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Write your own creation myth! The Big Myth Webmaster will read each entry, and will choose the best ones to post online. It can be written for any time period - think of the past, to present day, even an imaginary country. Of course, this is open to everyone of all ages, not just students. Your email address won't be published, but please include it so we can let you know that your myth has been uploaded.

Have fun!

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NAME: Cody
TITLE: The bald eagle and the black room

MYTH: It all started in black space when speck of light came closer and closer it appeared to be a bald eagle spirit. Its tail had a river of blood and its tail feathers were falling of two feathers fell of at the same time and made two plants one was blinding hot and dangerous it is known as the sun the other was calm and the eagles blood landed on it and made the rivers lakes and streams and our sea the eagle flew at the earth landed hard on it. Its talon marks made trees bushes people and animals. The eagle smashed his eyes into tiny fragments and they looked like dust then he threw them up into the sky they turned into stars planets and galaxy that is how the universe came to be.

NAME: Emily Read
TITLE: "The Ancient City"
AGE: 15

MYTH: Long ago after the goddess of heaven and light created the earth in a faraway city lived a king who was most beloved there city was protected not by an army but by a magical barrier that surrounded the city and protected the city from the eternal darkness monsters that was trying to take over the city. What controlled this magical barrier were 6 elemental gems: diamond, the air element, sapphire, the water element, emerald, the nature element, ruby, the fire element, and fire opal, the talking-to-animals element. There were keepers who controlled each of the elements.

One eventful day, the keeper of the air elemental fell terribly ill and died. Without him the magical barrier would go down but that's when king realised he had the power of the air element when he and the keepers tried to use the elemental gems the air element caused the magical barrier to shatter and the eternal darkness monsters took over the city. The darkness monsters created a new elemental gem to replace the air element. The darkness monsters called it Black Diamond of the Darkness and they planned to shatter the other elemental gems but king and the other keepers fled with the gems and build a new city with 5 towers containing the 5 elemental gems and the air elemental would only appear on the night of summer solstice during the full moon when all the other elemental gems are united or in the same place in the center of the new city.

NAME: Nathaniel Scott
TITLE: The Lion God
AGE: 11

MYTH: In the beginning there was a bright Lion floating through the dark galaxy. Then the Lion felt bored so he ripped out a piece of his mane to create the sun so it will be hotter for him. Then he started to create ENORMOUS stars from his roar. So he can go to play. Then he started to run then he tripped on a rock and his Clar (claws?) fell off and trees started to grow. Then he full on to the ground and a tear dropped that created the river and Ocean. Then he passed away and his bonds (bones?) became people.

NAME: Erin Clarke
TITLE: The dragon and the lion
AGE: 13

MYTH: Millions of years ago just before the Earth was made, there lived a dragon named Iris. Iris needed a home so she decided to make the whole universe. She created billions of planets, stars and when she decided that she wanted to decorate the planets she did. Once she turned to Earth she decided to draw carvings in the rocks she created and blew life into them. Then she was happy after thousands of years creating the universe she was more focused on Earth and then she met a lion who was named Multan.

Multan was no ordinary lion; he could emblaze his mane with pure white flames without burning himself. Iris and Multan decided that they were perfect for each other and made the suns, stars and people together and were happy to do it together. Nothing could tear them apart. They did everything together forever.

NAME: Kingston Smith
TITLE: The god tree
AGE: 10

MYTH: In the beginning there was just darkness but then a god tree emerged from darkness. This tree was not ordinary; it had lots of leaves and then all the leaves make the planets. But one leaf was a rare yellow leaf that made the sun. All the planets came in all shapes and sizes but one planet had lots of green on it and there were lots of gas some of them made clouds and the rest of the gas made oxygen. Some clouds would release some water and all the water made the sea. Some of the wood on the tree carved itself into animals and some of the animals were apes and sooner or later they evolved into humans. Some of the tree roots made plants and food.

That’s how the world came to be.
TITLE: Princess and the prince
NAME: Maurea

MYTH: Once there was only darkness because the goddess of light, Manaea, was trapped in a tower above a volcano.  No one could see this volcano because the princess’s powers were in a bottle. One day, a prince had come by the name of Alkazar. He had no clue what he was doing. He could create most things not even knowing the only things he had were clothes, his sword of strength and his shield of heroicness. He crept closer to the tower He heard this noise he could not see but followed it he hit lots of things but thought it would stop until he got annoyed and started swinging hi his sword somehow freeing the princess. Finally they could see and everything was back and that is how the world started.

NAME: Teagan Taylor
AGE: 10
TITLE: Hole in the Wall!

MYTH: Over 100 million years ago, It was a pitch black in the atmosphere until a cloud appeared it looked like a hole in the earth but then a piece of cloud fell off and floated up into the atmosphere and burnt. Which turned into the sun. Then another piece of cloud fell off but it sunk down and grew into a massive wart shape ball. Which this is the earth. And then a bunch of the cloud melts, that makes the sea. That leaves half of the cloud left. A part of the cloud makes a lot of clay sculptures, which they turn into Fleshling. The rest of the cloud floated down and made the trees, grass, dirt and mountains.

NAME: Chloe North
Age: 11
TITLE: In the Beginning.

MYTH: Once upon a trillion years ago there was a star called the Wishing Star. The Wishing Star was lonely and wanted some friends. But the only way to make friends was if he blew himself up. The problem was, he had to (wait?) one year for him to blow up. So he waited and waited and waited till finally one year had passed.

He blew up into 100 million pieces, which created the solar system and the stars and earth where we live. That is what we look at when we look up at the night sky.

(P.S. we won’t be able to see earth because we live on it.)

NAME: Abigail Irving-Averes
TITLE: How we came to be

MYTH: One extremely dark and gloomy day a beautiful coconut tree lit up the long halls of darkness. Thousands of coconuts sprouted from the lit up tree and a coconut had failed to sprout. Instead this tree grew a brown patterned seed that sprouted into a God. This God's name was Moana and she was a beautiful God of coconuts. She had the magic to power enough light to destroy the tree but instead of destroying the tree she broke off lots of coconuts.

The first coconut formed into a bright yellow hot star called the sun and then the next coconut made all the planets with their moons and many more coconuts made galaxies stars asteroids and the Milky Way. Moana then went down to earth to explore but she was lonely so she made humans and animals and then she create nature and bugs and so much more. Moana has gone up to space and travelled to a different galaxy and to this day no one knows where she is...

NAME: Abagael Scott
AGE: 10 years
TITLE: The Beautiful Tree

MYTH: In the beginning there was a beautiful tree. This tree was a rapidly aging tree. Then it started to die. The tree had no light. Then a leaf fell off. It started to glow. This was called the sun. Then smaller leafs started to fall, that also glowed. These were stars. Then teeny-weeny little leafs fell off. These were called planets. And suddenly, one small damp and dark leaf fell off. This was the moon. Then the tree fell over and smashed and created solar systems. Then a leaf broke and the small shards of that leaf landed on another leaf. These shards were everything around us. That's how the universe was created.

NAME: Ethan Baywood
DEDICATED TO: My Brother Sam
EPIC: The Awaken Stories
TITLE: The Beginning of the Earth

MYTH: Once there was a large round ball of wet mud and clay, this ball was called Disper, this is where the English language gets it word, Disturb. This ball was always swirling and turning around all the time. As a result of this, some of Disper’s mud and dirt would drop off, and fall into the nothingness around itself, because the ball was so great and so large it kept dripping away and getting smaller over hundreds of years. One day, when the ball was turning around and around and dripping its mud, dirt and clay, the mud, dirt and clay all dropped off and came together, forming another smaller dirt ball. But because of the smaller balls weight, it stayed near the bigger ball, but quite a fair way away from it.

Over the years, this smaller ball became a small platform, because Disper kept dropping the mud in the same place. Over the years the bottom of the platform became dry and hard, while the top kept getting the fresh mud. One day a very large drop of mud landed on top of the platform, and because the mud kept dripping it meant that there was some form of moister from the big ball. When the large drop from the big ball landed on the road the moister began to soak into the soil. This continued for years until one day the moister reached the hard and dry clay at the bottom of the platform. As soon as the tiny bit of water touched the hard dry clay, it started to drip down and form an outline in the hard clay. Over the years more water reached bottom of the platform and soon there was an outline in the hard clay that looked like a human.

Then the outlined man began to soak up the moisture that continued to come down from above, and soon there was a person, fully outlined by water, lying, unmoving in the now wet clay. Then one day the large ball of mud began to stop spinning around, but continued to turn and twist inside, because of this, more moisture began to drop onto the platform beneath Disper. Soon the platform began to disappear, washed away by the continued stream of moisture, but there still remained a thin layer of dirt on which the human was left lying.
Then one single drop of water formed on the man face, because of the moisture build up from the big ball. This tiny droplet of water slowly separated and trickled into the man’s nose, (For the man had no nose or eye sockets, because they could not be made from the moisture.) This water then trickled through his body, and it was soon joined by other droplets of water, that formed on the man’s nose and trickled down the already hollowed out nose. Soon there was a small stream of water flowing through the man’s body, and soon the man began to move, as the water generated inside of him. Because of the moisture in his nose, the man was able to breathe only through his nose, as the moisture contained air. The man was then called Manas, which means One Man.

Manas couldn’t see because he didn’t have any eyes, only hollowed out sockets. Manas didn’t have a brain either, just a system of hollow, thin tubes of clay inside him which allowed him to inhale and exhale. Usually when Manas exhaled, he sneezed out water from inside of himself, Manas couldn’t hear either, just feel his way around with his hands. Manas didn’t have any fingers and toes, because the water hadn’t carved them out, and this made it hard for him to walk.

Over time Manas began to get used to his surroundings, he never walked far because he could see, but he knew, by feeling his way around, that there was a drop off. Manas not being able think would venture close to the edge, even though he knew that there was a drop off, and he nearly fell off into abyss sometimes. At times Manas would grab the hardened clay from beneath himself and he would throw it wildly into the air.

At times the balls of clay would fly off into nothingness, to eventually just disappear, but other times Manas’s wildly thrown clay balls would venture close to Disper, which would still spit down moisture.

After years of standing, sitting, lying and feeling nothing except the drip of moisture on himself, Manas began to get weak. This was because he was not getting enough water into his ‘system’ to be able to generate properly, and so one day, sitting on his little plate of clay, Manas hurled a clay ball right above him. Suddenly Manas felt the whole platform, which he was on shake and tremble. Then he felt a large crash and he was thrown backwards onto his back, in the dust.

Then he felt a large piece of something suddenly hit him in the side of his head, (where his ears are supposed to be) and then go right through his head, and out the other side, forming his ears. Manas then felt his way over to the piece of large rock, which hit him, he then began to get angry, and he randomly dug his hands into the hard soil and carved out rough lines. After Manas had done this he stood up and jumped in the air, with anger, then fell back down, and there Manas stayed for a long time.

When Manas had jumped up and then landed back onto the clay platform, he had split in half, without his realising. One of these pieces was bigger than the other and it began to fall slowly downward, then without its other half, it cracked and formed eight other clumps of rock. Also, because of Manas weight, when he had landed on the platform again, he had created a small shock wave; this then created a gust of air, pushing the eight clumps of rock out in a line. The gust of air then slowly faded away again, like it had never been there, but before it completely diapered it caught a drop of water from Disper, this water then became an outline, while the air was trapped inside, and so the Goddess Moi was formed.

Moi was the Goddess of air and water, and lived in the heavens, while she in the heavens she would create little water balls, and through them up into the blank heaven, these water droplets would shine and sparkle and were named Satar’s, which means, Shining lights.
Then one day as Moi was wondering around the heavens looking at her beautiful creations, and she saw Manas lying on his path of mud, and she flew down to him and asked him, “Why do you not marvel at my creations?” Manas couldn’t hear or see Moi and so didn’t know that any one was there. Moi became angry with Manas because he would answer her, and she made a large water bubble and picked Manas up, and through him into the water bubble. Mana was trapped in this water bubble and had to stay there for many years.

After a time, Moi began to get lonely, for by now she had created, millions and hundreds of millions of Satar’s. She wanted someone else to be with and care for. She came to Manas, who was still trapped inside her water bubble, she then came to him and saw that he had neither finger nor toes, or eyes or even a mouth to speak with. She then came to him at night, to seduce him, but she realised that he could have children, and she went away in wrath, and came to Disper. She saw that it was always spinning and she thought that she might punish Manas, so she went back and took the water bubble and threw it into Disper.

Manas felt himself be lifted then felt himself spun and spun around and twisted and turned. After a time he became angry and he threw himself at the bubble, but it didn’t budge. After several attempts to pop the huge bubble he finally gave up and sat down in the bubble, but when he felt himself continued to be thrown about he hurled himself, with all his might at the bubble. With a massive explosion of water, clay, mud and dirt the bubble popped and threw Manas out. Because of the explosion some of Moi’s Satar’s became damaged and didn’t shine as brightly as before. Moi then set out to find Manas and punish him for the rest of his life, but because of the explosion had destroyed Disper, there were now large groups of rocks floating around, these were called Astro’s.

The explosion had caused a massive wave of air, which had formed itself into another God, the God of the sky and breath. This God was named Bethra. Moi, on her way to find Manas, she met the newly created Bethra, and was instantly liked him. She took Bethra to her brightest Satar’s, Bethra was very pleased and Moi and Bethra were married and had many children. Their first child was named Potgad, the God of Clouds and Rain. The second child was named Lida, The Goddess of plants. Potgad and Lida got married and had a son called Rad. Rad was the God of the Sun and family, and he got married to Bethra and Moi’s last child, Delt. Delt was the Goddess of Love and Protection.

Delt and Rad had five children which they named, Fy, the Goddess of People and Children. Hegdell, the God of the Underworld. Adem, the God of War, Victory, Thievery, discipline and Death. Knoll, the God of Writing and knowledge, and the Fran, the Goddess of Animals.
Over time when the God were all settled, Bethra and Fy came together and created humans by combining the knowledge of people form Fy, and the breath of Life, from Bethra. The Gods couldn’t decide what to do, and so Knoll, the God of knowledge decided that all the Gods create a place for the people to dwell.

Not all the Gods decided that it was right and so some of them didn’t help in making a place for humans to dwell. But the God which did think it was a good idea all used the eight rocks, which had been left were they were, to create a world for the people.

Hegdell built his world on the second and forth rock and made the place hot and filled with rocks. Bethra, who knew best about humans, made his world on the third rock, and filled it with human breath. Rad built his world for the humans on the first rock and named it Sarm. Potgad built his world on the fifth rock and surrounded it with big clouds that swirled around. Delt built her world on the sixth rock and put a ring of love and protection around it. Delt also chose to build another world on the seventh rock, and she also put a ring around it to keep it safe. Adem, thought that people should live far away, and he built his world on the last rock, and made it a cold and desolate place.

All the Gods agreed that Knoll should judge and choose which rock humans should live on, and he chose the third one, Bertha’s rock, all the other God were happy and Moi and Lida created things in the soil of the world so that the humans could work the ground, and serve the Gods.

But Rad was not happy about the decision and he thought that humans should live on his rock, and so he tried to destroy the other rocks but the other Gods stopped him and gave him an eternal punishment. Rad was put on the outside Bertha’s rock and was wounded every morning, and one drop of his blood would sail across the sky in the human’s world every morning until sunset, then Rad would be wounded again in the morning. This was a reminder to humans that they should respect the Gods or they will create a great blood spill on the humans land.

Bethra - God of the Sky and Human Breath
Moi - Goddess of Air and Water
Lida - Goddess of Plants
Potgad - God of Clouds and Rain
Rad - God of the Sun and Family
Delt - The Goddess Love and Protection
Fy - Goddess of People and Children
Hegdell - God of the Underworld
Adem - God of War, Victory, Thievery and Death
Knoll - God of Writing and Knowledge

© Copyright 2017 Ethan Baywood

NAME: Alexa Pecora
AGE: 12 years
REGION: New Jersey, USA

MYTH: In the beginning, there was chaos. Out of the chaos emerged the first god, Araglas. He didn’t like the chaos so he separated it: evil, dark, coldness, and suffering were separated from good, light, warmth, and happiness. In the middle, he created the earth, where all the elements from both sides of chaos came together. He became bored, so he created four lesser gods, the god of land, Ragadas, and the god of water, Morobas, who would inhabit the earth while he could watch over them from the sky, and the god of light, Lembolas, and the god of darkness, Saugotas, who would keep a stable balance between those two essential elements.
TITLE: The Universe and the Clay Children
NAME: Abby Scott

MYTH: Over 13 billion years, there lived a goddess called universe. Universe was the only living thing back in those days. One day universe realized she was lonely, so she gathered clay and made children. These children were called solar systems. After a while, the solar systems decided to create their own children, though they were only children. These children that they created were made of gas and dirt. Some of these children had different quantities of these materials, ones with more gas were stars, and ones with more dirt were planets. The problem was, the solar systems were only children; they didn't know how to mold children. It caused stars to blow up and much worse for planets.

Suddenly, planet Earth had shapes growing out of it. Shapes of humans, rivers, animals and certain landscape. Then those shapes came to life. Planet earth was populated. All the other planets response was delayed, or they already had been populated with aliens! And that is how the Universe came to be.
NAME: Emily W
TITLE: My myth….

MYTH: Once there was a place. It was pitch dark. It was empty. Then out of nowhere a single flower appeared. On its petals it had specs of light. Its leaves had streaks of elegant gold running down them, like a stream of glitter. One of the leaves broke off the flower, scattering glitter everywhere. These then lit up creating stars. One of the petals broke off and spun, as it made a circle the light became greater and greater. It became massive and was enough to light up everywhere. This huge ball of intense light, enough to blind you, became known as the sun.

Another petal broke off and spun. This time it spun so much that it created the first planet. Then another petal broke off. Then another and many more; all making planets. The stem of the flower split into pieces and each of those pieces grew to form trees. The actual middle of the plant contained hundreds and thousands of crystals. A few drops of water too to keep the crystals fresh. The flower tipped over and poured the water out. A tiny flower can do a lot, and hold a lot. It held enough water to for the sea. The flower had crystals; the crystals gently flew to the earth and landed. When they land they created every animal bug, creature, plant etc. that you can think of. That flower was named a rose, as it rose up and formed the planet. So no matter how tiny, how small. You can do great things just like the flower. Next time you see a rose, think about what it did. Then think about what you can do…
NAMES: Rosie Penar Jessie Biede and Madeline Roeder
TITLE: The Pig and The Goddess

MYTH: In the beginning there were two eggs, a silver and bronze egg in a sea of mud. Chaos came out of the silver egg and a flying pig named Diomedes hatched out of the bronze egg. Diomedes knew he did not want to spend his life in this awful sea, so he imagined a raft. He used the powers of Chaos to create a real raft. He drifted on the raft in darkness for four years, eating whatever he could imagine.

After this time, he realized it was too dark for him to see himself. He ripped off a piece of his ear, and gave it a piece of Chaos. He flung it into the sky and it burned in the sky creating light. If the piece of Diomedes did not have that little piece of Chaos, the ear would not have burned bright and shined. He called the ear the Sun, his Sun, the only son he would ever have.

After he spent seven days looking at the burning Sun, he flew off to a small island he called Lui Stesso. On Lui Stesso, he decided to make a small creature to sing praises and help the pig. He made a beautiful goddess, Helenia. Unfortunately, Chaos was jealous of Diomedes’s power and had other ideas. He hated being made into order. He gave Helenia a rebellious streak, so she could avenge Chaos. Once Diomedes found out, he was extremely angry and conquered Chaos with Order.

When Helenia was made, she was a small baby. In a matter of seconds she was a young woman. She announced, “I am Helenia.” “Sing my praises. Now.” Diomedes said. Helenia hated the pig the moment she saw him, but she could sense he had power, so she obeyed.

She praised him day and night, giving him a bigger and bigger ego. She gave the pig whatever he wanted. When he told her to bring him exotic foods from other worlds, she brought them. When he wanted a gold platter, she forged the most expensive and beautiful gold and made the best platters in the world. Inside, she hated these vain demands, but she knew she would get hurt or worse if she disobeyed.

The only thing that calmed the flames of her burning anger for Diomedes, was to create creatures. She created creatures so they could be free, something she had yet to experience. She created a peacock, horse, cat and rooster. When she created the animals, the cats gave Helenia bouquets of roses to her. The peacock was 12 feet tall, making a wall of feathers wherever it went. The horses could talk and run as fast as the wind, and the rooster sang wonderful, magical songs.

Diomedes discovered the animals and got so angry, he cursed the cats, so they could only give Helenia mice, he made the peacocks three feet tall, and made sure the horses couldn’t talk. Diomedes also changed the rooster’s voice, so the rooster squawked, instead of singing.

Helenia got extremely angry, so she refused to praise the pig anymore. He forgot about the animals and ordered her to bring him food. She obliged, but only to create a plan to overthrow Diomedes. She worked day and night on her plan and after two years of planning, she was ready. “Bring me food.” Diomedes said carelessly. “No,” Helenia replied. Diomedes was furious. “Excuse me? I am your creator. You were created to look upon me and be jealous. You will bring me food. Now.” “No” Helenia replied again. Diomedes looked like he would burst, so Helenia left.

Diomedes wrongly thought Helenia was getting him food, so he waited for her. He said “I will sleep until she comes back.” He waited one thousand years, sleeping. Just when he was about to die, his soul cursed Helenia. She became mortal, however she would live for as long as he slept, one thousand years, and whenever she created something, she would age one year. Helenia did not know about the curse, so she created more creatures and aged.

After sixty years of being without Diomedes, (she had aged nine hundred years) she got lonely. She decided to create humans, so she could have company. She sculpted the humans from rock with her chisel, which she made. She used rock because rock was sturdy and durable, just as a human needs to be. She then started to talk to the sculptures, but the sculptures wouldn’t talk back. She realized she needed to give them life. She made a paste out of coconut leaves, ocean water, and maple leaves. She rubbed the paste all over the rock statues. What she did not realize was that some of Diomedes’s blood was in the concoction.

Now, if you meet a particularly vain person, you know that there was more than just a drop of Diomedes’s blood in their family tree. She also didn’t realize her blood was put into the concoction when she cut herself. If you meet a kind and caring person, you know they have Helenia’s blood in them.

The first humans were named Femina and Hominem. Femina had more of Helenia’s blood, and Hominem had more of Diomedes’s. Femina was very sweet and caring, like Helenia, but Hominem was very rude and got very angry, very easily, like Diomedes.

Helenia knew she would have to teach the humans about the earth and how to live on the Earth, so she did. She taught Hominem how to hunt, creating creatures for him, and taught Femina how to grow crops and gather berries. She gave the man the hunting job, so he could hunt off his vain blood. Femina was good at gardening, and making life grow. Again, Helenia got older and older. She knew she was dying. Her last words were, “Femina, Hominem, you need to populate the Earth, as I am dying, and won’t be able to create anymore.”

Helenia went up to heaven and disappeared. Some say she died. Some say she became the first angel. No human knows. We only know she was the first goddess. The goddess of life.

NAME: Puspa Mutia

COMMENTS: Mythological criticism is a symbol, character, situation, or image that comes from a deep universal response. Myths also a primitive fictional, illusions, or opinions based on a reason from the ancient. This approach also emphasizes the recurrent universal patterns underlying most literary works. Combine the knowledge from anthropology, psychology, history, and comparative religion.

Mythology is highly developed elements of the collective unconscious. Being unconscious, the existence of mythology can only be deduced indirectly by examining behavior, images, art, religions, or dreams. (Barnet, Burto and Cain 1978:1543) states:

Postulates the existence of a “collective unconscious,” an inheritance in our brains consisting of “countless typical experiences [such as birth, escape from danger, selection of a mate] of our ancestors.” (Barnet, Burto and Cain, 1978:1543)

Those memories appear from our unconscious part of mind and create certain forms depend on our condition, likes culture, religions, and so forth. this is called as mythological approach. Myth criticism attempts to bring out the cultural myths underlying literature, and many are indeed apparent in novel, poem and play. Myth criticism is concerned with seeking out those mysterious elements that inform certain literary, with dramatic and universal human reactions.

Myth often means different things to different people, but most often it is connected with something non-existing that is made up and therefore is not true at all. People also often interchange the meanings of the words myth and legend.

Mythological criticism, it is a method of analysis that could increase our critical imagery and situations that suggest recurrent human circumstances Mythology also can be a system of communication, Barthes (1991 : 107) stated myth cannot possibly be an object, a concept, or an idea; it is a mode of signification, a form. Dealing with mythology, something can have a different meaning from its own meaning. tree is not a tree anymore if someone see it from the perspective of mythology, in fact mythology become a type of speech.

It is a system of mythical speech, mythology is linked into the language, when someone see it, there will be a signifiers and signified and end with the sign of the mythology itself. Myth will never have a fixed form of its own form, (Barthes 1991 : 108 ) stated myth can be defined neither by its object nor by its material, for any material can arbitrarily be endowed with meaning.

To transform a meaning into a form, mythology will try to touch another thing behind its own stand. In other words, myth is always a language robbery. The language from myth is broader than what it should be, for that reason mythology is called as stolen language, Barthes (1991)
NAMES: David and Josh
TITLE: The creation

MYTH: In the Beginning of the world there were the great two. One was a demon born of evil and hatred. He loved fire and rage. This guy had no name aside from Satan. His body was made from fire and red hot stone which dripped off him creating the land and mountains. He had eight arms each was used to aid him in creating “the sword of eternity” a sword that created both time and men when forged. The beast used his massive wings to create the wind and storm.

The other was his wife. She was a being of absolute love. Her name was Helena. She is the loving mother that gave life to all creatures apart from pigs. Helena was beautiful and felt she didn’t belong on the wasteland that was the world created by her husband, Satan. Also, she was bored, she knew she had capabilities she didn’t understand. Helena had a natural desire to create. She started with the sea which she made using her tears to flood and cool the planet adding colourful fish and stones. Satan was displeased with his wife's creation he thought her sea was boring so he added sharks and other shark and piranhas.
NAMES: Beth, Sophia and Ash

MYTH: In the beginning, there were three goddesses and they were children of the king. They had the role of creating something to add to the world. They choose to create something that will change the world to COLOUR. They worked hard on spells and wishes to make this work till one day they tried their final spell before giving up.

And the day went by as the evening came the world became darker until it went pitch black and they slept till the morning came and there was colour they had succeeded there mission and they were crowned queens and as there life passed bye they also carried on creating things and came up with the best ideas in the WORLD!!!!!!!!
NAMES: Hollie G, Tilly P and Chloe N
TITLE: The Hollie Creation

MYTH: It all started with darkness, until a scream could be heard. The scream came from a boy who had grown from a flower. This flower had a special substance called Hamedine. Hamedine caused the growth of the world like humans, plants, animals, etc.

One day a huge rock fell from the dark sky and fell upon the flower. The rock split the petal in half causing the Hamedine to leak all over the rock. Because the world is round, the Hamedine covered bolder rolled all the way around the world dropping drops of Hamadine along the way.

After 7 days, the world was created and around 100 humans were born. The boy, Sati, was there for now known as the leader since he must have been the chosen one if the rock fell upon his flower.
NAME: Matthew Caruso
TITLE: Creation Myth

MYTH: The world started with darkness, water, and just one great man, Mesean Lccoy. This great man had put forth far too much effort to live on a daily basis. He had no food, clean water, or shelter, and was in great danger. The great man found corn crops, but was unsure what to do with the husks, so he tried to drink them to quench his thirst. Then he tries to breed with the corn to fill the world with special people who can help create a thriving society. As a result, he was unsuccessful. Mesean Lccoy then tried to use the husks as shelter for cold, and rainy days, that he could no longer bare, but the rain and winds blew over the corn and it began to become soggy.

After all this effort, even the greatest man alive was unable to become successful, so he tried one more thing, and that was to eat the corn. After all this effort and failure, his hard work began to pay off, and he lived off the corn, for years to come. The man loves his corn for food, but is beginning to become lonelier and sadder day by day. He needed women and others in his life. He then began to hope and beg to the almighty muck waters every day in hopes for a change involving the creation of more people. After all his efforts, there was great change; the water became clearer, the flowers began to blossom, animals appeared and underneath the mucky waters rose a woman, and every day he would thank and worship this woman. Until one day she told him to stop and treat her like a normal person.

All of a sudden, he began to turn into a large white moon that changes shapes and lighting based on his sadness. This notion filled the woman with such great rage she became a massive ball of fire in the center of the universe, to be known as the sun. From that day on more and more people, plants and animals have grown from the ground and learned to reproduce. Resulting in the world we live in today with quadrillions of people, plants and animals.
NAME: Liam Kirwin
TITLE: The Story of JonDom and Catthew Maruso

MYTH: In the beginning, there was darkness, with only one small dot of light. Out of the dot came the god JonDom. JonDom was getting lonely, so he decided to create another god named Catthew Maruso. They decided that they wanted to do something with their lives other than eating chips and watching football all day, so they decided to create the Earth.

JonDom and Catthew thought the Earth needed some life, so they created the first humans, JaMarcousvarius Tacktheritrix and Jan Smith. As soon as they were on Earth, JaMarcusvarius and Jan quickly used all the Earth's resources up. JonDom and Catthew were not happy with this, so they kicked JaMarcusvarius and Jan off the Earth. After that, they created new humans, and the new humans always took good care of the Earth!
NAME: Tyler G.
TITLE: My Creation Myth

MYTH: In the beginning, There was darkness. There were three gods. Their names were Balleriscus, Footbalunta, and Basebatus. They started to have a fight about which one of them is the best, and deserves the most power. They fought all day, trying to figure out who got the power.

Finally, one day, they decided that they all should be equal, so they started by making the rocks. Footbalunta threw the best spiral that he could with his football, and in the distance, they could see the rocks appear.

Then, Balleriscus made the water. He took the basketball and shot in. The second it hit the net... Splash, the world was filled with water. Lastly, Basebatus said that he must create the life. He took the baseball and threw it into plain space, sending it forever. Then, in the distance, he saw a little human.

The gods decided to name him Michael. After a while of playing sports, Michael got lonely, so the gods chose to summon another human, but this one a woman. They named her Serena. Michael and Serena had so much fun playing sports together that they had kids and wanted to play more sports with more people!

Then, Serena and Michael had kids. Their kids' names were Cteph Surry, Jebron Lames, Tike Mrout, Bom Trady, Mionel Lessi, and Wiger Toods. Now the earth runs like it does today. There are certain rules, such as how every person must play at least 1 sport. One value in my world is that sports are beloved.
NAME: Alzoru Ledura
Kazane Creation

MYTH: In the time before time, there was only the endless sea, Mhelki. Mhelki looked upon the void and churned violently with boredom. And so Mhelki spat into the void and her breath created the endless sky, Resnki. The two began to speak, but found a need for a third. So Resnki dove into Mhelki's depths and search for life or anything but unforgiving water.

Mhelki prayed for his safe return and became worried to the point that she had a huge kidney stone, and Resnki retrieved it. He returned and together they chiseled the stone into Napiini, the world who was both male and female and who brought forth landmasses from their broken pieces and helped make the world as we see it.

Mhelki was so overjoyed to see her children that she spontaneously gave birth to all the creatures of the sea, and her tears of pain and joy formed lesser gods who became lakes, and other lesser gods who became rivers, always attached to their mother for life support. From their clay, Napiini created the beasts of the ground, and with Mhelki's help they created the plants that root into their body. With a bit of clay and salt, Resnki shaped the creatures of the sky, and when the time came, the three great gods combined their knowledge and created the first race of intelligence, the Wyrana who breathe underwater, yet can walk on land as well. They made other races and filled them all with virtue and sin alike that the world may fluctuate and never become dull. However, the world was dark, so with all their wisdom, Mhelki and the other two took clay, salt, and baubles of their life forces to create the sun.

Even today, Wyrana still live in Mhelki's waters as well as the lakes and rivers of her babies, building structures under her waves and her beaches. The country of Kazane on the northeast of Wivetana's great peninsula consists almost purely of the Wyrana and their waterlogged cities, and once a year they sacrifice a criminal to Mhelki for the blessings of the ocean mother.
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