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Award of Excellence
THE BIG MYTH - a study of world creation myths in Flash animation.Your website has been selected as one of the best educational resources on the Web by StudySphere. StudySphere is one of the Internet's fastest growing sites of educational resources for students, teachers and parents. StudySphere has scoured the Internet to select only the finest sites to be included within its listing of educational links.
Heb je iets over de Big Myth te zeggen? Vertel het aan de Schepper:

Thank you for this wonderful site. All the students have learned so much from accessing the world creation myths, and they have loved reading the myths written by students. Thanks again for your continued support of world mythology and creation myths.

I am a teacher ... in Victoria, Australia. I teach a subject called "Myths and Legends" to year 9 students. As an introduction into the subject, and to get students thinking and talking about what myths and legends are, we look at creation myths from around the world. This is where we have found "The Big Myth" website really useful! This year I challenged my students to have a go at writing their own creation myths. One of the students ... has had a really good go at this.
David C.

I have used your website now for three years with 12-13 year olds, from the myths they create their own versions to try and answer life’s massive questions. The students have produced some amazing work and this is a result of your resource. They have come to realise that humans are constantly modelling reality in their own perceptions, that symbols can have dramatic impact and possibly most importantly at present, that humans have always been in movement sharing ideas and cultures. Thank you very much.
Jon @ Pershore High School, UK

Holy cow! Now I am doubly impressed! Well done you! Your work is making these stories accessible to a very large group of people who would  otherwise know nothing about the histories and cultures of people in other parts of the world. Thank you very much, Fiona!
Best regards,

I look forward to continued use of your excellent resource.

Just finished watching several myth animations with my students. They always love your site! I use these myths in my advanced Physics course for High School Seniors. We look at the various myths and ask whether or not Big Bang theory is another "creation myth". We also discuss whether or not creationism should be taught in schools along with evolution as many Americans believe should be done. I challenge the students to think about whether or not this is OK. But if we do teach creationism, whose creation myth do we teach? Why should we only teach the Judeo-Christian perspective? Shouldn't we teach all creation myths and let the students decide which one they like the best? This is my favorite day of teaching. I love your website. Thank you so much for making it available to educators like myself!
Thanks, Steve L.

I have been using your wonderful website in my high school classroom for several years now.
Steve L.

Now that I have full access, it has confirmed how brilliant this site is! Thank you. I've just watched the interview with you on YouTube. You also are inspirational.
Best wishes,
Jane G.

We came across your page over dessert last night, and I just I just wanted to personally thank you for making it. You have some great resources and information that we are defiantly going to use towards (my daughter's) research project. As a Mayan woman, I think it is very important for (my daughter) to learn about her heritage and the history of the Mayans. I hope to one day take her to the Mayan temples myself.
With love, Janelle T.

This is an AWESOME website and resource. Thank you for creating it. 
Cheryl I.

After learning about various creation myths (with heavy emphasis on Greek and Roman myths), Mythology students were assigned to create their own creation myths. Students could work independently, with a partner, or within a group of three. Additional to the myth, students were required to provide a connecting visual. Some myths were whimsical, others were more generic, some have been in the works even before the course began. A few myths combined mythology and modern science.

Thank you for offering people the opportunity to submit their own creations. Thank you, also, for your website: it makes the an interesting survey of creation myths from around the world. 

In class, we focus on the differences and similarities between the myths. In focusing on the differences, we focus on what the myths reveal about the individual cultures. In focusing on the similarities, we examine universal themes. Students are also asked to research another source of the same myth to see how other sources interpret and transmit the same myth.

Again, I appreciate the opportunity to submit these myths.

Michelle B.

Thank you! I love this site! It is amazing.
Angela C.

Thank you, I really appreciate it. I am a Montessori teacher and our students love your website. I have been incorporating it in several different areas of our curriculum.
Louise S.

You mentioned it would be helpful for my students to contribute original myths, and I will work to incorporate that into the unit the next time I teach it. If you can think of any other way that either I or my students can contribute, please let me know. I'm a big fan of the site and would be interested in any other projects you are involved in that you think would be appropriate for high school students. You do great work, and your efforts are appreciated - not only in regards to the Bigmyth site, but also the fast and friendly communication.
Frank S.

Thank you for this wonderful resource – it is just perfect for what I want to for my classes this term.
I really appreciate the time that you have spent producing such a detailed and fascinating presentation from various cultures, which will hopefully build a little more tolerance and patience particularly at this time.

Thank you so much. I, and my students, love the Big Myth site!
Steve L.

Thank you -- Just want to say, I only taught a small unit on Native American creation myths for years, so I had no need of the full site, but I thoroughly enjoyed the public access... excellent teaching aid. My American lit students always enjoyed it, too. It's going to be great now that I have a full-blown mythology class to teach. Well done!

This is a great product!
Kristina N., 10th and 11th Grade Literature Teacher

Thank you so much for maintaining this wonderful website. Our students at the Weilenmann School love mythology and love this website. We have appreciated your willingness to publish myths previously sent by us. Thanks again.
Cindy P.

Thank you so much for publishing Ryan's myth last week. The students in the world mythology class were thrilled to read it online. We love your website and have learned much from its many myths.
Cindy P.

It was great to hear that my story was published. I am looking forward to become a writer one day.
You will be receiving another story from me soon.
Yours sincerely, Anthony O.

My 7th grade students enjoyed getting a chance to learn about the different creation stories found throughout the cultures of the world!
Jon H.

I have used the free content of the Big Myth with students in the past, and I was delighted with it. Just wonderful. I left teaching for a while but I now find myself back at it. I will definitely be ordering.

Jon F.

Wonderful, thank you! I am excited to incorporate your site into my Creation Myth curriculum for drama.
Hanan B

THANK YOU!!  My granddaughter is ecstatic!!

Thank you so much! You run a quality website that has been the foundation of my unit!
Evan N. B.
10th Grade English Honors
"This is our destiny, our legacy, and our time is now"

I have been using your site for 5 years now in my advanced Physics Course for seniors in an upscale private high school here in Santa Monica, CA. I noticed that your site says it is made for elementary grade students! I always start the year teaching my students about the similarities and differences of Science, Philosophy, and Religion. I love your site as it allows me to explore the idea that science is in a sense another "creation mythology." Your site enables me to show how the experience of one's environment influences one's belief systems. I also showed the site to our History Department and English Department. Many of those teachers feel in love with your animations as I did. I know that one teacher shows your videos and then has students create their own creation myths. In other words, your site is an amazing educational tool even at the High School Level.
Thanks again,
Steve L.

Thanks so much! My compliments on your site!

Thank you Fiona. I'll definitely write in more stories. But, is it possible for you to create more animated creation myths from other cultures around the world, like the Zoroastrians, whose creation myth is very interesting, the Siberians, and the Ainu people of Japan. Furthermore, your Hindu creation myth was not very accurate. Being a Hindu myself, let me tell you the mistakes. Firstly, the creator's name is not Prajapati, but Pashupathi (Pa-shoe-pa-tea). Furthermore, Pashupathi did not desire Dawn. By the way, 'Dawn' is supposed to be called Usha (oo-sha). Instead, when Pashupathi separated himself into Male and Female, the Female Pashupathi did not desire the Male one. So, to resist the male Pashupathi's advances, the female Pashupathi, called Devi, would turn into different creatures and the Male Pashupathi, still called Pashupathi would change into the male form of those creatures and would have his way with Devi. Eventually humans were created. The first man being Manu and the first woman Sharadha. Devi and Pashupathi get married and the Devas and Ashuras are born. The first being Agni followed by the others.Then Pashupathi would split into three main gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. While, Devi splits into three also, being the goddesses Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Parvathi. Saraswathi marries Brahma, Lakshmi to Vishnu and Parvathi to Shiva. It would be good if you could correct that. The first part is right though. 

I used the limited version of The Big Myth last year, and it was a big hit. I am greatly looking forward to seeing the many other cultures included in the expanded version.
Diane B.

Thanks for being out there, this is one of my favourite sites. I use it with Year 6 children a lot!
Kevin P.

Thanks Fiona! The Big Myth videos are excellent.
Tracy S.

I'm a high school English teacher in Toronto, Canada. Whenever I teach Grade 9, I use your site and tell everyone else teaching Grade 9 about it. We start with the myth unit, so that's when you hear from me. I didn't teach that grade for a few years and then was given it to teach again.
All the best to you, Vera

Dear 'mythologists',
Just want to send all of you my felicitations with this great site. I accidentally ran into your site and it provided me with all I need. Though my students are dutch-speaking, this site offers no problems. The possibilities of reading, viewing and hearing the text that is spoken, is very inventive. It is simple, goes straight to the point and offers a wide range of possibilities. I certainly add your site to my favorites. Thanks a lot!
Kind regards,
Laurens G.

What a wonderful website you've put together. My third graders have studied creation myths through your website. They are now going through the writing process writing their own creation myths. I am interested in how you did the artwork. I would love for my students to create computer generated artwork to go with their myths.
Thank you kindly,
Tanya L.

I received the Big Myth CD. Thank you so very much! It looks wonderful
Trista E., Director of Religious Education
South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society

I just would like to compliment you on the Big Myth series you've done. I love it.
Christopher L. G., Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis

I recently watched the youtube interview with you. It was very informative. And it reiterated many reasons why I love your website. I teach in an international school... many ESL/ EAL learners. The myths allow students to show what they know, even if they don't always have the words to express it.
thanks, Aletha R.

I've used your materials (the free ones) for several years--kept meaning to purchase, but procrastinated, so I'm happy to finally have full access. I teach 7th graders (12-14 year olds), and they always love the stories and discussions. Thanks for a great product!
Melanie R.

Thank you so much! I love this resource. I, and my students, thank you for this awesome educational tool.
Eric E.

This has been a really fun and educational activity. Thanks for an awesome site! The students gave great reviews.

I was really excited to find your site because I had recently decided to teach my son and a group of his friends, who are around 8 years old and home-schooled, about the creation myths of various cultures, and - BAM! I run into your beautiful site! it seems to me I will be making great use of it...

I LOVE this website. I must have taken a phenomenal amount of time to create! I've been on holiday recently in and explored Haida myths in British Columbia (awesome museum in Victoria) I wanted to use some different creation stories other than the usual and came across your website when researching. I'm about to use it with a year 4 class in the UK to support a creation stories unit in R.E. with some cross curricular geography and literacy.
Tim H.

Let me take this opportunity to tell you once more how much I love your site!
Krista K.

I am really impressed with your site especially the graphics! This is a great place for people to interact and learn about mythology.
Richard E. MythBeasts Webmaster

Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful idea!! I loved your creation and found it very useful. I was trying to find something just like this to share with my students, when I saw one of the Myths... I think I cried when I saw my dream coming true! I teach Art History at High School level here in Mexico and I just can't wait to watch many myths with my students in class!! I will surely share this with many others!I there is anything I can help with (anything!), please let me know... count me in!!
Sincerely, Alejandra, Mexico City

I viewed your clip on YouTube and decided it would be good to try and support your project. Have purchased a password and will invest time into exploring the content. Once again, thank you for an interesting and inspiring site. Keep up the great work.
Regards, David

It's a wonderful program.
J. Freeman
Archaeological Program Coordinator

Thank you.  I have used a couple from the website and my students have loved them (I teach 10th grade World History).  They are very excited to see the rest of the myths.  You've really got a fantastic product here.  Please let me know what other products you may have for classroom use.
Jeremey F.

I LOVED what I saw of it, and thank The Creators for doing it.
P. Kaur,
The Global Education Center, B.C., Canada

Thanks a lot!!  It came very quickly!  We have been using it in class to much enjoyment!

Thank you very much!  I use these animations in my World Lit classes at the high school level and they truly enjoy them.
Julia S., English Teacher

You're the best, thank you!
Love the site!!! And the kids will too.

Dear Creators,
thank you for The Big Myth which arrived yesterday.  The post was much faster than expected.  It has arrived long before we completed our study on Myths and will be a great help to us. It is very good and I will certainly recommend it my colleagues.
Kind regards, andre

Thanks again for your good service; this site is such a wonderful teaching tool.  Sandra

Hi Fiona,
Thank you very much for taking care of this and responding so quickly to my questions. I am always unsure if I am doing things correctly when it comes to computer/techie kind of things! My kids will be very excited to learn that we can explore some new myths today. The Big Myth website has helped to make them very excited about history even to the point of saying, "When can we do history again, mom." Thanks again for your time.
Naomi Fitzgibbons

Hi there,
I wanted to let you know that I think your site The Big Myth is incredible! It is a teacher's dream! It is really engaging for the students and allows them to work the information out on their own instead of me trying to force feed them. I am really excited to use the site further.
Jillian Ferguson
English Teacher
Manitoulin Secondary School
Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada

I am a high school English teacher in Dayton, Ohio (USA). I want to tell you how much I love your website and what's so good about it! The teacher whose room is next door to me found this site. We have both been doing a project in which students must create their own creation myths. We use your site as a basis for the project. Students read several different myths, do a compare & contrast chart, then create their own creation stories. The students absolutely love it! They are completely taken in by the Flash animation, and students who struggle with reading appreciate the verbal version as well. This is a wonderful site. Thank you for all of your hard work in creating it!
Amber M. Davis
English Teacher
Stebbins High School

Thank you! I greatly appreciate it. This is the best lesson I have seen yet to teach this theory.
With Gratitude,
Alice Griffin

Hi Fiona,
Thank you for the excellent CD-ROM! You've done a great job animating these fascinating stories. I will use this CD-ROM in my classes.
Mark Gaare
Milpitas, CA, USA

Thanks for such a timely response. You should be working for all the companies (and there are thousands) for whom customer service is a meaningless phrase. I am blown away by your attention to my needs. Thanks again!!!
Ed Taylor

I received the CD-Rom. It's wonderful. I'm sure my students will enjoy this journey through cultures immensely. I mirror much of the same issues, topics, and overall educational perspective in all my classes.
Elvira Contreras
George Washington High School
English Department, 9th Grade World Literature
San Francisco, CA.

Thank you Fiona.
I just recieved the cd today. I will be sure to let many teachers know about this wonderful resource and Great! service that I have recieved from you.
Tamisa Mayer
A very satisfied teacher!

i would like to thank you for publishing the creation myths produced by the children of baines endowed primary school, blackpool, england. the children really enjoyed the myths from your site, and these were a great inspiration for their work. they were absolutely thrilled to see their work published. in addition, the inspectors looking at our school at the time were very impressed with the use of your website, and also with the work the children produced. i hope to use this site next year with another group of children, and hopefully get their work published,
thanks again,
phil powell
(year 6 teacher)



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