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Write your own creation myth! The Big Myth Webmaster will read each entry, and will choose the best ones to post online. It can be written for any time period - think of the past, to present day, even an imaginary country. Of course, this is open to everyone of all ages, not just students. Your email address won't be published, but please include it so we can let you know that your myth has been uploaded.

Have fun!

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NAME: Brendan Carr

In the beginning of time there was a tall triangle made of gold, it towered over the darkness emitting a gold aura of light. Then, the humming bird flew to the triangle, and asked “O, triangle may I come in?” The triangle replied “I wish Humming Bird, but I can’t.”

The Humming Bird was very disappointed, he flew away. He flew far, far away, and met Rawatick, the spirit of gold. Since Rawatick was the spirit of gold, he could control anything gold. So he went to the triangle. He saw that the triangle was 2-dimensional, it needed to be 3-dimensional, so humming bird could fit. He thought, triangle, be 3D! And so it was, it was 3D. Humming Bird rejoiced and flew in humming a happy hum. The other animals heard this and went in. It became so crowded that, when the man, Hopfrin, and the woman, Saqréq, tried to get in, it was too crowded! They ran to Rawatick and asked “Rawatick, could you make it so we could come in?”

Rawatick replied “Uhhh, I’ll try.”and so he did. He reached towards the triangle, and flung it with all his might. “Yay!” yelled the humans, the triangle was now flat ground. They called it err-th, earth. But when Rawatick made the Earth, he used up all the power he had! His body parts flung all over the earth. His head the Sun, his face the Moon, his arms and legs the trees and his torso, which was split into many pieces, the rocks and mountains. When he died he shined with gold light, and because Hopfrin and Saqréq were close they became immortal gods! They now ruled over the world and its animals, but they wanted animals that looked like them. So Saqréq gave birth to intelligent, mortal humans and sent them to the earth to live. But it was hard to rule alone so Saqréq gave birth to more gods to rule with them.
NAME: Emily George
LOCATION: Valley Regional Career Academy, Lexington, NC

MYTH: Have you always wondered why there was Evil and Good in the world, Black and White, Chaos and harmony? And not just good? I mean, would the world be a better place without evil? No, no it would not. Evil and Good, though opposites, life need them to survive. They are what make the world turn. Like the story of Yin and Yang, Light and Dark, Good and Evil cannot survive without each other. They need each other to cancel out. If just evil was present then it would run rampage in the world and destroy what we know.

Let me tell you a story, this story is old, older than the beginning of time. It has been passed down in my family for longer then I can remember and I have been the next one chosen to pass the story on. This story is filled with magic and stuff many people would not even be able to dream of and that is why I wish to share it with the world. In the beginning, when the world was created, there were two spirits that resided in one body. The spirits of light and dark, chaos and harmony, love and hate. Two very different forces and each conflicted on another until one day they split. The spirit of evil, as we called it, became a woman with the name Maura, The Woman Of The Night, and the spirit of good became a man, coming to be known as Aaru. Over time the man and woman fell into a love stronger than time itself but like the sun and the moon, they knew that the could never be together. As time went on they moved on but deep down they still loved each other. Aaru fell in love with a middle-class woman named Salome, Who was a gem in his eye.

Soon Aaru proposed and they got married, and when Maura found out she was furious beyond belief. She summoned two Hell Hounds, Cerberus and Orthrus, who she ordered to kill Salome. Cerberus and Orthrus snuck into Salome and Aaru’s home late and night and tried to kill Salome but Aaru protected her, who died in the process. Maura was heartbroken and the news that he was dead and mourned for 7 days, and over the 7 days chaos ruled the land. On the 7th day, Maura died due to heartbreak. The chaos stopped and life went on once more.

Over the next thousands of years, two children were born to have feelings with each other but to never be together. It is a curse that could never be broken. The Curse is named Love. a force that can break your heat into pieces or make a smile brighter than the sun on your face. To some, it can be a Curse or a gift.

I will let you be the judge.
SCHOOL: Kennedy Pikesville Middle School Baltimore, MD

MYTH: Throughout the dark, vast, and endless amount of water before time, there was no life. An egg emerged from a wrapping of dirt. The egg
SCHOOL: Kennedy Pikesville Middle School Baltimore, MD

MYTH: Throughout the dark, vast, and endless amount of water before time, there was no life. An egg emerged from a wrapping of dirt. The egg floated to the surface. Rezzecduia emerged. She felt a strong urge to dive back into the lifeless water where her life began. When she did this, she found a small chunk of sea floor with light humming in the center. She brought it up to the surface. The second that air hit the light, it exploded into what we call the land today. Rezzecduia broke the land to create seas and oceans to honor her birthplace. She became the goddess of the land. She soon saw the animals roaming the land. She lived in harmony and befriended them. Rezzecduia was lonely and tired of living in the dark. She then gave birth to Besuki. He was sent into the sky to become the sun. He split into two to create the moon. Rezzecduia was angry that her son took some of the light from her. To punish him, she created night and day, so the two halves would never see each other with the exception of eclipses. On the first eclipse, the two halves were so happy to see each other that they created little humans to roam the Earth. Rezzecduia ended the peace. The world turned into what it is today, with death and suffering.
NAME: William
SCHOOL: Pikesville Middle School Baltimore, MD

MYTH: In the beginning, there was only Illastropic, the all-powerful goddess of fire. She was a psychopath and a murderer, and she decided she needed a son to serve her, so she makes her out of the eternal fire pit she made, by the name of Quadrastra. Out came Octopian.

But when Illastropic finds out he is a god of ice, she is furious. She tries to kill him, but he gets away, and makes the ice land and names it Caroct. He there makes the first race of humans. He is caring and considerate. Even though the humans hat Illastropic, he tells them not to harm her. But one day, a group of humans go against Octopian’s word and try to kill her. Unfortunately for them, they succeed. Octopian is forced to give them a punishment. He says to the humans, “This group of people have betrayed you. As a result, none of you will be able to hide under my shield for cover. You will work for Illastropic, and serve her. I am sorry you have to do this.” The next thing they knew, they were in front of Illastropic. “At last. I have servants!” she exclaims.

And for a thousand years, everyone serves Illastropic. It is long and hard. Millions of people died in fire when they upset Illastropic as a punishment. But after that thousand years, Octopian comes back and says, “Everyone who is willing to come and leave Illastropic and live with me, I will let you. But only if you don’t care about being rich. It will be rich in friendship.

And for all eternity, everyone lived under either Octopian or Illastropic, money or friendship. They were moved to earth, and when humans die, they will go to either the underworld for Illastropic, or heaven to Octopian.
AGE: 6th Grade
TITLE: The Penguin Creation Myth

MYTH: In the beginning of time, there was nothing but a small Ruby gem. The gem grew bigger and more powerful until it formed into a Ruby egg which hatched and the Majestic Penguin was born. The Majestic Penguin created earth and ruled over all but he felt something was missing. So he created other penguins which he gave elemental powers to. Lightning, Fire, Ice, Earth, and Air. He sent them to earth to add elements, But the Fire elemental Penguin grew greedy and Loved the power. He grew power hungry and used fire to defeat the Lightning and Ice elemental penguins and gained their powers. He grew stronger and stronger while the Air and Earth hid away. The fire elemental now had the power of Lightning and Ice and went after his father in the stars to gain all power in the galaxy. Before he could Earth Elemental came out of his hiding and cast Fire penguin away to the dephs of the underworld.

Fire was very angry and took over the underworld and gained more and more power and the element of darkness. When he escaped, he destroyed Earth Penguin and took his power too. He left the world in ruins causing chaos. Lightning storms, Earth quakes, Hail, Ice, And fire that raged through out the whole earth. Air went up to the stars to warn the majestic. They went down to earth to find it destroyed and in complete chaos. Fire was too powerful to defeat now that he had the powers of fire, along with earth, lightning, Ice, and darkness. He went up to the Majestic Penguin, his father and destroyed him gaining the power of the stars. Air had escaped and created a new race of penguins in a different galaxy. He gave them mighty powers of the sky and raised and army to fight the fire elemental. The war raged on for decades, but it ended in the fire penguin defeated along with all the soliders of the air penguin. Air restored the power of elements in the earth and created the first race of men who fixed earth and as generations came down they eventually live how we do now while the Air elemental penguin, the new Majestic Penguin rules it all in the stars.
NAME: Hanna
CLASS: Ms. Miller’s 6th Grade Language Arts Class
SCHOOL: Pikesville Middle School Baltimore, MD

MYTH: Once there were no people on earth, it was very quiet and lonely. No people, no light, no dark. Just nothing. One day thousands of thousands of years later, there was a ball of light. It was just there, where there was once nothing there was something. Light! A couple of days later the ball started to grow bigger. This caused the earth great pain and regret.

No one knew what this was but Earth only knew one thing. It was going to explode soon. A couple of days later it exploded. Out of it came the majestic and beautiful Sunahaki, the Sun. Suna was very kind to earth and let earth take care of her. One day Suna and Earth got married. They bore children with light and darkness of all colors.

One of their children (Shun) gave birth to a being named Gianna. Gianna brought happiness to all of her siblings. One day, Gianna started getting larger and larger. The next day she exploded. Out of her came the moon and stars. The stars became glistening and yellow. The stars, moon and all different planets. This is how our solar system was created.

NAME: Mathew
CLASS: Ms. Miller’s 6th Grade Language Arts Class
SCHOOL: Pikesville Middle School Baltimore, MD

MYTH: In the beginning, there was realm called xiar, there live two gods. Yokus and junfa. Together they gave birth to many 7 gods and 10 goddesses. Yokus and junfa began thinking about making a mortal realm called earth.

So they began their construction of this realm. At daylight they work on this realm and night their children would finish the work. They began working on beings for this realm made. After creating the clay beings, they breathed life in to them to make them alive. Yokus, Junfa, and their children told the beings,” The earth will be your paradise if you listen to our instructions.”

The beings were told to praise the gods and goddesses and to not make false gods. The Beings agreed. Later that day a being told the other beings about a false god named kolo. The next day the gods and goddesses came back to see the beings praising kolo. Yokus had said not to make false gods. Yokus said: "You will have to work and suffer and die because you didn’t listen to me.” The beings worked and suffered forever.

NAME: Zachary
CLASS: Ms. Miller’s 6th Grade Language Arts Class
SCHOOL: Pikesville Middle School Baltimore, MD

MYTH: As soon as the world was created, there was the goddess named Yed, the god of the earth. Yed soon gave birth to the animals across the world, the first being the Elephant. But, these animals couldn’t talk to her. So, she gave birth to the God, Beht, the god of sky.

Beht and her gave birth to seven children, which Beht and Yed happily gave them power. Those names are Diana, the goddess of water, Mok, the god of the etherworld, Jum, the god of Earth, Aer, the of sky, Kop the goddess of Justice, Pol, the goddess of war and victory, and Gue, the god of wisdom. The ruler of these gods was Mok, until Jum and Diana fought him. It was a great war, Mok, Kop, Pol versus Jum, Diana and Aer. Gue knew he shouldn’t be in the war, it would only end in chaos if he did.

During the war, Aer and Jum created humans to fight for them. Jum made them from materials he found, Aer made them breath and come to life.

Ultimately, the winner of the war was no one. They decided to do a peace treaty, known now as “Gods Peace”. The humans were alerted by Gue, that the goddess that was worshipped the most, Diana was hurt by something that was stuck in the ocean. They sent Seth, a hero among humans, to go retrieve it. He retrieved it and married Diana soon after. He became the god of humans.

Years later, the one instruction the gods gave was broken. Do not think about rebelling against the gods. A human named Maximus was one that thought this. Therefore, humans got punished with illness and death.
NAME: Philia
CLASS: Ms. Miller’s 6th Grade Language Arts Class
SCHOOL: Pikesville Middle School Baltimore, MD

MYTH: Once upon a time there was a big egg filled with chaos. It was filled with so much chaos that it broke, and a beautiful goddess named Delna came out of it. The first word she spoke was AQUA which became all the seas and oceans, the second word she spoke was LAND which became all the continents, and the third word she spoke was SKY which became the part on top of the land and aqua. She was very happy with her life, but she was also very lonely! She was all alone and couldn’t share her thoughts or feelings to anyone! But suddenly an idea came to her mind, what if she makes little creatures than can talk and walk and act like her! She went to the water and commanded them to obey her. She said, “I need all aquas to take a small part of themselves and give it to me.” They all obeyed Delna and gave a small part of themselves.

She then took the small parts of aqua and made them into little creatures which she named “humans.” Delna was very proud of her creation but it would take her a lot of time to make trillions of these. So she decided to spread all the little parts into the land and humans popped out! It is believed that the humans made with Delna’s own hands were more successful in life than the ones thrown on the land.
CLASS: Ms. Miller’s 6th Grade Language Arts Class
SCHOOL: Pikesville Middle School Baltimore, MD

TITLE: Creation of New Jersey

MYTH: In the beginning there was only darkness. There were two leaders of New Jersey name Ed and Sara. They created the creatures of light. They brung spirit and light throughout New Jersey. Ed and Sara gave birth to Lia and Zach. There is a whole above in the sky and Zach falls throught it! Luckily he lands on a turtle. While Zach is staying on the turtle he needs earth. A creature from light goes down in the sea to get earth the creature is a diver myth. The animals help spread earth on her feet and the mud comes into a giant place called New Jersey. ‘’WOW LOOK AT IT I WILL CALL IT NEW JERSEY” said Zach

Than Ed and Sara and Lia come down from the sky to go to New jersey. The light creatures would die because it would not be dark in New Jersey. Than Ed and Sara die. Zach and Lia gave birth again to Isaac and Haley. Zach gives Isaac a sword while Zach is sleeping Isaac kills Zach while he is asleep than Isaac dies. Haley takes over New Jersey and has animals to help her work out the garden state.

NAME: Rayyaan
CLASS: Ms. Miller’s 6th Grade Language Arts Class
SCHOOL: Pikesville Middle School Baltimore, MD

MYTH: There were the light spirits and the dark spirits. They both had wars. They took each half of the world. One side dark and one side light. The spirits turned into gods. God of light and god of dark. Husband and wife. Light lady and dark man. They created new human elements. They had children who had their own jobs. When the light and dark gods died the light god created all the stars and the dark created galaxies and black holes. The god of earth created land on a new planet called Earth. The ocean god gave the new planet water. The grass god place grass on the earth. The life god created the animals and the plants. She also created the first humans who were gigantic. The weather god creates the weather. Then the evil god created monsters killing some life on earth. The other gods were upset and unhappy, so they had a big war with the evil god, killing him.

The humans traveled across the world making new tools and technology. They discovered ores from beneath the earth. Had new leaders and systems. Education. This was called the prime age. The gods gave suffering to humans who were acting poorly. The animals were food for the humans and gave them food. Water was essential for human life. The humans evolved and learned agriculture. Learning how to plant food gave them enough food. They made new tools for farming. Gods were happy. Lindsey
TITLE: My Maryland Creation Myth
CLASS: Ms. Miller’s 6th Grade Language Arts Class
SCHOOL: Pikesville Middle School Baltimore, MD

MYTH: Many billions of years ago, Maryland was nothing. The only thing inhabiting Maryland was a crab. This great crab was named Marvin. Marvin was very lonely, and he wanted to create a civilization. He decided to dive deep down into the ocean and see if he could find life. He dove so far down it was like an abyss. He went for miles and miles and finally he found this odd thing. He never figured out what it was, but it was life so he took it along with some Earth and they traveled up. Marvin and his odd organism he named Bamore traveled and traveled up until they reached the surface. Marvin and Bamore bore many children who were crab-humans.

Together, Marvin, Bamore, and all of their children made Maryland. They made forests, rivers, mountains and everything in between. Then, the crab-humans married each other and they had children who were closer to the humans we know today. They created day and night. One sad morning, Bamore and Marvin got tired of each other. They fought for a very long time, until Bamore killed Marvin. Everyone (except for Bamore) was devastated. They decided to name the civilization they were making in his honor. They named it Maryland.

The almost human crabs had children. These were almost exactly the humans we know today. They put many animals, houses, and buildings within Maryland. Among the many almost-humans, were the evil twins and the good twins. One twin from each pair married each other and had children to create the human race we know today.

Some of their children were good and others were evil. This is why some people in Maryland are truly cruel while others are very kind. Bamore unfortunately died, so the biggest city in Maryland, Baltimore was named in his honor. After many hard years and lots of generations, we had the Maryland we knew and loved today.
NAME: Benjamin
AGE: 6th grade
TITLE: my Vermont creation myth

MYTH: To begin there was nothing but two elements endlessly swerling and fighting. Winter, and summer. After many years two animals formed from this confusion. An icy moose and an eagle shaped phoenix. (A phoenix is a fiery bird)The two animals took their halves of the chaos and moved to different parts of the land. As they crossed the land in now known Vermont, the element that they were given spread from them across the land where they walked. They decided that the land was too plain and the moose used his antlers to create mountains and the points on his antlers to make caves. The eagle flew over plain land to create fields and lakes.

Once they were done they were very tired and they both fell asleep forever. The eagle’s soul created the sun to keep the cold away. The moose’s soul went up to create the moon to keep the sun away. After many many many years the sun and moon kept trying to control their land. The cold and warmth from the animals finally joint together and created a great mountain called mount mansfield. Out of that mountain burst a great volcano of a gooey syrup. Out of that syrup came a rocky man, he was called the man of the mountain. After about a couple weeks of just him, he got lonely, he wanted someone to support him and cheer him on. He created the first humans. They were made of the syrup from the mountain along with pine needles and bark from the woods, he called them Beings. For a long time he was nice to them and told them stories of the animals that once created the land. The man of the mountain was very happy, but the humans were not. They were getting board and greedy and they wanted the man's power so they all got together one night and slew him. His face was forever lost in mount mansfield. The beings did not want any future generations to know about what has happened with a fear that one might try to be like the man.
NAME: taylor
AGE: 6th grade
LOCATION: vermont

MYTH: The world was still forming but there was still patches of nothingness and the biggest patch was in the new england territory. But suddenly a giant explosion happened and out came andyognis a god of great power and size but was still discovering what he could do. So he decided he didnt like being alone so he tried to make life but then it died because there was nothing accept him so then he filled in the emptiness with the most enchanting land and he called it vermont. But right when he made the land the camel appeared and formed a mountain. He was so fascinated that he put them all over vermont. But then he was lonely so he made a son that was powerful but not as powerful as him but by doing that he was not immortal so he needed water and food to live and sickness could also kill him. So then Andyognis created multiple veritys of food including vegetables wheat fruit and the sweetest and most delicous of them all was maple syrup so Andyognis made maple trees sprout up from the groung everywhere. He had named his son odsiodso who had created a source of water and he called it lake champlain and then he was lonely. There was no one to talk to no animals to play with so Andyognis gave him the power to create animals so on his first attempt he made champ the lake monster. So then he tried to get it to talk but it wouldnt but they still became best friends.

But suddenly it started to snow and the lake had frozen over so he thought that it would never end and he thought he would need to make more beings out of snow and ice and he did and they quickly grabbed some sticks and bark and started sleding. They wanted to go down a huge mountain but they were to dangerous and odsiodso kept making more. He was very sad because he thought he could never see champ again so he went on top of a small mountain at the border of the lake and tried to see if champ would come back but he thought “i cant wait forever” because he would die if he did but Andyognis offered to freeze him into the hill to overlook the lake forever. And he agreed so now he is frozen even to this day but that left Andyognis alone because humans were to small so then he wanted to join his son and lyed down and turned himself in to stone and that made the sleeping giant.

NAME: Emma
AGE: six grade student
LOCATION: vermont
COMMENTS: in my class we have been studying creation myths. And I have composed my own creation myth. I had a lot of fun writing this, and am very interested in it. Here it is.

TITLE: Vermont Creation Myth
MYTH: Before the earth and world we know began there were only clouds, a large dull land mass, a lake, and two eggs. One of the eggs rested on the comfy top of the highest cloud, and the other at the bottom of the large lake. One day the eggs began to crack. From the egg in the cloud emerged a great large Hermit Thrush. It slowly spread its wings, preparing to take off. But deep at the bottom of the lake a large loch ness monster with smooth scales that shifted in the light from green to blue emerged from an egg. With a great deal of force the loch ness monster pushed off the bottom of the lake’s floor. Meanwhile up in the cloud the Hermit Thrush soaked in the sunlight for a split second and dove towards the land bellow. As she fell she spun around examining the world around her and its surroundings. She was disappointed with the world. The world she imagined while inside her egg was full of life, colors, and excitement.

The loch ness monster burst out from the cool water, inhaling the air on the surface. As he flew up in the air he saw something coming down from the sky. The Hermit Thrush loved the feeling of the wind flowing through her feathers. She looked down and saw a shiny object emerging from the water and jumping into the air. Maybe I’m not alone in this dull world. They flew past each other just catching a glimpse of the others characteristics. When the loch ness monster felt as if he had reached the highest point of jump he arched backwards ready for his journey down. The Hermit Thrush continued to dive down until she almost slammed into the water. She leveled herself and glided across the water slowly dipping the tip of a wing into the water below. It was nice and cool. She had great plans for this water mass. The loch ness monster dove into the water creating a large splash, soaking the Hermit Thrush in water. The Hermit Thrush was confused. The loch ness monster rose to the surface of the water. They shared a glace and they knew the intentions of the anothers plan for this world and decided to work together. The Hermit Thrush Flew in a circle. Around and around she went. This created the wind, next she created the firstanimal of this world. She used some of the dirt of the land mass and created a small frog. it hoped around but quickly crumbled. The loch ness monster used his tail to fling water toward the area of the Hermit Thrush. The Hermit Thrush eyed the loch ness monster then she tried again, this time the frog did not crumble. It hopped, hopped and jumped onto a bump in the earth created by the original frog. The loch ness monster was impressed and soon fell in love with the Hermit Thrush. They became the first husband and wife of the land. The Hermit Thrush swirled around creating mountains, deer, and other land creatures while the loch ness monster was creating underwater creatures, even though his water space was limited he did his best to impress his love and to fulfill his vision of the world. The Hermit Thrush told her husband that when the leaves on the trees change and a brush of brown touches them with care and love a new life will emerge. Unlike the loch ness monster the Hermit Thrush did not live for many millions of years and before the leaves changed she died. Her body became a steep hill, her eyes became the sun and the moon, her blood the rain in the clouds, and her feathers burst out and were left to float around the atmosfer. The loch ness monster was so sad he cried for weeks on end. When he had finished, rivers had been formed, and the great oceans.

From there he started creating more life forms in the waters, he didn’t only stick to the water, he made smaller Hermit Thrushes as a tribute to his wife. After he had finished creating crabs, he looked up from his work and noticed something. The leaves were changing colors, he looked around some more to see if anything would happen. But nothing did. He was confused. he remembered what his wife had said, when the leaves on the trees change and a brush of brown touches them with care and love a new life will emerge. What was that about a brush of brown? The loch ness monster pondered this for 3 weeks. But then on November 17th an idea struck him. Her feathers, a brush of brown! he jumped out of his lake and searched for a feather. It didn’t take him long to find one. He took it and went up to one of the trees and gently brushed the feather on an orange leaf. Nothing happened. Once again he recalled what his love said, when the the leaves on the trees change and a brush of brown touches them with care and love, a new life will emerge. He knew what to do. He thought about all the times him and the Hermit Thrush spent together and how much he admired and loved her, then he gracefully and caringly brushed the feather on the leaf. In a split second a human formed from the colorful leaf. This one human caused a chain reaction of all the leaves changing into humans. “ Oh thank you for setting us free.” Said the human he had brought to life first.

“We shall from now on call you Champ because you are a hero to our people.” The other humans cheered for Champ, they chanted his name over and over until he told them to stop. For the next 78 years Champ taught the people how to hunt for food and to respect nature and to only take what you need, also to find and make shelter and fend for themselves. He also told them the stories of His love the Hermit Thrush. But as we all know a leaf eventually has to fall at some point, and on this dreaded day the first human died. They placed him on the hill the Hermit Thrush made when she died. Another one the next day. She was placed on the hill as well. All the humans that died were place on the hill and their bodies added on the the hill, until it was a great mountain. This mountain came to be known as Mt. Mansfield because of it being made from the bodies of those that had past. This mountain continued to form until it reached the cloud of the Hermit Thrush. As each human died more were made not only by the trees but by the love between the people. Another two years or so passed and the humans has started to make tools. Champ realized they no longer needed him, so he returned to his lake, only to appear again to gaze upon the smaller Hermit Thrushes that would perch in the trees and sing sweet songs, or if the humans or other creatures needed his help. Otherwise he waited out the days till he would see his loved one again.

NAME: Anja
AGE: 6th grader.
COMMENTS: I have made a Vermont creation myth.

MYTH: In the beginning there was only darkness. Then, over many years land formed. On one side there was a downpour of rain and on the other side there was a peaceful calm thick forest. The land between the chaos became a cow named Maple. Maple drank the rain from the downpour and then ate the thick forest. Maple felt very lonely without any other beings, so Maple decided to created the second being, Oak her young calf for company. After Oak was born her and her mother went off to create a new land together. They wanted to create a beautiful land that was full of color. They decided to name that part of the season Fall. they wanted Fall to be known for its fluorescent colored leaves.

Over the years Oak grew and grew until she was the size of her mother. They were living very happily until Maple past away from all the hard work that she had done. Her skull became the sky, her hair became the grass, her breath became the wind, and her horns became the mountains. Oak was deeply affected by this, and desperately need company. So she went down to the colorful trees that she and her mom made and created the first human out of the beige bark. The little man was so joyful and full of energy that Oak decided that these little people would make very good company so she made a lot more men and women. She gave them many gifts like cheeses, and the beautiful season Fall that delighted them. sadly Oak died of old age and became the state of Vermont. Her tough yet gentle personality shaped the climate and even though Oak is gone, Vermont will stay true to its core.

NAME: Jake
AGE: sixth-grade student

MYTH: Many billions of years ago, Earth didn’t exist. There just wasn't anything except a swirling void. Congregating around that void? There was Champ, the lake monster. Although there weren’t any lakes yet, so he was just Champ the regular monster. He was sick of just floating around in space. He wanted to be able to stand on solid ground and swim around. So finally he had an epiphany. “I’ll create a new planet! With land! And water!” he said. And with those once thought to be useless flippers, he got to work shaping the earth. He started with a small island called Vermont. Then, he got to work creating all the animals in the sea. He then realized that the land portion of his hub for life was empty and could use some other inhabitants, so he started to work on creating land animals (No humans though.). After all that, Champ was tired and decided to retire to his lake for a quick nap. However, for a massive and lumbering being, a “quick nap” is actually a few million years. When he finally woke up from his nap, he decided to take a stroll. While he was walking around, he came across a huge maple tree. While he was observing it, he accidentally made one of the big tree limbs fall off. Then, sap started coming out of the tree. Small pools of sap fell to the ground. Then, the sun came out, and it hardened.

A day later, the hardened pools of sap began to take shape, and finally turned into the very first humans. Champ was amazed by his discovery even though it was completely accidental. The humans that came first were the most intelligent ones, who also became leaders. Eventually, he decided that not all humans could be so smart, so he first mixed the rest of the sap in with water, which diluted it. Then he poured that diluted sap onto the ground to harden. Humans populated Vermont, but it eventually got too small. So then Champ spent months making the rest of the planet. After all that, he decided to take a longer nap this time. So, he made his way back to Vermont and settled down at the bottom of Lake Champlain. He’s been sleeping for a millennia, who knows when he’s going to wake up?

NAME: Leonardo
AGE: sixth grade student
COMMENTS: I made a creation myth for my home state of Vermont.

MYTH: In the beginning there was a great swirl of maple leafs of all color. At this time all that Vermont knew was The maple leafs, and the sun and the moon. Over millions of years the sun began to heat up the maple leafs and slowly they dropped to the ground and pooled up to make maple syrup. Out of this maple syrup rose the great god of Mansfield. Mansfield created all the hills, lakes, and trees known to Vermont. Out of one Mansfield's hills he had created awoke the beautiful goddess Nethriss. Immediately they fell in love with each other. And before long they had a son named summer and a daughter named winter. After this Mansfield got very tired and layed down to fall asleep from which he never got up. His body created the mountains and his face created the biggest mountain in vermont which we now call Mt. Mansfield Nethris was very sad that her love had died. She retreated to the sky. Every time she thought of Mansfield she cried and brought rain to the whole state creating rivers and lakes. Now that there father and mother were gone Summer and Winter were fighting endlessly over if Vermont should always be summer or stay winter. Finally they decided to work together and created mixes between the two. First came Winter, then Spring, then Summer, and then Fall, then finally back to winter.

One day some sap spilled from one of the maple trees and landed on the ground creating the first humans. These people were ungrateful and lazy since they could not dye. Winter and Summer agreed that these people needed to worship their creator and have something to live for. Summer burned them until the melted into lovely maple syrup. Out of this sprouted humans that could hurt, and love, and praise their creators. These people started dying because they did not have any food. Winter and Summer were horrified and went about creating animals, fruits, and vegetables. As the humans learned the became smarter, and smarter, and never forgot to praise their gods.
NAME: Cody, I am a
AGE: 6 grade student in

MYTH: There was once a massive snowflake that, in it held the god of snow, his name was flakes. Flakes was growing each year a whole 2,000 feet each year, this made it very hard for the snowflake to hold him in. eventually Flakes size collapsed the huge snowflake. When the snowflake exploded it created earth. when flakes saw this he was amazed but then he noticed someone else was also on this earth. He did not know who he was so he went to see if he would be a friend of his. But when he got closer he realized he was a god of fire. They would not live together because snow and fire don't mix. So tried beating Fiery but it was no use he was to strong and he melted Flakes. Flakes´s blood became the maple syrup in the maple trees. And the arms and legs of Flakes became the trees, his head broke of into tons and tons of pieces which created rocks and mountains. When he fell to the ground his collision blew so high it created the sun, the stars, and the planets. But that's not all the collision brought, the snow that flung into the air plopped back down to the earth and created the humans and all living creatures. When the humans figured out what Fiery did to Flakes, they were enraged. They went looking for Fiery and when they found him they started beating him down to the ground so hard he fell and died. When he fell it created all evil beings, so their would be balance between good and bad. After that they had a massive celebration in honor of Flakes, who fought for their earth.
NAME: Evie
AGE: sixth grade
COMMENTS: we are studying creation myth's in school and I have written my own creation myth about my hometown Vermont.

MYTH: Long ago there was nothing but endless darkness. Then there was an egg when the egg hatched there was a named Bernadette. Bernadette twin sister was named Adeline. The two of them became the first husband and wife. Bernadette had two children they were named Hazel and Champ. They created the seas and oceans. When they were done creating the seas and the oceans they decided that they didn’t want to have kids because they didn’t want to get overthrown so they continued to create the earth next he created the hills and valleys after that he created the mountains. After that, he looked at the land that was created and it looked empty, so he created the first man and woman out of the rock in the seas. When they were done they looked different so tried another way. He created the second woman out of Hazel's hair. He cut some of her hair off. When he was done with that he wasn’t satisfied, so he created the third men and women out of clay. Champ was super happy he created more and more. He even taught his wife Hazle how to make people. Together they created the men and women. Champ created humans out of really dark clay and Hazel created humans out of really light clay. So that when they have children of their own there will be all kinds of people all different in their own why. Soon Champ died when he died he created the sun and Hazel created the moon. When they died the people still thought that they were living among them but they lived in the waters below always creating new things for them to enjoy.
NAME: Lilian (this has Greek gods and goddesses)

Zeus and Hera has just announced to the other gods- they were having another child. A celebration was held, nectar was drunk, ambrosia was eaten, and soon enough, Hera gave birth. The child had extremely babyish features, even for a newborn. She aged to her adult body within days and claimed herself the goddess of youth. Her name was Nari. She was a huge icon down in the mortal world- for one, people stayed young for at least twenty more years. Nari was also very nice- she was almost exactly like a child. She was very cute- not in the attractive way, but in the ‘baby otter’ way.

Despite this, mortal men and gods alike proposed to her. One day, Apollo himself wrote a /really/ bad haiku for her. Nevertheless, she accepted his proposal. The two went to Zeus to ask if this was okay- but Zeus didn’t want Nari to marry Apollo. He wanted her to marry a mortal, so that she could continue having immortal children who were also demigods. She asked every day. After three weeks, Zeus finally agreed. The two were happily married, and had three children together, named Edum, who inherited his father’s prophecy powers, Vewtar, who inherited Funeral Music, and Omaris, who was the goddess of fertility. Then, Apollo began having demigod children again. Nari was angry, sure, but she wasn’t a jealous person. She decided to get back at him. She had a few demigod children of her own. Four boys and seven girls. The boys, named Melampus, Eurypylus, Anatol, and Nilos, went on to be heroes- they did not inherit their mother’s anti-aging. But the girls, named Delia, Zeva, Aggeliki, Axelia, Jacinta, Elpida, and Cliantha, did inherit they’re mother’s powers, and lived for a hundred years longer than everyone else- they each had fifteen children, respectively.
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