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Write your own creation myth! The Big Myth Webmaster will read each entry, and will choose the best ones to post online. It can be written for any time period - think of the past, to present day, even an imaginary country. Of course, this is open to everyone of all ages, not just students. Your email address won't be published, but please include it so we can let you know that your myth has been uploaded.

Have fun!

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NAME: Zach Eisenman
AGE: 13
TITLE: Dermarian Creation Myth

In the beginning, there was only light.

It was white, and if you were to look at it, it would be like looking at a thousand suns. Out of this light came Macoroco, the God of Light. He lived alone in his vast whiteness. But one day he became very sad, for he had no lover. So, he created Gendorodo, the goddess of marriage. She gave birth to Casiva. All was well in the empty vast whiteness… until Casiva got tired of the nothingness and created a God of her own, Mentafar! He was the god of darkness, and he fell in love with his creator. But the Queen and King did not like him, for he was the opposite of them. They told their daughter that she was not allowed to stay with them if she loved Mentafar. So, she ran away with him, as he left a trail of darkness.

Years went by and Casiva gave birth to two children: her daughter, Noelia, and her son, Yallenden. Noelia created the earth, and stayed there on that lump of rock. Her brother, Yallenden, became the god of the moon. On earth, there was only night. Macoroco and Gendorodo both saw this and demanded that there would be light on earth. Nobody listened, so they created Heron, god of the sun. But he and Yallenden did not get along so they rotated around the earth and stayed on opposite sides for most if not all of the days.

All was well again, and with the light came a small patch of green. This grew and grew until Noelia made into a tree. Each day it grew taller and taller, until it was able to touch the sky. This was known as the Tree of Life. One day, the tree shook and out came Arien, goddess of nature. With this act, the king and queen became angry.

As the queen and king became angrier on how successful Cassava was, they went to battle between them. The battle lasted thousands of years. The Battle Of Darkness and Light. Macoroco was killed in battle, and fell down to earth. His long big arms became rows of mountains. His nose became caves, his hair became grass, large fields of grass.

Gendorodo mourned of his death and became helpless without him. Her tears dropped from the heavens to the earth, where streams, rivers, and lakes formed. But her last tear drop became the god of water, Seth. Noelia finally killed her and chopped her up into small pieces. Her body became puffy things in the sky, they were called “clouds” and when it rained, it was her tears for she continued to more him.
NAME: Matt Tanner
TITLE: The Creation of the Earth

The loving and heart-warming forgotten story to tell you,
The dark was a king of the universe way back when,
But he was in pain, KABOOM!, the most powerful EL, the god of the sky, creation and nation of Israel spew out of king dark’s chest,
Then there was everything, already born.
After of such time, he took a matter into his own hands and created his numerous children,
The list of names as follows:
The Ephraim lineage:
Neith and Nun-the earth and the chaotic waters
Ra – Goddramon  Egyptian god of the sun,
Tefnut- Egyptian goddess of rain, snow, hail, ice, cold wind,
Shu- Egyptian god of air,
Nut- Egyptian goddess of the sky
Geb- Egyptian god of the earth
Osiris- Egyptian god of the under earth,
Hathor-ast- Egyptian mother goddess,
Horus-Halsemon Egyptian god of the sky (Heliopolitan avenger, Iron Garuda, wings of love, etc.)
Anubis-Anubimon Egyptian god of afterlife and doctors,
Khnum- Egyptian god of arts and crafts,
Sobek- Egyptian god of water and the Nile river,
Sekhmet- Egyptian god of war and fire,
Khonsu- Egyptian god of the moon,
And Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom.

The Kushite (East African, Kenyan, Tanzanian, and Ethiopian) gods lineage:

Serket- Skullscorpiomon  Kenyan goddess of death,
Heket- Tanzanian goddess of water,
Bast- Ethiopian founder of the independent nation of Wakanda.

The Ashur tribal lineage (Kurdistan):

Ashur- Assyrian god of the sky,
Shamash- Assyrian god of the sun,
Nanna- Assyrian goddess of the moon,
Baal- Assyrian god of thunder,
Tammuz- Assyrian god of the earth,
And Ningal- Assyrian god of war and fire.

The Benjaminite lineage:

Ormazd-(Aura Mazda)-Holy Angelmon (priest mode) Persian/Iranian god of the sky,
Vohu Manna- Muzuzu-Dorugyrmon Persian/Iranian god of animals and wildlife,
Khasatra vairya-Holy Angelmon Persian/Iranian god of war and metals,
Asha-Meramon  Persian/Iranian god of fire,
Amertat-Ancient Troymon Persian/Iranian goddess of the earth,
Haurvatat-Ancient Mermaid Mon Persian/Iranian goddess of the sea,
Spenta Mainyu-Archangelmon Persian/Iranian god of sun, moon, and justice,
And Ahrimon- Persian/Iranian god of death.

The Menasha lineage:

Brahma- Vedic god of creation,
Vishnu- Vedic god of the sky (Matsya, Kurma,  Varhara,  Narasimha, and Kalki.)
(the fish, the green sea turtle, the warthog, the lion/tiger hybrid, and the horse.)
Lakshmi- the mother goddess,
Garuda-Garudamon Vedic  god of the sky “in-training”,
Indra- Vedic  god of thunder,
Agni- Vedic  god of fire,
Vayu- Vedic  god of air,  
Varuna- Vedic  god of the ocean,
Ganga- Vedic  goddess of the river Ganges,
Surya- Vedic  god of the sun,
Ratri- Vedic goddess of the moon,
Vritra-Vritramon Vedic god of evil,
Yama- Vedic god of death,
Shiva- Vedic god of destruction,
Kali- Vedic goddess of death,
Ganesha-Skullmammothmon  Vedic god of wisdom.

The Issachar lineage:

(Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Filipino gods)
Issachar Xian (China):
Yu-huang Chinese god of the sky,
Kuan-ti Chinese god of war,
Lei-gong Chinese god of thunder,
Zhu-rong  Chinese god of the sun and the fire,
Nezha-  Chinese goddess of moon and mischief,
And Yen-Wang-Lo  Chinese god of death.
Issachar Amatsu-kami (Japan and Korea):
Yo- Japanese god of the sky,
Amaterasu- Japanese goddess of the sun,
Tsuki-yomi Japanese god of the moon,
Susanoomon- Japanese god of thunder and storms,
Kagutsuchi- Japanese god of fire,
Bishamon- Japanese god of war,
Inari- Japanese god of food,
And Mikaboshi- Japanese god of death.
Issachar Diwata (the Philippines):
Bathala- Filipino  god of the sky,
Apo Laki- Filipino god of war and the sun,
Mayari- Filipino goddess of the moon and stars,
Anitun- Filipino goddess of air,
Aswang- Filipino god of death.

The Joseph lineage:

(Russian, Kazakhstani, Uzbek, and Mongol-Turkic gods)
Joseph Svargan (U.S.S.R):
Svarog- Russian god of the sky,
Saul- Russian goddess of the sun,
Perun- Russian god of thunder (ultimate marvel comics era),
Svarozvich- Russian god of fire,
Stribog- Russian god of air,
Wels- Russian god of death.

Joseph Tenger:

(Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, and Turkey)
Tengri- god of the sky,
Koyash- god of the sun,
Ulgen- goddess of the moon,
Asena- the Wolf goddess of the snow,
Tulpar-the Pegasus god of the air,
Kuara- the god of thunder,
Erlik- god of death and evil.

The Naphtali lineage:

(West African, Senegalese, Cuban,  Haitian,  Liberian, Nigerian, Congolese, Angolan, and  Mauritanian gods)
Nano-Buluku  African god of the sky,
Anansi- African god of spiders,
Ogun- African god of war and the sun,
Legba- African god of the moon,
Sango- African god of thunder,
Damballah- African god of snakes and the earth,
The Death Baron- (Samadhi) African god of death,
The Gorilla King- African god of gorillas.

The Judah (Jewish) lineage:

(Judaeo-Christian gods)
Arch Angelmon (all of them),
Seraphimons (all of them),

The Gadite lineage:

(British, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Tlingit-Haida, Blackfoot, Cree, Assiniboine, Huron, Mexican, and Inuit gods)

Gad Tuatha da Dana an:

(The United Kingdom, Wales, Ireland, Scotland.)
Dagda- god of the sky,
Cernunnos-Moose Mon god of animals and wildlife,
Taranis- Jupitermon god of thunder,
Leir- Poseidomon  god of the sea,
Morrigan- Dianamon goddess of war and death,
Lady of the lake- friend of King Artorius (Arthur),
King Artorius (Arthur), unda- god of war.

Gad Manidoog:

Manitou- god of the sky,
Thunderbird-Thunderbirmon god of thunder,
Raven- god of creation and mischief,
Tawa- god of the sun,
Sysyutl- god of the moon,
Bald Eagle,
Haokah- god of thunder and rain/snow,
Owayodata- god of the wild animals and archery,
Spruce Sapling- god of death and rebirth/forests,
Toomazooma- god of storytellers.

Gad Inua:

(Northern Canada/Greenland)
Hodiak- god of the sky,
Nelvanna- goddess of northern lights and the moon,
Nunaq- god of animals and the sun,
Sedna- Seadramon  goddess of the sea/Arctic Ocean.

Gad Teteoh:

Quetzalcoatl- Quetzalmon god of the sky,
Axolotl- god of sun and fire,
Huitzilopochtli- god of war and sacrifice,
Ozomatli- god of music,
Coatlique- goddess of the earth,
Mictlantcutli- god of death.

And after all that was said and done, EL then changed his name to Yahweh, created the various other planets for his heavenly
Children to live on, starting their own lives, finally, he turned to making fish and water mammals in the water, amphibians and
Reptiles on land along with various species of mammal that lived here, various types of birds in the air along with bats,
After all that he did, finally time to make Humanity and Mutants (Digimon/non-Digimon), (of course he loved us all),
Then he divided humanity and mutants into various nation-states across the known world, Africa (west and east) (including Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Somalia)

Anatolia  (Cappadocia, modern-day Turkey)
Phoenicia (Lebanon),
Assyria (Kurdistan),
Mesopotamia (Iraq),
Persia (Iran),
The Philippines,
Roman provinces of Caledonia (Scotland),  Hibernia(Ireland), Cymru (Wales), Britannia (UK), Belgica (Belgium), Helvetia (Switzerland),
and Gaul (France),
Canada (north and south),
And Mexico.

On the 7th and final day Yahweh took upon himself to take a royal nap,

One day Lucifer (Devimon) was angry that his inheritance was stolen, so he decided to destroy humanity,
He didn’t know that his brother was watching,
So he plotted to poison humanity with evil,
But before he could bite the apple thus, finishing his ultimate perfect plan,
God woke from his nap and said to him:
(I caught you in the tree trying to foil my plan)

Lucifer said:
Yes brother it’s me, I was trying to poison your loved ones,

God then said on to him next:

(I’ll take upon myself to keep my non-human children of earth safe by hiding them on Celestial Heliopolis,
As for humanity, for you Adam you must toil on earth until you return to it, and eve, you shall create your
Own children through suffering, and as for you my dear brother, you’ll then shed your skin, turn
Your eyes red, you’ll go bald, your skin will turn to armour, your ears and nose will shrivel and die,
You’ll have to shrivel your limbs until they’re gang green to a point where you’ll have elongated
Body that end with a rattle of dead skin on your tail, you’ll have the wings of a giant bat, finally,
You’ll have the horns of an ibex, and you’ll have no teeth except the canines in your mouth,
To only grow in your mouth as a pair of hypodermic needles in hospitals,
And you’ll have no choice but to exile yourself below the earth I made.
The Digimon creation story

NAME: Kaia
TITLE: The Creation of the Earth

MYTH: One day the Water God, Poseidon, and the Volcano God, Hephaestus, had a disagreement. None of the gods knew why they hated each other so much. Poseidon struck Hephaestus with his strong trident, and Hephaestus was in such great pain he started to cry lava. The lava soon hardened, and that created the earth’s foundation. But Poseidon and Hephaestus were still fighting. Hephaestus was angry, and he hit Poseidon hard this time with his hammer. Poseidon began to cry, and in his great pain, his tears formed a body of water, the ocean. Soon Aphrodite, Hephaestus’ wife had a child, but this child had special seeds that he planted on earth. Every seed turned into grass and trees. There were two special seeds, however, that soon sprouted into the first man and woman. This was the beginning of the earth, life, and humans.
NAME: Jonas
TITLE: The Great Flood and the Oceans

MYTH: Long ago, Slonua, Goddess of Water, was watching over the seaside villages and town when she suddenly had to go help her brother, Tachanka, God of Earth. When she returned, the people of the villages and towns had stop worshipping her and had started killing and attacking others. In her anger, she asked her brother to make the seas salty, and to flood the seaside land to kill all of those who had stopped worshipping her and had started killing or attacking others. Before doing this, she told all of the people who had kept worshipping her and keeping their proper customs to travel to the top of streams and rivers to keep out of danger. When the seas became salty and the land flooded, these worshippers were saved and became the people who inhabit the earth.
NAME: Will
TITLE: The Creation of Bats

MYTH: Once upon a time, there was a colony of rats. One young rat named Shakalla was playing on a cave where she was not allowed to be. A rock fell from the ceiling and crushed her arms and dust flew into her eyes. She was blinded and her arms were flat. All she had lefts were her thumbs. She was so scared, she couldn't move. When the rest of the rat colony came looking for her where there had been an earthquake, all of the rest of the rats were crushed just like her. Some died or were wounded, but most got their arms crushed. They were all blinded from the dust, and everyone was so scared they couldn't talk anymore. All they could do was chatter their teeth in fear. The young rat realized that if she moved her arms very fast she could hover.

One day when she told the rest of the rat colony about how to hover, they loved it. They could all learn to fly, and so they realized it was safer to stay on the ceiling to avoid falling rocks. They had no hands, so they had to hang upside down which began to stretch their ears. They only come out at night because the light hurt their eyes. Their children began to explore, and they can now be found all around the world. They are still scared of the rocks, and to this day, still chatter their teeth.?
NAME: Diego
Night and Day

MYTH: Once upon a time when the earth was young, and life was just starting to become normal, the world was at peace because the balance of the world was perfect. Up in the sky world above were born two baby god children named Lumo and Sol. Lumo and Sol were twins. They were the children of the god of light and the goddess of darkness, and the grandchildren of the sky god. Lumo and Sol constantly fought as they weren't just siblings but they were twins. They disagreed on everything.

As the twins grew older, their Grandfather, the God of the Sky, assigned them the task of separating the light and the darkness. Sol named his creation Day, and Lumo named his creation Night. Next, Grandfather Sky assigned Sol and Lumo to give their creation to the world below, but he warned them that they must give Day and Night equal time to the world below. If one or the other was longer, the balance of the world would be broken. But as they were twins, they still fought.

Lumo believed that he should go first in placing the sun in the sky so that the people on the earth could enjoy the warm sunlight. Lumo thought that the moon should be placed in the sky first so that people could enjoy the brightness of the moon. As the twins fought over who would be first in position, their grandfather came to them in their dreams warning them that, if the perfect balance was broken, all the bad things in the world would come to the people below.

When the twins awoke they agreed that Lumo would begin the morning by raising the sun to start the day, while Lumo would rule the night. The Grandfather was proud of his children, but he sensed unease in Lumo’s heart. Unfortunately, the Grandfather was coming close to his death. His last wish to his grandchildren was that they keep the peace. The day after the Grandfather’s death, the twins decided they would set the Sun and the Moon in the sky, but Lumo still had a blackness in his heart. So when the day came to give the Sun and the Moon to the people, as Sol was putting the Sun in the sky, Lumo tossed the Moon into the sky in front of the Sun. That is why the Moon occasionally glows red. When Sol found out what his brother had done, it was too late. The balance of the world was broken. Sol’s fury was so great that he tossed his brother into the depths of the Underworld, Sol took his place as the king of the heavens, while Lumo became the king of the Underworld. This is why daytime is associated with life and joy, while night is associated with death and fear.
NAME: Adanna
TITLE: The Beginning of life and living.

MYTH: Once there was a lion named Tratiti that could turn into a human so as he was walking around he created some trees (Peas) and when he went away a human fell out of it and was surprised and confused but when the Tratiti came back and asked how did you get here. The human said I was born from the pea pod and Tratiti was surprised and saw that the human was hungry and asked are you hungry? The human said yes the the lion went away as a lion to get some food for the human and it took him 2 hours and when he came back the lion came back with some berries,meat and some other fruits and when he gave it to the human he ate it in less than 5 minutes and then the lion realised that the human was really hungry then when he roared things started forming like: animals, plants, oceans, lands e.t.c then he moved the human to another space so he does not eat the animals and then when the lion came to give him food and saw that the human was very lonely and then the lion roared and created a woman for the man then they filled the earth with their kids and there were a lot of sounds from animals, the humans and their kids and then lion rested after the work he did but whenever someone needed help he would go and help that person and thought and said we need to create something to let people could explore the world and also travel different places. But he said let’s create something called planets and when he said that he thought and did as he said . The world moved around with life and people going places.

Tratiti the (lion) was happy and was a little bit lonely and thought to himself to create a woman to call his own. And her name was Te Fiti.They lived happily and they both helped people and it was faster because there were two people. They lived Happily ever after P.S (Helping People)
NAME: NMateo
TITLE: God’s power

MYTH: There was a god called Drobally. Then he made the sun and the moon and then he made the Earth.Then he saw that the Earth was Empty so he made people and then he put animals. Then he started to put grass ,trees, revers,caves,oceans.In the oceans he put fishes, sharks and other fishes.

Then he saw that he can’t take care of everything. Then he said to himself that he needs others to help him.So he made other gods one in each place one in water ,ice,fire,sky,land and animal those or the the god.

Then one day there were humans building their house.God then was surprised to see that they know how to build their house. Then the next Day their was a thunderstorm and wash away the people and the house and animals the next day Drobally said their would be more people. Then more people came and saw the house destroyed so then they went to get materials to rebuild the house that were destroyed. The next day the houses were all finished there were frams, hut, house, ponds and cemetery. Then God said to make boats and go to other islands and build villages there. In the night they were Taking tool so when they get to the other island. Then the next then sealed of to and other island. 2 weeks have past and they found no land then in the one night there was a thunderstorm and sink all the boats.god saw that the boat sank then. God though that bad thing happend if people went out to the ocean. Drobally talk to the water god and saw that he want in the water,and without him the water is out of control then Drobally saw him sad because no wan wanted to talk to him because is in water. Then god said let there be people that live in the water and then he thank him for it then every person went to other island and that how it all started.
NAME: Jonathan
TITLE: The Beginning

MYTH: In the beginning there was darkness. Then a being formed in the darkness his name was kaume , he was falling down and down and down. One day he finally decided to create land that would keep him from falling, he created the land called earth and the Heavens in which is where he would stay, he noticed the impact from him hitting the earth created a big crater when he landed, water started rushing out the ground and created the oceans, he added creatures called fish into the ocean, then he realized the earth was empty and so he added creatures called animals. they were all different shapes and sizes. The earth that was dry had no plants and trees, so he took a handful of seeds and through them on to the earth then suddenly the earth started sprouting plants and trees. Kaume was happy with his earth and started creating the universe, stars and the planets. He thought and he noticed this earth was a thriving place and he had to add beings like him, and so he started creating the first beings, it was hard work finding the perfect shape and size of the beings, but eventually he had it, he sent down just two people, they had the responsibility to create more people so they did, immediately the beings started creating houses and farms.

One day kaume came to earth and said to all the beings on earth that “you must believe in me you may not see me but i am here, Remember that or else darkness will come to you one day” , Then one day after that a human convinced his village to not believe in kaume and to believe that he created the earth. Banku was furious and from then on he said all beings would die and either come to live with him or go to his brothers universe which was filled with hatred and despair.
NAME: Ryuki
TITLE: The 5 Gods of the 5 Worlds

MYTH: Before the world was created, there was only darkness. Out of the darkness, came 5 gods: Moetsi, the creator, Razarac, the destroyer, Vida, life, Olum, death, and Balan, balance. Moetsi realized it was too dark, so he created a ball of fire and called it the Sun. They were all surprised and happy to see each other as they were not able to see in the darkness until now. They talked excitedly to each other but soon got bored. They liked to hang out with each other but got a little depressing with only the five of them.

One day, Vida thought of an idea of making people to talk to. They all liked the idea. And started making their own little group of beings. Moetsi created dwarves, Razarac created the cyclops, Olum created ghouls, Vida created elves, and Balan created humans. The gods created the first land to hold these beings. The land they made was light but had very little color. Each god placed their own little tribe of beings down onto the new, created world. The people started walking around and talking to each other. The gods wanted their people to live in a beautiful world, so they started making and decorating. Olum took some beads from his tunic, crushed them, and threw them into the sky. He called them the Stars. Then he realized that one piece was a lot bigger than the rest. Razarac used his whip to pull it toward the new world. This piece was not only bigger, but brighter than the rest. It seemed as if it gave an aura of power to the gods. They called this the Moon. This new extra power helped the gods be able to make things quicker. The gods made more things for the beings, as they were not immortal like them. Soon they have made potatoes, carrots, trees, water, and etc. The people began to thrive.

Then, one day, a human accidentally went into a cyclops's territory. The cyclops took this as an insult and waged war on the humans. The fight started affecting the other groups of beings and soon the entire world was at war. To stop this, Balan created 5 similar copies of the first world and left the peaceful, good hearted ones. He sent the rest of each type of being into one of these worlds and made sure that no one can find out or find the other beings. Balan used up so much energy doing this that the Moon went black. He went back and told the other gods that they should look out for the worlds, one world for each god. The next day, the Moon was back to it’s shining self again. Although the war has ended, and the people are separated, every month, the Moon turns black, and weakens the force that stops the worlds from finding each other.
NAME: Adam
TITLE: Nwo?n-fihanibiti-mo-wa the Cow

MYTH: In the beginning the Universe was empty. Only one god was alive. His name was K a-awo?n oruko?-oris?a. He just was there, doing whatever he wanted and drinking his favourite drink, milkiwannatiti-nobu. One day he decided to bring life to the Universe. He created a cow, and called it Nw o?n-fihanibiti-mo-wa. N wo?n-fihan ibiti-mo-wa was extremely smart and powerful, so Ka-awo?n oruko?-oris?a would have somebody to talk to and relate to.

One day he accidentally spilt some milkiwannatiti-nobu.The milkiwannatiti-nobu spread across the vast darkness of the Universe, creating galaxies. Ka-awo?n oruko?-oris?aregardedthisasamistakeandignoredit,butNw o?n-fihanibiti-mo-wa took this as inspiration. He dove down to one of the milk swirls and did a massive fart. The fartgas pooled in tiny spheres of swirling fartfire. He named these stars. He then broke a part off his hoof and spread the hoof dust around the milk swirl. The smaller particles were very fast, and zoomed through the swirls.

N wo?n-fihan ibiti-mo-wa called these asteroids. The larger particles were slow, and wandered through the galaxy until they found a star. Then they would start to orbit the star. N wo?n-fihan ibiti-mo-wa called these planets. He repeated this with all the swirls. Because of N wo?n-fihan ibiti-mo-wa’s extreme power, this only took a few hours. N wo?n-fihan ibiti-mo-wa could not manage the whole galaxy collection by himself, so he created thousands of lesser gods who were not as powerful as N wo?n-fihan ibiti-mo-wa but more powerful than the life forms on the planets. They included Emi-Ni, the air god, Lo?, the land god, Lati-Farasin, the water god, Ri-Mi, the fire god, Ni, the death god, Apa-Ohun, the star god, T i-o-ba-je?, the rock and asteroid god, Eranko, the food god, Ti-Ya, the drink god, Mi-Kuro, the science god, Si s?e, the family god, and other sub-gods like cheese god, orange god, seawater god, luck god, and many more. N wo?n-fihan ibiti-mo-wa then created creatures who were not very powerful or strong and set them onto some of the planets. They were very different from one another. N wo?n-fihan ibiti-mo-wa declared himself the King of this Collection of Swirls.

K a-awo?n oruko?-oris?a won't mind, he thought. Ka-awo?n oruko?-oris?a was asleep during this , and when he woke up he was furious!Nw o?n-fihanibiti-mo-wahaddeclaredhimselfaking!OnlyNagiWa-Titi Bonbo could be a king. He killed N wo?n-fihan ibiti-mo-wa . N wo?n-fihan ibiti-mo-wa ’s blood splattered across the galaxies, landing on planets and asteroids. His blood created life. Some of his blood landed on the stars, burning up and creating a barrier around the galaxies, so no matter how hard Ka-awo?n oruko?-oris?a, he could not get past the barrier and eliminate the life and the gods in the galaxies. We will always have N wo?n-fihan ibiti-mo-wa’s protection.
NAME: Yahav
TITLE: How is earth so beautiful.

MYTH: Once there lived two Gods that are called Kwena and Kaku and they lived in pluto. they were best friends from 2011 to 2016, in 2017 they had a fight and Kwena said “Evil is better than good” and Kaku said, ” No you are wrong good is better than evil”. So Kwena and Kaku Found a guy in pluto and each one found ice and fire so kaku found the fire guy in mars named by Nehma, and kwena found the ice guy in pluto named by kahana. So they made a world that's and named it earth earth. Now that's the time that the time that they made earth in their way. So Kwena and his friend Kahana made earth colorful and lightness, and Kaku and his friend Nehma made earth with fire and evil. So each team made an empire. Then Kwena and kahana made their empire that With light they have they have it all blue and white and Kwena the boy and Kahana the girl married when they finished building their empire. And Kaku and Nehma made their empire dark and the colors are black and fire and they slaved knights.

So Kaku declared A war. so kaku, Nehma and their knights started attacking so the good guys killed all the knight and a sword fight came so nehma blasted Kwena with fire buy they never new buy the good people where indestructible so they never gotten hurt once so they killed the bad guy and they died and they made the darkness area and colorful and they said there will be 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness so they made trillions of people to live on earth and they made builders to build trillions of houses and malls or shops to buy furnitures, water, and food, to survive for as long as you could. And the god Kwena, and the god Kahana will guard earth from danger from other planets and natural disaster like earthquakes and hurricane, but first Kahana and kwena will need to name all continents and all countries.
NAME: Magnus
TITLE: Is it an asteroid?

MYTH: A long, long time ago, there was an asteroid. It was a very extremely HUGE asteroid. It was made of two parts, one half was made of red and brown rock, but it looked like it was on fire! The other half was made of a blue and purple rock/ice, and it was very cold there. On the fire part, there lived The Fire Goddess, named Kwaniekwahulu. Kwaniekwahulu was the most powerful thing on the Fire side of the asteroid. She was made out of lava and stone. She could control the fire and the lava. She, was invincible. On the other side however, there lived The Ice God, named Kwakwani Kuloo. Kwakwani Kuloo, was the most powerful thing on the Ice side of the asteroid. He was made out of ice and stone. He could control the Water and the Ice. He, was also invincible. In between each of the worlds, there was a portal that separated the two worlds. The perimeter of the portal was made of black and white rock. There was a barrier around the outside of the asteroid that was made out of a poisoned gray fog. There were two portals, one in the front and one at the back off the steroid. One day, Kwaniekwahulu ( the fire god ) went close to the front portal, and the heat went through and melted a big section on the ice. Then he put lava into the water to make it into rock. That was how the land was made.

The two gods got married and gave birth to a son called Maona. He was the God of Nature, and he made the trees and the plants that were on the asteroid. When the two gods got married and gave birth to Maona, they lost all of their power, so they were no longer invincible, and the asteroid was no longer moving like it was before. After Maona made the asteroid look like a green furball, Kwaniekwahulu and Kwakwani Kuloo, decided to rename the asteroid as Earth. After the Earth was named the Earth, Maona got a sister. She was called Moana, she was the Goddess of the wild life. She made all of the mammals and all of the predators, all the birds all the fish. She made all of the animals on earth only out of the designs of animals that she carved out of trees, and Kwaniekwahulu made the designs come to life.

The family lived very happy for a long long time, there was everything. But Kwaniekwahulu and Kwakwani Kuloo wanted more. They wanted to have people to live on Earth too. Moana and Moana gave birth to a son called Unkulunkulu and a daughter called Tulip. They were the very first people to live on the planet Earth. One day, Kwakwani Kuloo was enjoying the creation that they have created. But then, one of moana’s species called the Dinosaurs attacked him. He got very mad. He wiped out most of the Dinosaurs that lived on Earth. Moana had realised and told her brother Maona. He got very angry at him and sent him to a realm called Whanau, where bad is all that can be seen, heard, and said. And to protect his mother Kwaniekwahulu, he sent her to a realm called Fouma where good is all that can be seen, heard, and said. Kwaniekwahulu found a man, and his name was Franchoire. He was the very most important of the most important. Purple and Tulip got married and gave birth to a son called Kling Klong. He was the creator of all mankind.

MYTH: In the beginning there was tapula her name meant Nothing.At that day she was pregnant her son came out her and his name was pululu. Pululu was lonely so tapula made a fox called Mona, they became best friends so mona made the earth with her happiness, but tapula did not like what she did so she killed mona. Pululu was very sad so he was crying like never ending and that how the rivers, lakes, sea, and the ocean came to be. Pululu was so sad he used mona’s heart to make the sun he used mona’s soft white fur to make the moon. After that he packed some rocks and and went to the sun to take some of the sun’s fire and mixed it with the rocks then he threw them far far away to space and that how the stars came to be because of his mom. Pululu was Furious at her mother but he couldn’t kill his only mother so he banned her far far away of his kingdom. Pululu was still sad about mona so he made the humans to represent mona and like she died All humans will die in their time.He was the goddess of life, but those humans were very annoying so he kill them all. After that He made new humans these ones were very selfish so he also killed them.

Then he made new humans but these ones were so strong and pululu was scared if they got control of him so he kill them. Finally these humans were smart they knew who their goddess was and they weren’t too strong so it was perfect and obviously they weren’t annoying at all. So pululu was very happy of his creation that he forgot all about mona’s death. Pululu then was in love with a human and the human too was in love. Her name was kula, he was so in love with her that he demanded them an immediate marriage. So they got marriage and he turned his wife into a goddess and she was was so happy she was the goddess of happiness. after that they got a baby and it was a girl and she was called kila. She was so cute but tapula came back and she was angry than anyone because of his son.Now she is going to kill kila but pululu didn’t want someone that he loves die again for his mother so he kill her before she could kill kila, but he felt sad about doing that but their was nothing else to do. After that kila became the new goddess called the goddess of DEATH.
NAME: Tina
TITLE: ~The Moon and The Stars~

MYTH: In the beginning there was nothing, nothing but dark skies and ashes on the ground in that darkness there was a goddess called Luna, and her people. She was a rude and greedy goddess, she was not like any other god or goddess the community had had before, but even with her nastiness, the community tried their hardest to be nice to her, except for one day... Luna was outside and then she heard a group of people screaming! Luna got closer to hear what they were saying. When she did she heard complaints. Complaints about her. Luna was furious for how they disrespected her. People were always so nice to Luna, why were they so mean to her now? People were saying how Luna never made anything for their community! But that was the first and last time people would ever talk about her.

Later that day she called a “celebration” for her community. Everyone thought that their words finally got to her, inspired her to make something new. When everyone got to the celebration Luna started talking. But it was the words that she said that shocked every single person. Luna said that there will be a sacrifice every day due to the disrespect she got. A cold wisp of air blew right past everyone. No one was expecting what they heard they were scared they were terrified. Night fell. The sky was dark as always. The silence was in the air. No one could say a word. Luna said the first sacrifice would be in the morning.

Morning approached. No one was outside. Luna was aggravated for how no one listened to her. After Luna waited and waited she was tired so she ran and she went inside of someone's hut. No one was there. Luna ran around the whole community but the only thing was emptiness, silence, and loneliness. Luna’s emotions balled up inside of her. She didn’t know if she was mad or sad. Luna waited for hours to see if anyone was there. But not a single soul in sight. It was official Luna was alone. As night approached Luna noticed tiny sparkling specks in the sky. There were so many, they were everywhere, they were beautiful. Luna didn’t know what to say. What happened? Where were her people? And what are those tiny specks in the sky. Later that day she realized her people were up there because they didn’t want to be with Luna. Luna was saddened by that, she didn’t know her actions would make people do that. So she wanted to change her ways, so she went to the sky and became the moon! When she saw how high she was she realized how ugly the world was. She then started using her magic to create beautiful things. Flowers, color, and people! Luna now knew the power of being nice, and she has been creating things since that very day. And that is why the moon and stars are over our heads. They watch over us.
NAME: Colin
TITLE: The Planets

MYTH: Many years ago there was a being called Exactamus. He was extremely smart and was always exactly right no mater what. He was the only being in the whole universe back then but he decided since he was always right why does he not calculate if he could make other beings. So he did and the results said he could not so he decided not to try. Then in the middle of the night he saw a ray of light so he woke up. When he looked at the ray of light he saw it was another being so he flew over to her. Lamuni was the goddess of light. So she asked Exactamus what he was the god of. He said “Wisdom” and then he asked “and you”. She said “light”. So years passed by and they lived together.

One morning when they were eating breakfast she said “what about the other”. Exactamus said “what do you mean” and as he said that another being came in he was named Scanladal and he was the god of war. He wanted Lumani's hand in marriage but she refused because she loved Exactamus and Exactamus loved her as well but he was to shy to say it. So Scanladal tried to kill Exactamus but Exactamus killed Scanladal with one hit. So Exactamus and Lamuni got married and had a child named Spedler and he was the God of speed and he could do anything in a few seconds. So with him knowing that he ran his fastest and a portal appeared. So he ran through it and what did he find. Thats right he found a empty space filled with darkness. He told his parents and they said “why don't you make it yours” and he did easily because there were no other beings. But when he went back to the empty space he saw it was not just him anymore. So he ran in this empty space for years with no end looking for something. He did not know what so he decided going back to his parents was the best thing to do. So he did his best but it did not work. The portal was not opening. So years passed and a being came out of nowhere and she was the goddess of space and her name was Lasanize and they fell in love and had 10 children and their names were Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn ,Uranus, Neptune, Pluto & Light or as his brother called him Sun. They were all either HOT or COLD but one of them was perfect not WARM nor COLD he was plain perfect. But his brothers picked on him.

But one day everything started moving on him and they all saw him being perfect caused life to sprout on him. So his mom shined her power upon him and everything started growing. One morning when earth woke up he saw these little people walking around him and from that point on Earth was the only one that had life upon him. But for his parents they became the sky and protected their children forever and that is how the solar system came to be, but nobody knows about the others.
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