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Write your own creation myth! The Big Myth Webmaster will read each entry, and will choose the best ones to post online. It can be written for any time period - think of the past, to present day, even an imaginary country. Of course, this is open to everyone of all ages, not just students. Your email address won't be published, but please include it so we can let you know that your myth has been uploaded.

Have fun!

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NAME: Luis Ramirez
TITLE: The Loving Children of Sadness

MYTH: In the beginning, there were two gods, 1100 and 1101, who lived together in a boundless incredible space composed of a coalition of fire, water, air, and earth. It was so vast even the gods themselves could not fill the voids of space with their presence. The two gods lived in this great place for eons. However, although they rejoiced in each other’s company, they had a sense of emptiness because they felt the obligation to share the magnificent power that gave them life. So in an attempt to fill that missing piece that would complete them, they set out to create new beings that could have the capability to love.

In their first attempt at creating these beings, they decided to make them out of fire. They believed if they were made of fire, they would radiate warmth and kindness, and therefore love. However, these beings were much too hot and their kindness soon turned into a scorching anger that brought about chaos and war. Upon seeing this, the gods destroyed these beings with a snow storm and began thinking of how to build better creatures. They then decided to mix fire and ice because they thought they would balance each other out. The gods took a small burning flame and made it the core of these beings; they called this core the heart. They then surrounded it with bodies made of ice in an attempt to control the power of the intense fire.. Once complete, these new beings showed signs of harmony and they lived prosperously with one another. However, over time, these beings slowly started to become more and more cold and distant with each other. The gods realized that the cold ice was consuming their warm cores and freezing their hearts, rendering them heartless and therefore incapable of loving. Once again the gods wiped these beings out by sending strong hot winds that melted and destroyed these creatures.

Faced with a blank slate, the gods begun thinking again, and they came up with the idea of mixing fire, ice, and air. The gods constructed the new beings with heads made of cool ice, that the gods called the brain. They also had fiery hearts whose burning flame was kept alive and protected from the cold ice by bodies made of air, which the gods called their spirit. These new beings showed a capability to be reason and be intelligent while still sharing their warmth and kindness with one another. However they too started drifting apart from each other - only searching for new places, new experiences, and new knowledge to fulfill their own happiness, so much so that they forgot to care for and love one another. The gods realized that the beings, just like air itself, only sought to rip free of all things that constrained their freedom, including their very own bodies, heart and brain. They realized that just like the wind, these new beings wanted to be free to roam the vastness of space and so they crumbled down as their bodies evaporated into space, as their hearts died out and their brains melted away. The two gods now had seen their third creation disintegrate into nothingness just like the two others that came before. They became very disappointed and for the first time ever, the gods felt sadness. They could not seem to find a way to make a creature capable of loving. They had all been unable to experience that emotion that fused their minds, heart, and spirit together. And so they wept, and they cried wonderful tears of lights and the stars poured out from their very eyes.

But, it wasn’t over yet. Out of a droplet of their cosmological tears that struck the earth, some mud was created. In that instant, the gods conceived a brand new idea. They mixed all the elements together and fused fire and ice and water, air and earth, into a single creation. They molded these new beings with brains of water and ice, for they wanted them to be intelligent and rational. They gave them hearts of fire, for they wanted them to feel passion, love, and desire. They gave them bubbles of air spread throughout their brains and hearts for they still wanted them to yearn for freedom without forgetting one another, to seek new knowledge, new places, new experiences, and to be curious. They also gave them legs so they could walk and explore the vastness of space; and they gave them arms and hands so they could make peace and embrace one another. They also carved their bodies made mud, the same mud that the gods had shaped with their very own hands and drenched with their very own tears. And finally, perhaps the most important thing they gave them were a pair of eyes. Their eyes were something special that no other creation had possessed before. Their eyes were made of everything that existed in space, from stars and light, to energy and dark matter, from gaseous nebula dust, to even a tiny black hole in the center of their eyes, which they named a pupil. The gods gave them eyes for they wanted them to see; because they knew seeing is a very powerful thing. They wanted them to see the beauty that surrounded them, but even more, they wanted them to see the secrets that existed inside themselves and one another. They wanted the beings to realize that they were all children born from the pain and sadness of the gods, yet they were also the offspring of the light that governed their existence. Inside these special beings, the gods were able to capture the essence of the soul, something that no other creation had before. With droplets of the god’s light-filled tears, these beings finally became capable of feeling passionately, thinking clearly, living freely, and biggest of all, they were capable of loving.

And at last, the gods were satisfied with their creation for they had finally succeeded at sharing that incredible feeling they felt for each other, with their new creations. That is the true story of how we were born and that is why we all are living representations of the elements. Some have more fire than others; these are the passionate, strong-willed, go-getters and fighters. Some have more water and ice, and are known as the intelligent, calm, analytical, and wise ones. Some have more air than others, and they are known as the lively, free-spirited, and optimistic old souls. But, we all share the same earth within us that holds us together and creates harmony with all of the elements. Last but not least, the gods decided to gift their creations a beautiful home and so they created the earth and the sky, the mountains and oceans, the trees and the lakes, followed by countless birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, and creatures that crawled, to keep the humans company. Finally, for as long as love and equilibrium existed on the earth, the gods would also exist; but if these beings let their anger destroy them, their hatred separate them, their conformity restrain them, and their selfishness control them, the gods would cease to exist and into the same nothingness, the beings would also disappear.
NAME: Lucas
TITLE: How the Cat Was Created

MYTH: One day, while his friend Wolf was hunting, Man sat on a rock. While he sat, he became lonely and wanted someone to accompany him. He saw Lion under a tree and went to ask him if would be his friend. Lion said yes, and together they traveled the world. One day, Lion fell ill. Man was quite worried for his friend and cared for him for him throughout the night. In the morning, Lion sneezed nine times, and on the final sneeze, Cat popped out. This is why cats have nine lives. Man loved his new friend Cat, even more so than Wolf. Over the years, Wolf became jealous of Cat.

One day while Man was distracted, Wolf abducted Cat. He took Cat to a raging river and threw him in. Cat had never learned to swim, and so he began to sink. Cat cried out, and Man rushed to save him. This is why cats hate water. Wolf was furious that his plan had failed and so plotted to try again. This time however, he would make sure Man would be unable to save Cat. Wolf waited until February 17th to continue with his plan, as it would be cold, and Man would be inside his dwelling. Wolf once again abducted Cat, but this time, he took him to the highest mountain he could find, and once at the peak, dropped him. Cat felt the wind rushing past him, felt his mouth go dry, and saw Wolf looking over the edge.

However, he felt his body rotating, and adjusting, so that he was now falling feet first. Bracing himself, Cat closed his eyes and waited for disaster. When he heard Wolf howl in frustration, he opened his eyes and realized he had landed unscathed. Fed up, Wolf challenged him to a contest of abilities. They would be running, jumping, climbing, and doing all sorts of strenuous exercise. Cat accepted, so that Wolf would leave him alone. However, Wolf was soon outmatched in the contest. Cat ran faster, jumped higher, and was better than Wolf overall. After the contest, however, Cat was so tired that he slept for 13 days. And from that day forward, Cat no longer had nearly as much energy. This is why cats spend most of the day sleeping.
NAME: Devin
TITLE: The Creation of the Earth

MYTH: At first there was nothing. Then from the nothing a chocolate chip cookie appeared. Then the cookie formed the earth. Then the chocolate chips became the gods. The first god to be created was the sun god. The second god to be created was the moon. The moon and the sun were in a constant argument about who should be allowed to light the world. Eventually the sun and the moon decided to light the world for 24 hours with each of them lighting the world for 12 hours at a time. The third god was the god of water. He made the whole world into water. The fourth god was the god of rocks. He created all of the land in the world. The last god was the god of life. He created all the life on earth. It took him 30 days to create all the life on earth. On the first 7 days, he created all the plant life in the world. On the next 7 days he created all the animal life in the world. On the remaining 16 days he built humans out of play doh. He decided to build the humans out of play doh because they would be more fun to play with, but not to eat, and would be more adaptive to their environment.
NAME: Emma
TITLE: The Moon’s Best Friend

MYTH: Once upon a time, there was a flat world made of soil and the Moon. One day there was a small fire starting to grow out of the wet soil. From the fire grew a little girl. She was sad and confused, because the world was dark and scary. She didn’t know much;she only knew that she loved the Moon. Immediately, she went to find the Moon in the dark. She walked for hours on the flat world made of soil. Then she took a break on a mound of dirt and started to cry. Then the land started to get a little brighter immediately. She heard someone or something start to sing. The song was beautiful and went like this: “I am here by your side, don't you cry, don't you cry, I am here by your side, when it’s dark, and when you're scared.” The young girl ran up to the Moon and gave him a hug.

When she looked at him, she realized he had sad but happy eyes. “What's wrong?”

“Well I never thought there would be someone else here,” said the Moon. “I always thought that I would be alone on this earth.”

“Do you know my name?” the girl asked.

“I don't know,” said the Moon. “We will have to find out together.”

The girl didn't understand why there was no light when he was asleep, but she didn't want that to bother her. She just wanted to stay with the Moon until he went to sleep. The Moon and the girl walked along the barely lit earth talking about the world and what the girl’s name should be. Later, the Moon went to sleep and the girl went to sleep. When the Moon woke up, she could feel his light around her so she would also wake up. One time when they were awake talking quietly, they asked themselves, “Why so our lives feel so dark?”

When they talked and pondered, they realized that a deep friendship had grown between them. All of a sudden the girl transformed into a beautiful woman full of light that lit up the whole world. Immediately she knew that her name would be “Sun”.
NAME: Brody
TITLE: How Mankind Became Human

MYTH: A long time ago, before there were rocks and trees and creatures, or even color, there was the darkness and the never-ending sea. From the sea-foam rose a large circle with many foam-bubbles. It started to slowly glow from the brilliance of the foam. It slowly illuminated the land. With the light came the Mother of Creation, the light. She illuminated the seas and the skies. With the illumination there were her two children: Sun, her son, and Sea, her daughter. She gave them the tasks of creating life. Sea created the fish, whales, coral, and sea-plants. Sun created the birds, stars, bats, and the Winds.

One day, they became lonely with just the three of the gods on this earth. They decided that, to make the world more interesting, they would create a race of creatures like them, but less smart and imperfect so the gods could never be overshadowed. They created many humans, livestock, predators, and all of the land creatures we know today. They asked for worship, and the thankful creations happily agreed. In addition, they decided to mold more gods out of the life-giving sea foam. They created four girls and four boys.

When the new gods came out of the foam, the Mother told them each to give a gift to man so they could all be happy watching their creations. Each of them would take the form of the gift they give. One of the girls immediately knew what to do. She gave color to the big black-and white world. She turned into a beautiful rainbow and was known as Color, who ruled color, rainbows, and beauty. After another while of thinking, two more of the brothers knew. One brother made sharp rocks for food hunting, and the other grew plants for food gathering. They were Hunt and Gather and took the appearances of a vicious hunter, wearing a skin and carrying weapons, and a gatherer wearing some light skin-clothes and having farming tools.

The second daughter took human form the next day and noticed they seemed cold. She was then fire, bearing bright red hair and a long fiery dress. The next trio of two brothers and a sister decided to give the humans a rest from the sun occasionally. After some discussion with the sun, the sister became Rain or Snow when it is cold, one brother became Cloud, and the last became Moon.

The last daughter saw Fire´s idea and decided also to go look at the humans, as they came to be called. She was the mean one of the group, and threw rocks at passing villagers. But much to her disgust, they were not even slightly hurt. So, she decided to become Death, patron of death, pain, and sickness. However, she knew the others wouldn't approve, so she sneaked to the gifting spot, overlooking the entire earth, and gave the humans everything bad. She unleashed everything, and many humans suddenly fell ill, hurt, and some died altogether. That is how mankind became, how it was before technology.
NAME: Julianna D
TITLE: Sacrifices of the Sun

MYTH: Before there were vast oceans, before woodpeckers tapped their beaks into great trees, before man walked upon the Earth, there was nothing. Only a giant bright mass of molten lava existed. This molten lava had existed for quite some years, giving off incredible amounts of heat across the solar system. At one point in their journey, the great God Albinous and his son felt enormous heat waves coming at them. They were intrigued, so they traveled to the source of the heat and found the spherical molten lava mass floating in between planets. Albinous saw the blazing mass and immediately knew there was something underneath the molten lava at the surface. He then asked his son to dive into the molten lava and discover what was beneath it. Just as curious as his father, his son obediently dove into the scorching lava in order to solve the mystery.

The God waited for thousands of years for his son to resurface, praying he did not send his son to his death. Much to Albinous’ relief, his son eventually did return to him bringing with him a handful of dense dirt. With great joy and pleasure, the God decided to reward his loyal son by creating a planet out of the molten lava. Albinous took the dirt from his son’s hand and used his great powers to change the surface from its blazing lava to land and water. He warned the son that although the surface may be land, the inner core of the planet still held lava and if the lava were to escape the core, the planet would be destroyed. The god then returned home and left the son to do with the planet what he wished.

With an overwhelming sense of confidence and determination to please his father once again, the young man set out to create the best planet in the solar system. His first vision was to create life on the barren planet. However, he had no knowledge as to how he would go about creating life. With no other life sources around he turned to the only living thing in this area, himself. He proceeded to cut a slit of his finger open and let the blood drip onto the planet. One drop fell into the ocean and he witnessed hundreds of marine plants spring to life. He shifted his finger so that his blood would drip onto the land. Once a single drop landed upon the dirt, trees sprouted, grass grew, and rivers ran throughout the lands. Once the blood stopped dripping, the young man was proud of what he had created but still felt something was missing. He soon knew that what he was missing was living and breathing life on his planet. So, he slit open another finger and proceeded to follow the same process. But no matter how much blood he spilt, no animals nor humans were created. He would have to make a bigger sacrifice in order for his planet to thrive like he hoped it would. Abruptly, the son then figured out his next sacrifice for Earth. He cut off locks of his long and luscious hair and sprinkled it around the land on the planet. This was a great sacrifice to the son because he loved his hair very much and he would not be able to grow back what hair he lost.

In the places where the son sprinkled his hair, animals and people began to form. Many animals roamed the lands, from cheeky monkeys in dense forests to graceful giraffes on the plains. People roamed alongside the animals as well, men, women, and children all alike. However, one day after the son’s creation of life upon Earth he discovered that there was no light or heat on the planet. The animals were not able see where they were going and started to die off due to the constant cold temperatures. The son thought about these problems for a very long time and still found no reasonable solutions. It was at this time where his father’s warning rang loudly in his mind, it said “although the surface may be land, the inner core of the planet still held lava and if the lava were to escape the core, the planet would be destroyed.” The son thanked his father one last time for his benevolence and intelligence.

It was the heat from the lava that attracted the son and his father to the mass in the beginning and the son knew that his solution lie in the center of his Earth. The son then proceeded to dive all the way back down to the center of Earth, this time coming up with a handful of fiery molten lava. He knew that this handful would not be enough to shed light to the whole planet and he also knew there was one last sacrifice he had to make. The son ate the handful of lava, ultimately controlling the lava’s power to decimate the Earth and turning himself into a great mass lava. His new fiery and hot form was even greater than the original blazing mass of molten lava.

All of the humans and animals who witnessed the son’s actions were so very grateful for the his ultimate sacrifice so they called decided to name the son’s new form, The Sun. The Sun would hang in the universe, surrounded by other planets, taking care and watching the Earth. The Sun would also become the ultimate force that drove the evolution of life on Earth and without its light and heat, there would be no Earth as we know it today.
The Sacrifice for Earth

MYTH: In the beginning, there were only five spirits roaming the madness in Emptiness. Human was the most serene spirit, for he was the only one who attempted to make peace among the others; Wind, Water, Fire, and Dirt (who were all at fault for creating madness). Each and every day, all the spirits, besides human, would fight over dominance of creating their own world. Solutions would have been simple if each spirit could make their own world, but the problem was that they needed more than just themselves to make one.

After several years of constant arguing, Human could not deal with it anymore. He decided he would sacrifice himself for peace among the four others. The next day, without telling anyone, Human secretly snuck away. He whispered a speech to himself and prayed to Emptiness that tranquility would rise among the other spirits from his sacrifice. Immediately after Human sacrificed himself, a monstrous wave of energy collided all four of the other spirits together and compacted them into a sphere, known as Earth. At Earth, each of the spirits were satisfied and no longer fought with each other. Wind was contempt creating air, clouds, and wind, Water was contempt creating and controlling the ocean, along with several other bodies of water, Fire was contempt creating a sun to provide light and heat on Earth, and Dirt was contempt creating various landforms such as plains, hills, plateaus, and mountains. Although all four spirits were gratified with their individual dominance on Earth, they dwelled on the loss of Human. Not until he was no longer there, did the spirits realize how much they appreciated him. In recognition, everyday, the four spirits would get together and pray for Human, apologizing to him and begging for him to come back.

Time passed, and eventually the spirits had their creations perfected, for there was nothing left for them to do. They all felt Earth was extremely bland, so, one day, they decided to decorate it. By all working together, the spirits created two intricate figures which relatively looked the same. To construct them, Water and Dirt began by mixing their powers together, forming a clay paste. Next, Wind took the material, and with his powers, whipped it into two different shapes that all the spirits liked. Lastly, Fire used his son’s heat to dry and harden the figures.

The proceeding morning, the spirits woke up to an overwhelming surprise. Overnight, Human was finally able to answer their prayers and come back to life in the form of the figures they created. His spirit brought spirits to the figures, which enabled the other spirits to communicate and interact with him again. Even though Human was in different forms, all the spirits were engulfed with happiness and thankfulness. They respected the two new humans significantly and dedicated everything they had to keep them alive.

From this point forward, the spirits worked together for the humans as a sign of respect and forgiveness. They provided them with necessary resources, such as a variety of different plants and animals. Eventually, the humans adjusted to their new environment and succeeded in constructing shelter, preserving food, and most importantly, reproducing. With time, the generations of humans continued to increase and expand. Though there have been thousands of new generations of humans, the ultimate spirit, Human, still thrives in each and every one.
NAME: Emily
TITLE: Out of Clay

MYTH: Thousands of years ago there were gargantuan, swirling clouds of darkness. Out of these clouds, rose a male named God, the first living entity to ever exist. He lived amongst the clouds and had never left his home. God was intelligent, powerful, and unfortunately, lonesome. Although he enjoyed having all of the freedom in the world at his fingertips, he became bored and desolate. God had lived by himself for more than five-hundred years. He did not have anyone to talk to or spend time with. God spent his days staring at the clouds and imagining what he would do if there were other living things in the world. As he relaxed on the clouds, God suddenly felt a strong gust of wind and watched the sky turn as dark as night.

As God looked up, the sky appeared to be an eternal waterfall. The wind was violently whistling in every direction. The wind shook him in every direction and he began to lose his balance. The clouds became so saturated from the rain that God began to sink through them. Suddenly, a giant gust of wind came that forced him between the clouds. God descended from Heaven and soon landed on Earth. Bewildered, God searched around and saw nothing but a blank landscape. He had never been here before. All of the rain washed the dirt out, causing the ground to be covered in clay. He sat down and curiously fumbled with the clay. God had no clue what he was supposed to do with it. As he examined the clay, God realized that he could mold different creatures out of it. He began to create creatures the way he imagined them as he sat on the clouds. He molded and designed different features into the clay until he was satisfied. A huge grin grew on God’s face as he admired his masterpiece. He only wished that these figurines could be real. He held the piece of clay close to his chest and wished that his pieces of art would come to life so he would no longer be lonely. God was astonished as the clay figure disappeared out of his hands and a life version of his creation stood in front of him, for he was unaware of his powers.

God observed the young, approximately twenty-five year old male he just created. His creation stared back at him and waved. God smiled from ear to ear as he realized what this meant, he would not be lonely anymore! He decided to name his first creation Arnold and already began making more creations out of clay. God went right to work molding, and perfecting his next creation. Once again, he held the figurine close to his chest and breathed life into it. God blinked and the clay figure came to life and stood in front of him. The female waved to God, as well, and came acquainted with the male figure. God proudly watched the two live happily and reasoned the appropriate name for the female would be Adeline. He went to work again creating more of these figures that are known today as humans. God worked for hours upon end creating thousands of humans. For the first time in forever, God talked to people and was no longer alone. He enjoyed the company and his boredom disappeared. After giving his hands a break from carving the clay, God decided that world was still empty. He believed there should be more life on Earth than simply humans. God picked a pile of clay and began creating other forms of life, in his image. He reasoned that some creatures should have the power of flying, just as he did, while other should have four legs to allow them to run fast. God also decided that humans should be the only creatures able to talk, so that the volume of the world would not be deafening to his ears. He created different animals so he would not get bored of repetitively creating the same creatures, which is why no one looks exactly the same, to this day. He created many plants to allow the creatures to eat and breathe. After much hard work, God was content with the world he created.

God became homesick and began to miss living in the clouds. He was ecstatic that he now had so much company, but was exhausted and longed for some peace and quiet. God reckoned he would return home. He grabbed some clay and created a key to lock the doors of Heaven, for he did not want the creatures he created to sneak into his home. Before leaving, God took an enormous pile of clay, so he could continue creating creatures. He took one last glance and admired his success, before flying up to Heaven. God still makes new creations today, which is why scientists still discover new species. He sometimes gets bored of making the same animals over and over, which is why species become extinct. God comes down to Earth, the world he created when he gets bored, but disguises himself as an ordinary human. He wants to avoid drawing attention himself, to avoid having to answer a multitude of questions. The world as it is today would not have even existed, if God did not create different forms of life from clay.
NAME: Lena Schumacher

MYTH: Ajax’s Kingdom Darkness engulfed the world and chaos reigned through it, casting disorder and cruelty into the never ending shadows. From this blanket of blackness arose a young man and a girl; Ajax and Sonja. Although siblings, Ajax often acted very fatherly towards his sister. At first, Ajax, who saw only adventures and mysteries that had to be sought out and uncovered in the dark chaotic world, ignored the urge to explore and stayed with his sister, since Sonja felt only fear and horror. However, as days past, Ajax showed Sonja that this world was nothing to be afraid of, it was merely an unknown that needed exploring. Sonja, who could feel within her that this dark world was evil, kept this to herself because she could sense Ajax’s desire to roam around and investigate. Soon, Ajax could see that Sonja was not as scared, and was able to be left alone for some hours. Therefore, he went to unearth the adventures and secrets of the realm. Everyday, he would go out and study the ways of the chaos and discover the secrets of the darkness, but whenever he got close enough to discovering the knowledge that led to ruling over it, he would feel the coldness seeping out of the darkness and realized how long he had left Sonja alone. Thus, he would leave and return to her, for his love for her was greater than his curiosity and any sense of power which he could possibly achieve.

Sonja, despite being very young, made discoveries of her own, but in her mind. She tried to explain them to Ajax but she could not describe the things her mind’s eye saw, such as a peaceful and happy world. However, her mind and intellectual abilities were very high, even higher than Ajax’s, thus she would easily sense things he did not for he did not take the time to study over such things. If he would, he would notice that at the times when Sonja tried to explain her thoughts, the darkness would draw away from her, but at other times it would come nearer and nearer as though to push her away. Despite such things worrying her, she was not ignorant of the feelings Ajax unintentionally expressed. She understood his urge to discover and rule over the darkness, and how returning to her stopped him every time from doing so.

One day, after Ajax returned from his adventures, Sonja knew that the time had come.

“Ajax,” She said, “I love how you always come back because of me before you discover the key to this world. But don’t let this keep you from your dream.” She paused, “I know you long to discover how to reign over this,” She gestured at the land, “Do it! Don’t worry about me, I will be fine.” Even as she said this, she knew how untruthful these words were.

Ajax, hesitated shortly but than gave in, promising to come back to Sonja as soon as he became king over this world. With that, he disappeared into the blackness.

Ajax ventured deeper and deeper into the unknown, discovering things he had previously never known before. For days on end, he explored. One night, he felt a particular icy coldness spread across the land. Despite his uneasy feeling, he did not leave the new territory he was exploring, but envisioned Sonja smiling and waving, just as he had seen her last, and taking comfort in her. What he did not know was that, at that very moment, Sonja was everything but smiling.

As Ajax had not been back for days, the darkness had pushed her further and further away, until that one night. That night, it managed to hurtle her off the planet, with great difficulty though. As Sonja was being forced farther and farther away, she began to glow brighter and brighter and it took the darkness’s entire strength to banish her, and get rid of its greatest threat.

Numerous days past, Ajax had discovered the key to ruling the world. Although tempted to try it immediately, he remembered his promise and hurried back to Sonja. For days he searched with no luck, finding not a single sign of his sister. Just as he was falling into despair, he saw a faint but bright dot in the sky. However it did not mean much to him, and he cried, his tears forming rivers at the thought of having lost his sister. Although sad, Ajax was very observant and noticed the tiny spot in the sky coming closer day by day, and as it grew closer it grew bigger and brighter, until he realized what the spot actually was. This shining orb was his sister, moving towards him, smiling down at him, from the sky.

Instantly, he understood what had occurred. He realized that the darkness and chaos was pure evil, that Sonja demonstrated pure kindness and lovingness, and was such a great threat to the evil that it had banished her. Ajax’s anger boiled up inside of him, growing immenser. Suddenly, in a raging storm, he raced across the planet, lashing out into the darkness, and destroying it into a cloud of dust.

After destroying the evil, Ajax collected the dust and formed it into other planets and threw them up to his sister as gifts, who thanked him by smiling down at the earth. However, now Sonja could only spend a few hours with Ajax because she had to look after her other planets. During the hours were Ajax was alone, he was often bored. At first, he decorated the world with mountains and valleys, and eventually color to entertain himself and to please his sister. However, soon the earth was constructed to its full beauty, and Ajax was still bored. Therefore, one day he took a clump of clay and formed it into a person. He enjoyed watching this person so much that he created more and more. After a while he even got creative and formed animals of all different types.

Now, Ajax had an entire world to look after when Sonja was not visiting him. He even let her words from previous days stay in the skies of his realm in forms of clouds and her voice sing through the air in the form of winds. Thus, when she could not visit every once in awhile, he had these reminders of her to allow him to sense her presence. However, his masterpiece of a world was something she always delighted in smiling down upon from her place in the sky even unto this day.
NAME: Olivia Redden
TITLE: Klantis, the Creator of the World

MYTH: All was dark and quiet in the universe and then suddenly a massive explosion occurred. Little particles were formed in the universe from the enormous explosion. These particles created a place called Earth. After the dust settled on the grounds of Earth, a creature appeared standing alone with no one around. As the creature crawled around, he started to form into a human. First, the human head appeared. The body and the legs then began to form. Over the course of this metamorphous, a human being was formed. The human beings name was Klantis and he had a super power ability to create things by command. The first idea that Klantis had was to create light. Klantis said, “Let there be light by the way of an object called the sun.” On his command, the sun appeared in the sky. It was bright and it was a perfect distance away from the Earth’s surface. Klantis was thrilled with his first command and it was a unique creation.

For the first few days, Klantis roamed the Earth. He searched for life. What he found was nothing. This made him sad and scared. Klantis commanded that another human be formed. He created a women for whom he could procreate with. Suddenly a beautiful woman appeared and Klantis named her Grace. This was the beginning of human life on Earth.

Grace and Klantis continued to roam the Earth. What they found was they needed water to drink. Klantis commanded, “Let there be water by way of ocean, river and lake." All of the bodies of water appeared. Grace and Klantis spent the next few days enjoying all of the benefits to the creation of water.

As time went on, Grace and Klantis grew very hungry. They began to think about what they needed to survive. They realized they needed fruits, vegetables and meats. “Let there be plants, trees and animals to feed human beings on Earth,” Klantis exclaimed. At once, all fo these living organisms appeared. There was grass on the ground, trees sprouting out from a distance, and animals roaming the Earth. Klantis was amazed by his super powers and really pleased with the world he was creating.

Klantis and Grace used all of the resources created to survive and flourish on Earth. They were living happily. Eventually, Klantis and Grace had children and created a family of their own. Overtime, the population grew. As he got older, Klantis soon grew out of his super power. The world as we know it was complete thanks to Klantis and the explosion that started it all.
NAME: Katie Kriege
TITLE: Creativity of the Imagination

MYTH: The first gods came into existence when the universe was born. These gods were named Melana and Gedimen. Melana was the goddess of life. She spread love and happiness throughout the skies. Gedimen was the father of the sky. He would rule over all of the other gods and goddesses to come. Melana and Gedimen had three children. Their first child was witty and smart, and they named him Intelligence. Their second child was beautiful and caring, and they named her Love. Their last child could create whatever came to her mind, and they named her Imagin. When she was a baby, she could not control her power and she would think of dangerous things that would immediately come to life. Unfortunately, they saw her gift as a danger and forbid her from ever using it.

For the majority of Imagins’ youth, she was locked away in a dungeon, unable to use her power because of the magical spell that was cast upon it. She soon learned that the only way she would be able to break the spell and escape the confined space of the gruesome dungeon was to gain complete control over her gift. However, this task was not as easy as Imagin had imagined. Often she would spend long days wishing for company. It was only on rare occasions that her family would come to visit her. When they did come they could never look at her straight, for staring at Imagin’s sorrowful face made them uneasy. Year after year she grew more and more angry at her parents for locking her away. Unfortunately, her anger made her power unstable and uncontrollable. This prolonged the process of breaking the spell.

Fortunately, after 16 years of confinement, Imagin forgave her parents for locking her up. She realized that they were only protecting her from herself and the harm that she could potentially emit to others around her. When this concept finally became apparent to her, the ground beneath the cell began to shake and the shackles that banded her hands and feet released, the cell walls vanished, and she fell onto a blank sphere like surface. On this surface she imagined flowers, lushes green grass, bustling forests, and beautiful blue skies. She called this place aina o ka nani, meaning land of beauty in Hawaiian.

This breathtaking land became her peaceful oasis, where she could create whatever she wished. She also had the benefit of being able to block her family from visiting her stupendous creation. Although Imagin had forgiven her family for locking her away, she still was hurt by their barbarous act. As soon as Melana and Gedimen got word of their daughter’s escape, they rushed to find where she had escaped to. Despite their desperate attempts to reclaim their daughter, they turned up empty handed. Imagin got word of their search for her and agreed to a face to face meeting. It was agreed that this meeting would be on her terms only, and she invited them to aina o ka nani.

When Imagin’s parents arrived, they felt remorse for locking their daughter up all of those years and not appealing to the better person that she had become. They profusely apologized, and although she did accept their apologies, anyone could tell that it was not sufficient enough for her. She explained to them how she had gained control over her power and how she felt about being locked away. She also explained to them that in all good there is bad and in all bad there is good. To prove that to them, she thought up humans and immediately these man like figures came to life. She said that they would live on her land and that not everyone would be perfect, but she would give each and everyone the chance to find good in themselves.
NAME: Abigail
TITLE: The Giant Tree

MYTH: Once a long time ago on a plain and dark day, the first day of the world in fact! There was nothing but a hill, one plain hill until a million years later a huge tree appeared this tree had one big seed on the top, this seed grew larger and larger until many years later this seed cracked open and out came aloyakimishun! He fell on the ground and didn’t move one bit just stayed there in shock then a week later he moved wondering why he was here a couple months later he got bored of his surroundings and got very lonely so he decided to gather sand and shape it into a body that he called a human, aloyakimishun wanted this human to move and speak just like he could do, but it didn’t, he was so upset that he cried, after he stopped crying the human he made had disappeared, his tears made the human just like him.

When aloyakimishun realised this he decided to create a huge pool of tears to make more of his humans all his tears also made the sea after many months maybe even years, aloyakimishun had made enough humans to fill the whole world! There also was still enough tears to fill the sea. But aloyakimishun didn’t think this was enough so he wanted more in the world. A week later he noticed that there was another seed on the tree that he was born on, suddenly the seed cracked open and out came millions of animals, creatures and insects that now filled the world along with the humans, even though he was happy with his animals he still wanted more so he kept watching the tree hoping another seed would appear and one did! He was so happy the seed now cracked but nothing came out, so aloyakimishun watched the seed and waited not even knowing that something beautiful was behind him, until one day aloyakimishun was starting to get tired but couldn’t stop looking at the seed as he cared so much about making this world complete and the next day aloyakimishun dropped to the ground. Aloyakimishun died without even knowing that final egg completed more of the world with trees! Aloyakimishuns two eyes turned into the sun and the moon his body turned into the earth and his mouth turned into the sky.
NAME: Alex Garland
TITLE: They Became the Stars (Origin Story)

MYTH: Grass flooded the land, leaving nothing but itself in its wake. The tall, viridescent blades shook even without wind to move it, almost as if it had a life of its own. The sky, however, held no life. An almost achromatic void laid far above, granting a white light to shine upon the ground. The only breathing creature to bask in it was a single beast: Vilkas.

With paws that nearly crushed the beautiful grass underneath, yet seemed to glide, Vilkas was a magnificent creature. His fur was like a swatch of stars, stolen from the gods. Eyes, glistening, seemed to hold entire nonexistent galaxies. His body was nearly as large as the land itself, and his long snout and gaping maw could swallow the void above whole. Yet, he was lonely and wanting. Vilkas roamed the land for uncountable and unmeasurable years alone, searching for something- anything- that could give him company. But there was naught except the sky without an expression, and the grass that would whisper sweet nothings into Vilkas’ soft ears. One day, when the void above chose to turn from its usual achromatic into a hazy red came another- a long-necked beast from the depths of the grass. Translucent, crystal-like antlers rose from the quaking ground, and the rest of the creature followed. Its fur was as white as the teeth in Vilkas’ jaws, and its elegant hooves seemed to contain galaxies of its own. Ruby eyes blinked at Vilkas, noticing him for the first time. As if seeming to know what the beast would utter, it declared its name, Elnias, with a whisper, but with a voice full of authority. Like Vilkas, he was male.

Elnias was what Vilkas had wanted for all the centuries he spent upon the barren earth. He was a friend, and someone he could relate to. They frolicked in the tall grass, playing for centuries and never tiring. When bored, they would lay together and listen to the murmurs of the green while watching the sky above, that had now changed from the hazy red when Elnias appeared to ever changing colors of yellow, green, blue, and purple. Both were at peace.

Elnias eventually became tired of their games. He wanted more. The land was barren, they both knew this, yet could there be something more out there? Could they make something appear out there? Elnias posed these questions to his companion as they were curled together, noses in each other’s warm being. They could be gods, he said with conviction. They were meant for something more than just playing.

Vilkas considered this. Elnias and himself were born for something more. Before the white beast rose from the ground, years ago, the void above used to whisper to him just as the grass did. It whispered of greatness, it whispered of creation and life and beauty. Vilkas wanted none of that. He simply wanted a friend. He conveyed this sentiment to Elnias softly, so softly, that he almost did not hear. Curious yet taken aback, Elnias removed himself from Vilkas’ embrace. If they were in fact gods, why not take advantage of it? Why not make living things they could watch over and care for, just as they did for each other? Still, Vilkas winced at his words, and glanced away. He only needed Elnias, the whispering grass (his constant friend) and nothing else. He wanted their days of play to last a lifetime.

Enraged, yet understanding, Elnias bounded away from his friend, and into the void above. He would create life, even if his companion said otherwise. Just as he was beginning to hear the mutters of the abyss, Vilkas crashed into him, pleading for him to stop, and warning him of the possible consequences of his ambition. Creating life was fine, but what would the life do, left to its own devices. What if they couldn’t control it, and death and bloodshed followed. Elnias understood, yet insisted that they, together, could control and watch over what they created. Life was unpredictable, he knew, but the barren grass was too lonely for the white stag. This statement shook Vilkas to his core. He himself never felt lonely since Elnias appeared and he felt as if he needed nothing more than his warmth. Blinded by shock and sadness, he launched himself at Elnias in an effort to get him to stop and rethink.

Both gigantic beasts tumbled grasped at each other, rolling in the void sky that had changed to the violent hue of red that surfaced when Elnias first came forth. The stag’s ruby eyes blazed in anger as he dug his crystalline antlers, now coated with substance into Vilkas’ black fur. Why couldn’t he understand? Both creatures shared the same thought.

Vilkas’ black fur spilled the galaxies it held into the void and filled it fully. Stars and planets formed magnificently around them as they fought tooth and horn. Their fight was filled with grief, both wanted to stop but their differing hearts held them strong against each other. The stars were crushed beneath them, and the void wept. The carcasses of the stars fell upon the earth and eroded it, in turn creating plantlife, mountains and animals. From the shells of long dead animals emerged the first stages of human life, which struggled, but eventually flourished. Vilkas’ prediction of war and bloodshed, however, came true. Neither of which could be controlled. They eventually broke apart, panting and weary. Each was filled with a new light. Elnias shone with the glow of his ambition, a fiery white that lit up the universe around him. His crystalline horns were filled the yellow of Vilkas’ blood and tears. The black beast was too, lit up by the stag’s light, and shone with an almost white gleam. They stood so close, yet so far from each other. Vilkas yearned to close the gap, but every step he took was another step Elnias took away. Elnias declared that his ambition was too bright and differed too much from Vilkas’ dark glow, and so they must chase their ambitions apart until they finally can learn from each other. Both beasts silently (and one reluctantly) agreed to this. So, both shared the universe, and watched over what they made, each with their own different appreciation and fears of what they created. When the time came, they chased each other around their planet again, reminiscing of their lost time. Their chase will continue until they can run no more, and envelope each other in an embrace that will shatter everything around them until they are back to what they once were.
If you listen closely to the grass you so harshly tread upon, you might hear their faint whispers of the old gods that watch, and how one day, they will come to claim what they have wrought.
NAME: Hunter Gallo Title:
TITLE: The Grand Creator

MYTH: In the beginning, Earth was a vast and empty land. Over it stood watch the grand creator, who had fabricated Earth. However, there were no species to keep watch over. So, the grand creator reached down into the Earth, and from it he pulled a mass of clay. He worked for days and nights, shaping and crafting the clay. He first created the plants from the clay on the surface of the Earth, and they soon covered the outer layer of the planet. Then, the grand creator created the small animals and fish from the next layer of clay, which was purer and more fit to be used on creatures such as that. He released the small animals on to the Earth, and soon they populated every corner of dry land. The fish were then released into the vast bodies of water, quickly becoming accustomed to their environment.

However, it mattered not how pure and deep the clay the grand creator used, he could not create humans. He first tried the deepest and most pure clay available from the depths of earth, but could only manage to create bears. He then concentrated the power of the sun and moon on his clay as he sculpted, but could only create primates. He worked with all his might, sculpting and molding countless creatures, but it was no use. The grand creator knew not how to create a man. In a final frustrated attempt, the grand creator concentrated the power of the sun on himself as he molded. The immense heat and strain caused the grand creator to work up a sweat. As he twisted and shaved the clay to form the twists and turns of a human, his sweat dripped onto the clay and instantly sprung to life the first human.

The grand creator then realized it was not enough to simply make a man in his own image, but to provide a piece of himself to each and every human. As humans, we make mistakes just as the grand creator did in his attempts to create man.
The Burden of a Heavy Heart; A creation Myth on why praying mantis eat their mate.

MYTH: The gods had called together a meeting, a new creation was to be decided. The creators had thought for a many of sunsets and sunrises on the manner, their wisdom could not tie together. The eldest God spoke up on the seventh day, and a preposition was made.

“We are to make a creature who prays only to us, its only goal is to live out the land. This creature is to be alone, another of its kind will shy it away from its task at hand."

When the choice was agreed on, the gods set to crafting the entity that was to be. Once they had finished, another meeting was called.

“It’s a sight to behold, for it prays even in its god's presence.“

The elder held out his hand, and from it emerged a winged creature, no bigger than his palm. After giving the praying mantis its name, and instructing it on its meaning of life, the gods sent it to Earth.

Days turned into months, and months turned into decades. The mantis prayed and worshipped the gods as she was instructed, never once disobeying her ultimate order. She had grown lonely, her years on the earth and seeing other creatures with mates had made her feeble heart grow sad. It was time to ask why. She went to the gods with one question,

“Why am I not blessed with a hand to hold while the other beings who roam the earth are to never know the emptiness in their heart such as I?"

The gods sat and pondered her question then decided it was time to show her the love she craved.

“We will make you a mate if and only if you promise to carry out your prayers, not a single one is to be missed. If so, we will not only show you the pain of loss but the burden of a heavy heart." With this said, she was sent back to the lands with what she desired.

Years went by and she did what had came so naturally to her, praying to the gods. Her heart was filled with joy and content as the two Praying mantis worshipped together.

One day, her mate asked, “Why do you cherish the gods more than I? Is it not I who fills your heart with Joy and love?" She could not argue with his question, so she could only stare dumbfounded that he would question her love.

He spoke again, this time with anger in his voice. “I so willingly give you my heart, but yours goes to the Gods above. They do not hold your hand, or walk the earth with you as I do. I will not stay a moment later if your heart does not become completely indoued to me, I shall leave."

Becoming so overcome in sadness and grieve for the thought of losing her one and only, she disobeyed the Gods in the name of love and that night it was decided the two would bare children. The Gods became furious, outraged that she had not been doing her service to them. On that night, the gods had carried out their promise that if she disobeyed their orders, she would pay in loss and grief.

Once the two had went through the ceremonial mating ritual, the two had shared their love for one another. She could not stop the impulses as he spoke to her sweet nothings, and soon became indulged in them. Before she could stop herself, he was dead at her own hands, his head had become her dinner. She went to the gods straight away, pleading for the curse to be uplifted and her mate’s life to be returned. The gods spoke harshly, their eyes looking down with rage.

“You skipped your prayers, brought shame to the name of the ones who created you for the gift we bestowed to you. For your actions we have merely kept our promise, we once gave you love but now you are to know only terminal and grieve. You will know love again, and so will the others you are to birth, but your actions will pass onto them. Each one cursed to take the lives of their mates, and feel the pain of regret. Your prayers will become ignored, but you will never be realised from your obligation to pray. This lesson was one you could have avoided, but yet you still took the risk.“

With that said the praying mantis was sent back to the earth where her children flourished, each one carrying the burden of heartache their ancestors brought forth.

NAME: Brooklyn
Paint the Sky

MYTH: It was a cold night and everything was still and calm. No one could see without the light from the fire. The sky would always stay black and barren without any light. An old woman was walking slowly across the cold ground. The old lady wondered what the sky would look like with bright colors placed across it critically. The woman used her imagination, pulled out her brush, and pretended that the brush was placing colors in the sky.

All of a sudden colors bursted out of her brush and began to flow across the dark, barren sky. Baby and navy blues danced around. Purples followed skipping, shamrock greens ran around the sky in circles. The colors swirled together and switched back and forth as the lady kept brushing. People that were shocked to see this happening gathered around the lady to admire her work. The lady sprinkled white on the brush to throw it into the sky and as she was throwing it into the sky, it speckled all around the sky.

The woman concealed her image for people in the north. The image would also provide a heat that people can’t feel on the outside, but on their insides when they see it. People from everywhere would travel near and far just to see the creation. Lakes would make the image flow to visitors, icebergs would conceal the image and add a glossy glow, and the colors would reflect from people’s eyes as it seeped into the soul as they  wondered where the beautiful lights came from.

MYTH: When birds were put on Earth, they could all fly. Over the green meadows and vast seas they were happy and free, but the birds were very competitive. Of who can fly the highest or who’s the biggest or who can lay the largest egg. But the most arrogant of all were the penguin and the ostrich. They were always trying to beat each other or making the other one look stupid. So one day they decided to have a flying race. Both both birds soared over the blue skies through the clouds and up into the heavens. When they got there, the god Locius exclaimed.

“STOP!” the ostrich and penguin both looked up at the god in fear. “I have seen you too on Earth competing all the time and I want it to stop. You both are arrogant and selfish and you’re making all the other birds feel bad. If I see any more arrogance from you two in the next day, then you both will lose your ability to fly.”

The birds sulked back down to Earth just as the sun was starting to set. The ostrich said “Do you--” but then remembered that he couldn’t ask tell the penguin if he wanted to race because he lose his ability to fly. As they approached all the other birds on the dry brown land the penguin started to speed towards land ahead. Ostrich, completely shocked by the way penguin went so fast decided that he wanted to go faster. So then began a race knowing that they weren’t supposed to. But when they were about to reach land, the penguin suddenly fell into the water and the ostrich into the desert. All the other birds so frightened by this flew away but when the ostrich and penguin tried to fly they couldn’t. And ever since then, penguins and ostriches cannot fly.

TITLE: The Gods' Hard Work
NAME: Molly Chambers

MYTH: In the very beginning, there were two all-powerful oceans, and the blackness of the sky. One day, the salty sea and the sweet sea were very rough, almost too rough. The waves kept getting bigger and bigger and then there was a crash so big and mighty it shook the world. The waves started to go down after this crash, and everything went back to normal. The only thing that was different was that there was a creature standing on the the water with one foot on each ocean. This creature was male, and for many days after it was born, it just stood there. With each day, the waves started to calm even more, as if he was sucking the strength out of these waters. After 10 days of standing, the creature finally moved and the darkness of the sky spoke its name. “Agbara,” it said. “God of the land”. Right after the the name was spoken, Agbara raised his hands towards the sky and spoke his first word. “Land,” With that word, the earth started to tremble, and just like that, areas of land rose above the water.

For many months Agbara roamed the land in the dark, yet after awhile he became lonely. He went back to the oceans and summoned someone out of the water. Out came a beautiful women, and the sky spoke again. “Ilma,” it said. “Goddess of the Sea”. With that, Ilma and Agbara became husband and wife, and they had many children together. They had Jua, who was very bright and he lit up the sky during the day. Ilma and Agbara had a beautiful daughter named Luna, who loved to dance around the sky at night. They also had Luonto who loved to nurture what his father had created, and made every piece of land beautiful. They were also the creators of the little lights that sat in the sky at night and winked at the ground down below.

When Luna and Jua reached of age, they married and had a child. The baby was born, and Luna and Jua immediately thought of the name Dawn. Dawn was very beautiful, and every time she showed her face, she brought a glow that would shimmer over the land and waters in the most amazing way. Yet, as Dawn became older, she would only seem to show her face once a day, when both of her parents were awake. When Luna and Jua got married, Luonto became jealous of them and he used all of his strength and willpower to create his wife. After a week of channeling his strength, he created his wife. Her name was Besto, and she became the creator of all animals. She and Luonto married and had four babies which they named North, West, East, and South. Their children controlled the four winds, and were very powerful. They could knock down a forest with one tantrum.

As Agbara’s family continued to grow, he realized that they were working too hard to keep up with their duties. Luonto and Besto were always controlling their kids, and didn’t have time to look after the land all of the time. The land was drying out because of this. His wife, Ilma, was trying to look after the water and the land for her son, but after awhile she became tired. The oceans levels were dropping, so Agbara sat down and came up with a genius plan.

He went back to the receding waters, and he summoned a different kind of people out of the waters. They were not gods, but they were going to take the hard work off of their hands. They were going to worship the gods because these people were their creators. They all made a decision that if they worked hard to protect their land, in return the gods would protect them. Agbara summoned more and more of The New People and told them to work. These people were did what he said and more. They had brought life to the land once again. When Agbara’s family saw these people, they relaxed and became one with their duties once more. They did their jobs of keeping The New People in check, and those who stepped out of their line were killed. As time went on, these people became more powerful and the gods became more and more pleased. The gods had finally become relieved of their eternal jobs.

NAME: Arif Marzouki

MYTH: In the deep part of Japan there was this man named Kwiosuku. He loved animals and treated them like his own children. He loved everything about them, how birds can chirp, how dogs can dig, how fish can swim and how every he sees a new one. One day Kwiosuku was walking in the forest heading to the mountains to search for water. While walking he could hear this vast noise that sounded a lot like barking but not quite. He decided to go search for what that noise was. Kwiosuku finally reached the top of the mountain. He was awfully tired but he was determined to find what that was. He kept walking along the top of the mountain for a long time.

He saw a waterfall and decide to go sit by it to rest a drink. As he was getting water he heard the noise again. But now he could hear it so clearly that it was like it was right next to him.he started to look around, every step he took he heard it getting closer and closer. All of a sudden he saw this animal lying behind a bush looking scared. He walked over to it and looked at it very closely. Kwiosuku did not know what animal it was but it looked really similar to his dog. He called it Okami the name of his mother. He picked Okami up put him in his bag and started to walk back home. As he was walking he saw that Okami was hurt. He out him and saw that he was bit in the legs by some other creature. By then the sun was setting and he knew he had to get home before dark came. He quickly hurried home. He set down Okami and wrapped his legs in clothe. He gave him water and food to drink and eat. Kwiosuku was very tired from walking so much he fell asleep right away.  The next morning Okami was a very large wolf.  Kwiosuku woke because he heard a very large howl and didn’t know where it came from. He got out of his tent and went to check on Okami. When he walked over to Okami he saw something in the bushes. He walked over to it and there was Okami. He was surprised because Okami had grew a lot in one night. He did not look friendly he looked mean and ferocious. Okami ran around and knocked over everything in Kwiosuku tent. Kwiosuku was not happy, he had to put Okami in a cage so he didn’t destroy everything. Okami didn’t like how he had to be left in the cage all day. He destroyed the cage in less than ten seconds and went to Kwiosuku’s animals and hit them with his paws. He cried and yelled and they caught Kwiosuku’s attention. He went over to where his animals were and saw them scratched up and beat down. He knew that Okami had done this and could not let this happen anymore. He went in his tent and grabbed his katana. He got out of the tent and looked around for Okami. All of a sudden Okami jumped out of the back of the tent and tried to bit Kwiosuku. He push off Okami away from him grabbed his sword and sliced Okami’s head. Kwiosuku was sorry about what he had done. Okami spirit was very angry. Okami needed to live so his spirit went into Kwiosuku’s dog and became Okami in a different body. Kwiosuku never saw his dog again.

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