitive creations. You will give life the greatest power, a mind.”

The brain fluid listened and understood. It let go of its created limitations and allowed itself to dream. The Dreamaker poured it on top of the exposed earth and it changed and evolved. The Earth gasped when it touched it and suddenly formed its own thought. It spread across the dirt to every corner. It was deemed river. Earth felt it’s thought and became one with it. The Dreamaker then ripped two pieces of skin off the carcass and froze them at the far edges of the system. He whispered to them, “You will be the deadliest thing on Earth and life’s reminder. Nothing will be able to survive you, though your beauty will be worshipped. You will continuously cover and uncover Earth, persevering its evolution in the process. I ask you to understand without your gradual but quick process Earth will never evolve to its potential.”

The skin listened and understood. It let go of its created limitations and allowed itself to dream. The Dreamaker placed it top of the ocean surface and it changed and evolved into ice. Earth felt it’s coolness and became one with it.

Finally Dreamaker plucked every hair off the carcass and implanted it into the Earth. Naming it plant as it whispered, “You will be the first life and foster all that will come after. You will vary in size shape and color. I ask you to understand without the many differences I have dreamed for you are necessary for Original like life to be possible.”

The hair listened and understood. It let go of its created limitations and allowed itself to dream. It changed and evolved into flowers, trees, and grass. Earth felt its coverage and consecutiveness through roots and became one with it. The Dreamaker stood back to examine its planet. It was everything it dreamed it would be. Everything on it was with life and consciousness. It had given each part a dream of it’s own.

Before it set earth into orbit it pierced itself and let a single droplet of blood release into the depths of the ocean. When the Earth was finally set in orbit around the sun everyone gathered to see the planet that took 300 million years to create. Chaos gasped at sight of it,

“Its alive!?”

The others were bewildered at the thought of a living planet. The Dreamaker simply replied,

“I created a planet the so embodies what it means to be Chaos that all gaze upon it will be inspired and infuriated.” “You have truly inspired and infuriated me as promised.”

Chaos smiled at his child. Proud to have birthed such a great mind.

NAME: Hattie

MYTH: In the beginning, there was a quiet but growing Earth, with trees and flowers, and all plants, and water. Earth was a young Goddess in a vast expanse of loneliness and darkness, nothing belonged anywhere. Because Earth was so lonely, she created the stars, for something to watch and love in the midst of the darkness and loneliness. The stars were always optimistic, and danced for Earth and told Earth of a new and happy life ahead of them.

Then one day, one of the stars burst open revealing a beautiful creature, small and delicate. Earth was amazed, and named the creature Pegasus. But Earth was getting tired, so together they created snow, a blanket to cover Earth while she slept. But while she slept, all Earths wonderful plants seemed to die, and her marvelous waters froze over, because snow brought on a cold and quiet time.

Pegasus was afraid and thought that Earth was dead. And because Pegasus could not go on Earth, for fear of turning mortal, she created humans. She placed them on one part of Earth witch Pegasus called Vermont, to see if they could survive on Earth during this cold and lonely part of life.

When the humans succeeded, she made a season called spring, to wake Earth up from her slumber. When Earth awoke, she was filled with happiness for humans. Some humans, had adventures to different and new parts of Earth. And they found the places where they belonged, and Earth called these homes. Soon all Earth's beautiful things came back to life, and flourished in Earth's pureness.

Whenever the humans wanted new things to explore, Pegasus would spread her wings and fly around all of Earth, making new seasons, but only four so humans could get used to them. These seasons were called Winter (where snow came and brought cold to the land), spring (to wake Earth up), summer (a warm season), and autumn, where the leaves turned wonderful colors.

Every time she did this, she made sure to make Vermont the Most beautiful part of Earth, in all seasons, so humans could remember that Vermont was there first home. And that is why, great amounts of people, in all seasons, come to see the beautiful land of Vermont.


All was lonely in great Vermont, there was only sun and moon. But then a loud noise erupted, this was great drops of maple syrup wich dropped all over the empty land. Over many years the syrup dried and formed the great mt.mansfield, the god of Vermont.

Mt.mansfield was very lonely on this vast land so he made a goddess named Tem. Tem immediately fell in love with Mt. Mansfield and they had many children. The children grow very bored with the vast empty land and told their parents they wanted to play. so Mt. Mansfield cerated maple leaves wich the children would climb upon and get blow away. The children loved this for many days but soon got bored and ask there father to make another great toy to play with. He eventually made snow wich the children would play with but soon got cold from it so there father said “I will make seasons, in the winter there will be snow in the summer there will be slides of maple syrup in the spring there will be mudslides and in the fall there will be maple leaves to ride upon.” their father also decided there should be other beings to enjoy these seasons with so he made humans by gathering maple syrup in the summer and sculpting it and then freezing it in the winter. He did this and made thousands of humans who had more and more children who also enjoyed playing in the different seasons. But the adults complain that there was nothing fo the to do and Mt. Mansfield agreed with them and made trees for them to climb on and islands for them to party on and different continents for them to live on.

but there was a terrible fate, on day in the fall when the children were playing on the maple leaves one of them flew into there father and he crashed onto the ground and died his head formed Mt.mansfield the biggest mountain in Vermont, his fingers and toes formed smaller mountains and his body's imprint formed all the valleys and hills we know today. Tem was devastated when Mt. Mansfield died and she wept for many years, her tiers formed many rivers, lakes, and oceans around vast Vermont. They also gave life to dying plants and trees and they formed a new plant grass that covered the whole of Vermont. To this day she still cries and her tears drench the earth Vermont which we call rain. The children are now the rulers of Vermont and the people warship them and warship there deceased father, the great Mt. Mansfield.

NAME: Kaya

MYTH: There was a big empty world, and there was one powerful god in a big world. The god's name was Moo. He had lived for a long time, he had died when he was 784 years old. When he died there were mountains from his back, caves from his nose, trees from his fingers and toes, water ponds rain from his tears and rainbows from his eyes, and much more.

When Moo died people were made. They had to learn to make their own house and hunt for food. They had to learn to hunt they sent 4 people to hunt every day some came back and didn’t. One day summer, winter, fall, and spring all went out and they came back with venison, so they named the 4 seasons winter, summer, fall, and spring. They were worshiped summer, winter, fall, and spring.

When white flakes hit the ground everyone was unsure what it was, so the 4 gods had to find out. They said whoever finds out what it was then they would get to name the white flakes. This girl snow wanted to name the white flakes, so when she thought she found out what it was she told the 4 gods she thinks she knows what it is, she had said it is white flakes that when it gets warm it melts into water and you can drink it and it is not dangerous it is saved and hamlets. Snow got to name the white flakes, so snow named it snow.

The village all had fun in the snow playing in the snow all the time! A boy named ski soy 2 flat sticks and started going down a hill and he showed all his friends so they named it skiing they added ing and it became a very popular sport and the whole village loved it. Then came spring, the snow started to melt then came ponds people swam in the ponds all the time when some of the villagers did not know how to swim they had longed to hold on to.

The villagers started to get in the flow of the seasons. And from this day on they had worshiped their gods.

NAME: Thatcher

MYTH: In the beginning, there was nothing and then an all-powerful god was formed, his name was Champlain. Champlain was lonely and he was hungry so he sat by a tree. He was so hungry that he punched the tree, out of the tree came golden liquid that he quickly gulped down. He called the liquid maple syrup and it was so good that he punched the tree again and kept drinking.

For thousands of years, he lived on just the maple syrup and he started to get lonely so he ripped off some bark from the tree and carved a human with the bark. Then he poured maple syrup on the carving to give it life, in less than a minute the human was jumping up and down and running around.

Champlain was so happy so he kept carving humans for 100 years, after that he carved out mountains and valleys for the humans. after five hundred years, Champlain started getting really old so he made another god named champ to share his power. But champ wanted all the power so he killed his father and put a hole threw all the humans so they would feel pain and they would all die eventually. when Champlain died his body formed lake Champlain, and champ formed the sky but champ sent an evil monster to live in Lake Champlain and never be seen by any of the humans! The people lived on and worshiped Champlain and they all had happy lives.

NAME: Chase

MYTH: It all started with a new world in the middle of the new world there is a mountain called mount Mansfield. The winds were gusting on the mountain, the snow piled up and created, Powder the moose god. Powder soon became a real moose. He was running around and accidentally knocked a boulder down the mountain Powder did not think much about it. When the bolder hit the bottom of the mountain it dug up the ground and emerged a seed. later the seed grew into a maple tree. Sap from the tree dripped and dripped and dripped, the sap collected on the ground and formed Maple the god of black bears.

Maple and Powder had many differences, black, and weight, evil and peaceful. While Maple was evil and Powder was peaceful they had many disagreements one of them was who should be the ruler of the new world. So they battled it out both sides thrashed and scratched, after days of fighting both of the gods die of wounds their body formed the land, the hair the trees, bones formed the mountains and the blood the rivers. Powder and Maple became Yin and Yan they circled around the new land day and night. What they did not know that the sap from the trees was making animals, birds, snakes, fish and many more. One hundred years later the first humans started being formed. Those humans learned how to build houses, gather, hunt and worship. They worshiped Maple and Powder for creating the land and restoring the peace.

While the humans were hunting they stumbled upon a bear and a moose, the bear and the moose were not moving when the people got closer they released the bear and moose were made of sap and they have hardened, they were like statues. And every night the people would go to the statues and pray about good wealth. And every night the people parade, the two statue started to become real animals again. Finally, after praying for ten years the statue became animals agen. Before the people could say anything the bear and moose said that to get the strength you will need you will have to go to mountain called mount Mansfield, at the will be a patch of trees only one of the trees is a maple tree you and you village must drink the sap on the tree are the village will get stronger. So the villages climbed up the mountain when they reached the top of the mountain there was an of trees, but the trees they needed was the only maple tree around.

Finally, after searching for hours the village family found the maple tree and took bucket after bucket of sap. They brought the sap back to the range and turned it into maple syrup and put it on bread and eat it.

NAME: Malise

MYTH: In the beginning, Vermont was empty with only darkness. There was no life on earth until Champ. Champ was the very first mythical life on earth. When Champ came out of his shell from over a year's sleep, the world was filled with a swirling chaos. The first word Champ spoke became Lake Champlain and all the land around it. The second word he spoke created Mt. Mansfield and the ski slopes. Champ was so happy that he was alive but he was also sad that he was alone. He began splashing water up and down which created the gods named Yumink and Wasomie.

Yumink and Wasomie had a kid named Liamon who made all the monuments that we know today. He was crowned king of the land for his good deeds and an eternity of cheddar cheese locally made at the Cabot Cheese Factory. When Liamon was crowned king all the gods had dinner with apple cider and lots of cheese and crackers. When some of the apple cider accidentally spilled it created thousands of tiny human beings.

After the humans were made the gods Yumink, Wasomie, and Liamon died and made the big maple trees and leaves that we have today. The maple trees are all around us in Vermont so we can remember what Liamon and the other gods did to help our country and make it more of an enjoyable experience. If we all did something good to our world like Liamon we would all get a reward back and make our world look beautiful. To this day Champ still lives in the waters of Lake Champlain and watches over us every second he can.

After the humans were made the gods Yumink, Wasomie, and Liamon died and made the big maple trees and leaves that we have today. The maple trees are all around us in Vermont so we can remember what Liamon and the other gods did to help our country and make it more of an enjoyable experience. If we all did something good to our world like Liamon we would all get a reward back and make our world look beautiful. To this day Champ still lives in the waters of Lake Champlain and watches over us every second he can.

NAME: Sofija

MYTH: The world started out as a dark blank world with no one in it. Then suddenly the snow came and created a god named winter then the sun came out and created a goddess named summer. They were best friends summer had very bright blond hair with gold jewelry winter had short wight hair with snowflakes stuck to his body. Which made him very cold. but summer would get very hot all the time but because they are best friends they cool each other down and worm each other up. when they needed it.

One day they got in a fight and winter wanted to kill summer and summer had to defend herself to try to live. After their big fight winter managed to kill summer and when summer dyed her body created lake Champlain. It was very deep and blue and one time winter wanted to see what the lake would be like so he put his hand in the lake but no one has ever gone in lake Champlain so he was the first one and before he knows it he sunk right to the bottom of the lake and he tried to swim back to the surface. The water kept poling him down and he dyed down there and his dead body made mount Mansfield.

Mount Mansfield had flowers and colorful leaves all over it and when those pieces of nature connected they created humans that looked like twigs. They were very smart and they could talk and listen to their leader whenever their leaders wanted them to listen but they were not the strongest things in the world. Mount Mansfield and lake Champlain thought they were good enough for them. That is how the god and the goddess created the world with pretty flowers and a lake, mountain, and very beautiful colorful leaves.

NAME: Sydney
LOCATION: Vermont, USA        

MYTH: In the beginning, it was only rocky land and darkness. Nothing but the green mountains and the evil but ancient loch ness monster Mortem roamed the empty earth. One day when Mortem was not present a burst of light broke out and the God Sarmey and the Goddess Veccem were born. Both of them were extremely powerful but neither of them could defeat Mortem, he was too strong. The Gods couldn’t kill Mortem but they could create life. Veccem created the rivers, lakes, spring, and summer, and Sarmey created the forests, valleys, fall, and winter. The land was now full of life and beauty they still felt like something was missing.

Veccem had the idea to make meat-eaters and Sarmey thought there could be vegetable eaters. Both sculpted cows, deer, moose, groundhogs, and even skunks. They named them animals and they came in all shapes and sizes. However, that still wasn’t enough. There needed to be something that can build and farm. But Veccem and Sarmey knew that Mortem would destroy them all. The animals had adapted to their environment and now knew to hide from Mortem. The animals could adapt but they didn’t know if humans could.

Veccem and Sarmey decided that they had enough of Mortem and his destruction. The Gods create an army of humans by dripping sap into each lake and having hundreds and humans swim out and breath the fresh Vermont air. The gods lined the humans up in rows and ordered them to attack Mortem whenever he was in sight. Mortem was smart and he could see what was going on. The loch ness monster sat in front of the army and waited. The humans didn’t attack, they only sat there staring at each other.

Then it happened the land started to shake and Mortem started to lay down. He looked tired and beat then out of nowhere he burst into ashes. A cloud of ash covered the whole sky. Suddenly the ash began to fall and it turned into leaves. Beautiful and color full leaves covering the whole sky. Sadly at the same time, Veccem and Sarmey became no more. But they are still watching Vermont from above today.

NAME: Caku 

MYTH: Once there was a land where the sun never shined and the temperature never got above freezing. Everyday it snowed many feet. This world was far too cold and snowy to have any life on it. One day there was a snow storm so big that it blanked the whole world in 100 feet of snow. Out of this storm, two gods were formed from the snow. From the skies came the gods Mansfield and Spruce.

After a few days of living in the snowy world, the gods Mansfield and Spruce decide they need to create life. The first thing they do is melt all the snow. As the snow melts, all the dirt underneath quickly turns to mud. The gods see this as an opportunity to form life. With the mud they start to mold their first humans and animals. These humans and animals all need water to keep them alive, however. Luckily, all the melted snow turned into water which forms the lakes and rivers. The humans and animals all run towards the lakes and begin to drink the water.

Next, the gods Mansfield and Spruce want to create mountains for the animals to live on. They used the extra mud to build tall mounds of dirt. Since these mountains that they were making from the mud were so big, it took the eternal gods thousands of years to build each mountain. Once the mountains were built, Mansfield and Spruce realized that mud wasn’t hard enough for humans and animals to walk up them. Because of this, they knew that they had to heat up the mud in order to turn it into solid rock. This is when Mansfield and Spruce created summer. The hot new season quickly turned the soft mud into a hard rock. Unfortunately the mountains got too hot. The gods had to find a way to cool the rock down. This is when they created the season of fall. As the temperature dropped in fall, the hillsides became populated by life.

After all of the hard work that Mansfield and Spruce put into creating the world, they got very tired and had to lie down. The two gods laid down right next to each other and went to sleep. Mansfield and Spruce are now forever in Stowe where they are two of the biggest mountains around.

NAME: Gillian

MYTH: One day, a long, long time ago, there were two Gods named Mansfield, and Sap. Mansfield and Sap fell in love at first sight. They both were so different and that was how they fell in love. Sap can be sour, and mean from time to time, and Mansfield can be nice, and thoughtful. They had two kids named Sun, and Snow. Sun was the oldest, and Snow was six months younger.

Recently Sap and Mansfield have been fighting more and more. One time they got into a fight so bad that Sap stabbed Mansfield in the heart to die. His body turned into a big mountain called Mt. Mansfield. His hair turned into trees, one eye is the moon, the other the sun, and his freckles were the stars.

Sap realized that she had made the biggest mistake ever. All of her tears flooded into a gigantic lake. She was so sad that she decided to burn herself. Instead of dying, she turned into Maple Syrup. She turned into fiery shades of red, yellow, and orange. She turned into a new and sweeter person. She thought that since she has made such a big mistake, she would never be mean again. That's why maple syrup is so sweet.

She started looking after Sun and Snow more. Snow's first words were Lake Champlain, and Sun’s first word was Vermont. Sap wanted to remember their first words forever so she named her lake of tears Lake Champlain, and the land that they live on Vermont.

Maple Syrup grew old over the days and passed away. Sun and Snow decided that they would make trees named after her. They were called maple trees that produced sap. They were happy with the world that they live in, but it was very lonely. They decided that they wanted to populate the area by making people out of maple trees, but the people were cold-hearted and always mad. They decided that since they're terrible people they should be burned. Once every single person was burned, they turned into nice people. Vermont was now populated. The people in Vermont kept on dying because they had no food. Sun and Snow decided to make them food and animals. Sun wanted the animals to be black, but Snow wanted them to be white. They argued and argued until they came up with a compromise of half black and half white. They called them cows.

They had finally come up with a world that they were happy with. They realized that every world only had one ruler. “Well, I’m the oldest!” Sun would say. “But I’m the boy!” Snow would say. They finally decided that for six months Sun would rule, and for the next six months, Snow would rule. Together they ruled Vermont and made it what you see today.

NAME: Rowan

MYTH: In the beginning, there was nothing but trees. From time to time there were big wind storms. The wind storms never did anything to the trees. After thousands of years, a single leaf fell from a tree. Then other leaves fell off following the first. During the next wind storm, all the leaves spun around in a circle. All those leaves created the first living creature. He was all confused about what was going on. He started to realize he could talk. His first word was champ. The god thought to himself “I like this word”. After hundreds of years, he was tired of the wind storms and created a shelter for himself. That single shelter started the making of Montpelier. He was happy with himself but then realized he was starting to get lonely. The god wanted someone to talk to. He knew he was created by the leaves of all the trees. He walked around pulling leaves off of trees and placing them on the ground. It took a couple hundred years but finally, he was done and there was the next wind storm. The god was so excited he kept on saying champ over and over and over again. Out of nowhere appeared a goddess. Almost immediately they fell in love. The god was still saying champ and the goddess thought that was his name. The goddess liked saying fish. Therefore champ thought the goddess’s name was Fish. Now there were two living things in Vermont, Champ, and Fish.

They started the long journey back home. Champ could not stop talking to Fish. He just had to tell her everything. He told Fish the story of the world, how it began, how he built his shelter, what he calls the shelter. Eventually, they returned to Montpelier and Champ remembered there was only one bed. It was night by the time they got back so it was hard to see. Champ was used to the darkness and went to get some wood to make a bed. In no time they were both asleep. In the morning Champ got up to do his daily chores. After he collected all the wood he needed he went back to his house. When Champ got close to the house he heard a strange noise. When he got closer he realized someone or something needed help. He went inside alarmed and saw Fish struggling to breathe. He ran as fast as he could and broke a wall. He had no time to be angry at himself and he rushed to Fish. He didn’t know what to do. Champ wanted to get some water for her but it would take too long to get it. He quickly made a lake going through the entire state of Vermont. He went to get some water from the lake to splash on Fish. When the water landed on her she could breathe a little easier, but then she couldn’t breathe again. Champ picked Fish up, and threw her in the lake. Champ went in right after her to make sure she was all right. Champ realized it was so much easier to breathe in the water than on land. Fish could finally breathe and she was better than ever. Right away they went into a hug and never stopped. Out of nowhere to kids appeared. They were named Mansfield and Nature. Mansfield and Nature quickly realized they could not breathe underwater. To get out of the embrace, they had to choose one to kill and they chose Fish. Mansfield sliced Fish into thousands of different parts. All those parts started to move. We now remember those parts by calling them fish. Fish now swim around in the lake always to be remembered. Champ’s heart was broken and swore he would never leave the lake. The two kids were able to escape Champ without him seeing.

After thousands of years, they were tired of talking to each other and they wanted to talk to someone else for once. Out of some leaves, they created humans. They loved them with all their hearts, but the humans didn’t love them. Mansfield and Nature started to not like the humans. Again Nature didn’t have the guts to kill them so Mansfield did. They now tried to make humans again but this time out of the remains of Montpelier. This time the humans loved the gods and the gods loved the humans. Nature told the humans to reproduce so they did. In no time Vermont was filled with humans which created more work for the gods. Mansfield and Nature grew tired. They looked around and saw the old shack their father had built. They also noticed the humans were making a small town around it. They looked around some more and noticed all these small little towns all over the place. Mansfield and Nature started to say their goodbyes. They each had one request. Nature’s request was to make sure they always call this beautiful place Vermont. Mansfield’s request was to name the town he would rest in, Stowe. They had one last request, both of them wanted to call the lake their father was in, Lake Champlain in memory of their father. Mansfield and Nature said their last goodbyes and went to their resting place. Mansfield went to Stowe, his head became Mt. Mansfield and his body became Spruce. Way up there was cold which humans said was winter. Nature became a cloud and when rain fell from her it made all the flowers and all the other beautiful things in Vermont. Whenever she rained she called it hot but humans said it was summer. Whenever there is rain falling from the sky Nature is helping us see all the colors Vermont has to show. Whenever there is snow it is Mansfield showing use the white wonder also known as snow. This entire family made Vermont the way it is now.

NAME: Lydia

MYTH: Long long ago it was only an egg. Inside the egg, it was sticky and smelly and a little crazy. Also in the egg was Vermious. Vermious was tired of the awful conditions of the egg so one day he decided to break free. He pushed and in no time at all the egg was broken and he was free. Vermious was sore and tired after all the strength he used getting free, so he ate the egg and that gave him energy. He looked around and realized he was nowhere, Vermious was determined to make that place a somewhere. He started working.

Vermious made trees, grass, flowers. He had made a beautiful world. Vermious was always thinking of making something to live in the world, but he had never made a good plan. One day he grew impatient of waiting for a good plan, so he made a weird funky human-ish thing. He named it champlina. She was beautiful. Champlina was less powerful than Vermious, but still quite powerful, and was immortal too. They worked together for many years in peace and harmony developing their version of a “human” as they called it. Slowly they fell in love. They still worked on the world making it as perfect as possible, but vermious grew tired and one day he just fell. The energy from the egg had run out. He hit the ground so hard he cracked the earth. Vermious’s fall formed all the canyons, ditches and indents in the earth. His body laying on the ground had formed all the mountains, the tippy top of his nose had formed what we now call Mt. Mansfield. His eyes formed the sun and moon, his hair created the trees. The world had never been this lovely.

Champlina was so sad and lonely after Vermious had died. Most of all she was so mad because of what had happened. She created a monster because of her rage, he was named McDonald. McDonald was made way to powerful and therefore was very dangerous. Champlina fled to the sky to hide from him. Then she made something to protect her, she created two other deities and named them Ben and Jerry. They banished McDonald so he could not hurt anyone. With Champlina in the sky, and with her terrible moods, Ben and Jerry had to make and bring her ice cream so she was happy. Some Days they would be late on delivery so she would cry creating rain, or some days it was worse. Sometimes she made tornados or hurricanes. Around the time that Vermious died Champlina acted the worst, To this day people call it hurricane season.

Champlina had never forgotten about her plan to fill the world, she had had practice creating ben, jerry, and McDonald so now she knew what to do and not to do. She flew down to the earth to got to work. When she was down there she saw her inspiration, it was a maple tree. She took some of the leaves and with little work she had created humans. With greed, she decided she wanted to be the most powerful thing ever. She added death and other features to these people. She filled the earth with animals and food so humans could eat. She also used the rest of the tree to form maple syrup so the people could have a treat once and awhile. Champlina realized she needed humans to be replenished if the were going to die eventually. That is why Champlina created seasons, she named them summer, winter, spring, and fall. In fall the leaves would fall off the tree and instantly form more humans. To this day people come from far and wide to experience this beauty. Champlina was so proud of her work, she loved these little people. Champlina went back up into the sky with a smile on her face, “Vermious would be so proud,” She thought.

NAME: Lily

MYTH: Myth There was one person who never made it out of the corn maze and he was never seen again, This Myth is going to be about Vermont. The Myth goes that 2 brother ben and jerry went in this corn maze even though they were warned not to enter, but they were told if they made it there would be a perfect world. The 2 brothers got ready for there journey they packed Maple syrup with waffles they made and ice cream and warm clothes and skies to ski down the icy snowy cold mountain… While they are at the mountains its starts to rain and thunderstorm the brothers ben and jerry start skiing down, they safely made it but then they go to a field full of cows little did they know that the cows were so hungry that they started to chase ben and jerry. Ben and jerry ran for there life while the cows were still chasing them then the cows finally stop chasing them because they found a good patch of grass to eat. Ben and jerry ended up at the maze of torture.

Remember this is no fun and games Corn maze here it’s a scary deadly maze, they now walk into the maze of torture as soon as they walked in they thought they saw somebody! They go to follow him its leads them to a dead-end. “ that was weird” Said ben “ I agree” Jerry says. As they walk back from the dead-end they see an obstacle course not any obstacle course its a corse with axes going by but they weren’t tiny they were HUGE. They were swinging from side to side Jerry goes first and he makes it but is ben? Ben gets so scared he slides the bag under the swaying Axes. “Ben come you got this,” Says jerry very seriously. Ben makes it past the first one because there are little gaps between them. Then ben runs!?! Ben makes it then there is a little open area they get hungry so they open their bag and get some ice cream they open the ice cream lid and the ice cream is all spoiled! They throw it out and ben says “ We don’t have time to eat the waffles and syrup lets go!” “OK fine” Jerry says. As they start walking there is a left or right direction decision they have to make, Jerry says “Let’s choose left “ Ok we have no time to wait we need to hurry!” Says Ben.

So they decided to turn left Little did they know left wasn’t a very good decision. All of a sudden they hear a big crash they both ask “ What was that” all of a sudden another obstacle comes but it was even worse than the other one This obstacle had a bunch of spikes at the bottom this obstacle also has hot lava flying through from every corner and then there is a tiny little rope they need to cross. Ben Says “ Ill go first” Ben charges through like the wind but he gets burnt by a little bit of lava. Next jerry goes Jerry is the scared one this time. Jerry Walkes through slowly, the rope starts to wiggle and move a lot. Then jerry runs her it, he almost fell but he didn’t he stayed strong and managed to get through it. Then They see something it says End! They run out as if something were chasing them but something was… The thing that was chasing them was a bad person. They look back and see the person. Then they run and see a portal that says “ The Perfect World” They both jump in but only the nice and caring people could go in, both of them make it in! Then they see a sign “it’s a … Vermont sign” Ben says! “ Ya” says jerry. I guess the only nice and caring people get to come in here! They then lived a happy life! Then the 2 brothers ben and jerry started to make ice cream they then made a business names Ben And Jerry’s! They earned a lot of money in their life. Not all Myths end with a happy ending but this one does! So now you know when you come to Vermont it's hard but it’s worth it!

NAME: Ruby
TITLE: The Great Vermont Creation Myth

MYTH: It had all started when a couple Italia and lydius wandered through place trying to find a home for themselves because they had been banned from their home up in the sky, but what they did not realize was that Italia was pregnant and desperately needed to find a place for her to give birth soon they had stumbled upon the lost land of Vermont this land had been ravaged by demons eating every last thing in sight destroying the once beautiful land.

At that very moment, Italia and lydius realized what their new purpose was, to transform this place into what it once was. for a month the couple did nothing but plan an expert plan to which they would break into the central cave and kill the demons in their sleep. This plan succeeded, but even after this their fellow gods would not grant them access to there home in the sky, so they transformed the land into a vast beautiful world when this was all over Italia gave birth to a boy and a girl Mansfield and Winter.

Finally, after all of that Italia and lydius pleaded out to the gods asking yet rejoin their home in the sky, ferrous lyduis's brother responded sharply stating that they could only return if they left their children behind, this idea shocked the couple to the very core. They had no choice but to refuse, ferrous got mad, not used to this kind of rejection he cast down a spell to lydius proclaiming that his body would meltdown to a liquid substance we call water and fill all of the great basins of Vermont, as for Italia he cast a spell of her blood seeping out of her body and being forced down to the ground were it would fool mother nature and bring trees and animals to the land.

Twenty years later Mansfield and winter decided to get revenge on the gods for what they had done to their parents, the war lasted for fifty years. In the end, Mansfield and winter won and all the gods were turned into mortal beings to live a life of suffering and pain, but generation after generation the human race grew smarter and smarter, as for winter she flew up into the sky and created all four seasons fall, spring, winter, and summer, and Mansfield became apart of Vermont's land creating all of its mountains and hills, the most famous one Mt Mansfield itself.

NAME: Grayson

MYTH: Once a long long time ago in Vermont, there was nothing, no light, no snow, and no humans the only thing on earth was a big cloud that contained everything. Since there was everything in that cloud there was so much chaos More than you could ever imagine. After a long time, that cloud ripped in half and two gods came out Mansfield and Maple before they knew it they were plummeting to the dark flat ground. Mansfield hit the ground with a big “BANG!” He hit the ground so hard that it made a little hill. Then Maple came down as light as a feather when she hit the ground some little seed fell off her hair and landed on the ground.

Mansfield saw that little hill and the little seeds on top of it, he knew that the little hill was what he made and he wanted to make the hill bigger so he took his hands and started to pull up the hill. Maple saw him doing this and did not want the mountain to be boring so she pulled the little seeds into big trees. Mansfield thought the trees were very pretty and named them maple trees after Maple herself, Maple admired that and she named the mountain Mount Mansfield after Mansfield because the mountain looked like him. So Maple and Mansfield learned that they could work together to make the mountains and trees.

The earth was now populated with trees and mountains Mansfield was happy with this but Maple wanted more, she wanted lakes, rivers, different seasons, and most of all light. At first, Maple could not convince Mansfield to do this but he loved her so very much that he said yes. They were making lakes and rivers by digging holes in the earth and squeezing the water out of the two big clouds still full of chaos. While they were doing this Mansfield was still in love with Maple and Maple learned that she loved him too, as soon as Maple and Mansfield were done with the rivers and lakes and Mansfield knew that Maple loved him he told her to go back to the cloud and she must not return to Vermont until he said so. So, Maple obeyed him and left with a heavy heart, crying tears of sticky stuff. Mansfield had always seen that she is the only one who cries like this and he looked at her and smiled and called those tears Maple Syrup.

Mansfield wasn't kicking Maple off the Earth he had a surprise for her! He was going to make light the thing Maple wanted most. Mansfield worked very hard to make light he took his powers and mixed them with some of Maple’s powers she left behind from crying maple syrup. It became a very bright hot ball. He threw it in the air and he wished it would become light and it did. After many many years that little ball became bigger and bigger and brighter and brighter until it was so bright, you could see everything around the whole Earth. Mansfield was very proud and he yelled throughout all of the heavens calling Maple’s name. When Maple didn't answer Mansfield cried out drops of snow for days he cried so much that Mount Mansfield was covered in snow. One day she answered saying “What do you want Mansfield?” Mansfield replied with “Come down to earth and you will see.” So, Maple came down and saw the light she looked at Mansfield and then back at the light. Then she asked, “Did you do this?” Mansfield nodded. Maple was shocked and happy. Mansfield asked if she would marry him and she said yes.

Mansfield and Maple had four kids that were Gods as well, there was Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall. Mansfield loved his life but he was growing old and tired so he went to sleep and never woke up. Maple and her children were devastated they yelled at the top of their lungs, so loud that the big cloud that started this Earth shook and everything in it came out. Now there was no more chaos and now there were animals roaming the Earth. Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring we're all fighting about which season would come first because Mansfield used to pick. Maple tried to control them but they were just too powerful. So she ran away to Mount Mansfield and sat there as she started to cry maple syrup. She was so lonely without Mansfield. So she took some snow and some maple syrup mixed it together next she shaped it into a tiny human and blew it a kiss. It became a real-life human Maple loved these humans she kept on making more and more until she was too tired to make any more and just like Mansfield she fell asleep and never woke up.

When Maples kids found out how they have been acting and what happened to their mother they cried but in all different ways. Summer was the first one to cry, and she cried hot drops of water. Fall was the second one to cry, he cried cold misty drops of water. Winter was the third one to cry, she cried freezing drops of frozen water. Last but not least Spring was the last one to cry and he cried warmer drops of water. The four seasons did not want to fight anymore so they chose this order for the seasons to happen in. Overtime the seasons got over the death of their father and mother. They made more humans, more animals, more lakes, more Rivers, and they made Darkness as well so than the humans could sleep. The last thing they made was homes for humans.

To this day humans, worship Mansfield and Maple by using Mount Mansfield every day for sports and making homemade maple syrup for people to eat.

That's the story of how Vermont came to be what it is today.

NAME: Matthew

MYTH: At first, there was nothing, just darkness. It was not cold it was not hot, there was no temperature whatsoever. After one hundred million years a thick cloud floated by. Out of that cloud, the great god Mapla appeared. He became the god of heat.

Malpa was alone floating in darkness, he needed a place he could go to rest, a place he could call home. He took his hands and slammed them together, the force was so powerful the darkness around him compressed and made a solid. He decided he would call his creation earth. Now he had something he could stand on and rest on but he could not see. He decided that he needed light. He slammed the darkness again, but this time a bit harder. It created a giant ball, he blew on it and it burst into flames. He called it, the sun. He lived there roaming around on earth for one thousand years.

Finally, Malpa thought enough was enough. He was not going to sit around by himself. He ripped chunks of dirt from the ground and put them together, he then created his wife, Snow. She became the goddess of the cold. Malpa and Snow came up with names they would call each other since they were soul mates. Summer and Winter. Mapla and Snow lived together for a while and decided they wanted children.

They had millions at once. Snow named them Twinthe. They did not turn out the greatest though. They were covered in hair from head to toe. Mapla did not like what his children looked like. He got mad and wanted them gone, he told them to leave earth or they would face the consequences. They asked him where they would go but that just made Mapla even angrier. He cut off their fingers with Snow’s sharpest piece of ice as a warning to stay away. Their fingers planted themselves into the earth and grew roots, then the blood inside them started to flow again. The blood was not normal though. It was a sweet sap, that Malpa called Maple syrup. Malpa saw what he had created, he named them Maple Trees. The hairs then became leaves. As for the fingerless Twinthe, they disappeared after they went looking for someone who could stop the great Mapla.

After a few years, Snow and Mapla were ready to try again with more children. This time they had a son named Fall and a daughter named Spring. These two turned out a lot better than the Twinthe. As they grew up they got stronger. Soon the two wanted to take their parent’s places and have great power. Mapla said no, but Snow said yes. Spring and Fall did not like what they heard from their father but loved what they heard from their mother.

They argued for months and finally, they agreed to this. First Snow gets to cast winter over the land, Then Spring can slowly melt Snows ice and make wonderful sights, Mapla can heat the world up with summer, and Fall can make all life prepared for Snow to bring the cold. This worked for a while but there was nothing to rule over, they needed more life. Things changed when it was Falls turn to rule. The leaves from the Maple Trees broke off and fell to the ground creating the first humans. As the humans grew so did the Trees. They started to spread like crazy and sometimes only the hairs grew creating a bush. Soon there were millions all over the place, the humans loved it. They built houses out of the trees and learned how to make fire with it.

Mapla looked down at his creations and saw potential, beings who will survive, for the first time in ages Malpa smiled.

NAME: Olivia

MYTH: It all started when a big mound of ice appeared out of the darkness and a fire started up next to the ice. Over many thousands of years, the ice mound melted revealing the god Mt. Mansfield and the goddess Vermont. They had four children, Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter. The family lived on a grassy field and one day in the morning the god Mt. Mansfield and the goddess Vermont did not wake up from their sleep. Mt. Mansfield? body became a huge mountain that we still call Mt. Mansfield today. And Vermont became the name of this beautiful state.

Once their parents were gone the siblings started fighting over when their season should take place and what should fall from the sky, and when. They argued for days and finally, they agreed that they should split the year into fourths so each god could have a chance to do their own thing. But in the season of winter, he wanted to have something more. Mixing water and mist he created something he calls snow. But when the snow fell down to earth it fell so hard that when it landed on the mountains the snow made indents on the mountain. When the blizzard of snow stopped Winter climbed up to the top of the mountain to admire his work. When he got to the top he slipped and started to slide down the mountain, he grabbed onto two small trees and because of his weight the trees broke and he somehow ended up balancing on top of the trees and sliding down the mountain. Later Winter named this sport skiing because he had found that it was very fun. The indents that were made in the mountain by the snow became the trails.

In the season of fall, Fall felt like he was missing something. All of his siblings had something special. Winter had skiing, Summer had the best weather, Spring was so pretty, and Fall had nothing but the color of the leaves. One day he was on his morning walk and that's when he saw it, in the sky, there was a huge cloud and he found it interesting so he sat down to watch the cloud. Hours later the cloud split in half revealing a goddess named Nature. Fall and Nature fell in love and later had a daughter named Maple. Fall? brothers adored Maple and each wanted her for himself and they all argued over her. Maple had had enough of it and decided to give each god a piece of her so they could all feel close to her. So she gave them each a seed and told them to plant it. The gods did as she asked. Later the seeds became great big maple trees.

The next fall when maple syrup started to drip from the trees and her parents were on a trip, Maple wanted someone to play with because she was very lonely. She went over to a maple tree that had maple syrup dripping from it? branches and made tiny figures out of the syrup and then used her power to bring things to life on the tiny figure. Once it was alive she talked to it and called it a human. Then she made more and more humans. Then almost an hour later her hands started to fade because of all the work it took to make so many humans. She took a hand full of the syrup and threw it all over the ground. When the sun-dried the syrup more humans appeared. Some people say that the humans that were made by Maple? own hands are the more intelligent, brave and powerful. But to this day Maple and the other gods are watching over us and keeping us safe.

NAME: Emmy
Vermont, USA

It all started as nothing, except a maple leaf dome with all sorts of colors, like orange, red, yellow, and brown, after years of nothing, the leaf God burst out of this dome like the angry man he was. This God's name was Maplave, he could shoot maple syrup out of his hands and when he did the maple syrup slowly built up and turned into a Goddess, named Masrupy, she could make maple syrup in her hands to eat for breakfast. This God and Goddess lived a very lonely life they used to be very close to each other but they slowly grew apart arguing over the maple leaf dome and who got to sleep there, but one night they both appeared at the dome unexpectedly, and they both fell into a deep sleep and never woke again.

As they were sleeping, Maplaves body turned into Mt. Mansfield and Masrupys body turned in to Killington Peak. Maplaves breath turned in to the wind and Masrupys breath turned to water and became rivers and rain and the weather. After their bodies had grown into beautiful nature the leaf dome exploded and became every plant and tree on earth. Maplave and Masrupys bodies were earth and you would not be able to tell, Nosedive the ski trail on Mt. Mansfield was Maplaves Nose.

The God Willoughby appeared and so did the Goddess Caspian, they controlled the oceans' tides and rivers currents. Willoughby and Caspian had two children Chechaese, the God that controlled all dairy products, especially cheese, and Masrupy, named after her grandma, she controls when the seasons are, and she can make maple syrup in the palms of her hands just like her grandma. Willoughby, Caspian, Chechaese, and Masrupy put all their powers together and created a masacre with the oceans, rivers, dairy products, and maple syrup, they had overfilled earth's surface and all the overflowing liquids turned into the first people. The ones from maple syrup were a little sticky, the ones made from dairy were ironically lactose intolerant, and the ones made from water were obviously the best surfers. The humans that got a little bit of everything were the most well rounded.


MYTH: Before Vermont existed the area where Vermont is today, was a piece of flat land that had no plants or animals. It was a dry wasteland with one stream flowing through it. One day, a goddess named Seasons, arose from that river. Seasons had two very great powers! One power was, she could use any season, spring, fall, summer, and winter, to create plants. Her other power was that she could ski! The only bad thing about her powers is that she cannot create animals and humans. When Seasons dies, what will happen to Vermont and all of the work she has done?

One day, another goddess arose out of the stream, that was named Mansfield. Mansfield could make animals and humans out of leaves! Although this is what Seasons wanted, Mansfield’s powers overpowered Season’s powers. Seasons HATED that Mansfield powers were just as important as hers. This made Seasons really mad because she thought she was the only special one.

One day Seasons decided to sneak into Mansfield’s cave that was in the middle of a wide-open field. She snuck into her bedroom with a bat. She tiptoed over to Mansfields bed and took a swipe at her head. This woke Mansfield. Before Mansfield could make a move, Seasons batted at her until she passed out. This wasn’t enough to kill Mansfield so Seasons dragged her to the river and threw her in. Mansfield was out cold and was drowning at the moment.

Mansfield ended up dying a tragic death and now haunted Seasons. Seasons soon regretted her decision to kill Mansfield because she knew that when she dies she will not be remembered as a good goddess.

As Seasons sat around in her regret, she noticed that a mountain slowly formed where she had drowned Mansfield. This mountain grew one foot a day until it became the mountain we call Mt. Mansfield, today.

Trees started to appear on Mt. Mansfield that made a gooey thing called sap. Seasons would collect this sap and bring it down to her cave and boil it with sugar until it became maple syrup. This is something that “Vermonters” eat often.

After Seasons dies, 27 years later, her body disintegrates into the vast universe. The first humans that were made, had kids who had more kids… this pro0cess went on until we had the same big population as we do today. Now we eat maple syrup, ski down Mt. Mansfield, and we enjoy the beautiful leaves in the fall.

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